Malcolm Bull's Calderdale Companion : Photograph

Grave of John Brearley & Family

Lister Lane Cemetery

The grave of John Brearley & family at Lister Lane Cemetery


Mary, daughter of John and Sarah Ann Brearley,
died 24th July 1860, aged 3 years 10 months.
Also Herbert, their son,
died 6th August 1860, aged 13 months.
Also the above John Brearley
died 9th October 1865, aged 50 years.
Also Sarah Ann, wife of the above John 
Brearley, died 6th June 1884, aged 65 years.
Also John son of Thomas Henry and Betty
Brearley, and grandson of the above,
died 7th October 1896, aged 30 years.
Also Charley Hudson, son of Thomas Henry 
and Betty Brearley, died 15th November 1903, aged 27 years.

This image [SWN3767.JPG] was kindly submitted by The Friends of Lister Lane

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