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Picture Gallery : Local mills and factories

This Page presents a List of the Photographs of Local mills and factories which are included in Malcolm Bull's Calderdale Companion

If you can suggest any other people, sights or sites whose photographs you would like to add to this list – or if you would like to contribute your own photographs – then please email me

Acre Mill, Old Town

Adamroyd Mill, Todmorden

Akroyd's Aerated Water Works, Halifax

Albany Works, Halifax
Albert Mills, Elland
Albert Works, Halifax
Albion Works, Hebden Bridge
Alma Mill, Walsden
Alumex Works, Halifax

Asquith Bottom Mills, Sowerby Bridge

Atlas Carpet Works, Salterhebble
Atlas Mill Brewery, Brighouse

Badger Hill Mills, Rastrick
Bailey Hall Mill, Halifax
Bank Foundry, Sowerby Bridge
Bankfoot Mill, Hebden Bridge
Banksfield Mill, Mytholmroyd
Barker Royd Mill, Southowram
Barkisland Mills
Battinson Road Mills, Halifax

Beacon Hill Road Saw Works, Halifax
Beauvoir Works, Luddenden
Beech Hill Mills, Halifax
Beehive Works, Hebden Bridge

Binns Bottom Mine, Southowram
Birks Mill, Walsden

Black Dyke Mills, Queensbury

Bob Mill, Lower Colden
Bogden Mill, Rishworth
Bolton Quarries, Southowram
Borough Wire Works, Brighouse
Bottomley's Mill, Shelf
Bottoms Mill, Walsden
Bower's Mill, Barkisland
Bowling Dyke Mills, Halifax
Box Tree Mill, Wheatley
Boy Mill, Luddendenfoot

Brackenbed Brewery
Brackens Lane Mines, Shelf
Bradley Mill, Stainland
Brearley Mills, Midgley
Breck Mill, Hebden Bridge
Brian Royd Mill, Greetland
Bridge Royd Mill & Dye Works, Stansfield
Brierly Hill Quarry, Godley
Brigg Royd Mill, West Vale
Brighouse Corn Mill
Brighouse Mills, Mill Royd Street
Brighouse Quarries
Broad Lea Mill, Elland
Brockwell Lane Chimney, Sowerby Bridge
Brookfoot Mill [2], Brighouse
Brookfoot Mills, Brighouse
Brookroyd Mills, Holywell Green
Brunswick Mills, Halifax

Burlees House Mill, Hebden Bridge
Burrwood Mill, Stainland

C. W. S Union Flour Mills, Sowerby Bridge

Calder Mill, Hebden Bridge
Calderside Mill, Hebden Bridge
Caldervale Mill, Todmorden
Caledonia Wire Mills
Callis Mill, Charlestown
Canal Dye Works, Halifax
Canal Mills, Sowerby Bridge
Canal Street Works, Todmorden
Canal Wharf Saw Mills, Hebden Royd
Canteen Mill, Todmorden
Carlton Electrical Works, Halifax
Carlton Mill: Chimney
Carlton Mill, Sowerby Bridge
Carr Green Dye Works, Rastrick
Cartwright's Mill, Rawfolds
Castle Quarry, Ripponden

Century Dye Works, Elland

Chapel Field Mill, Ripponden
Church Bank Mill, Cragg Vale

Cinderhill Mill, Todmorden
Cinderhills Fireclay Works, Siddal

Clarence Mill, Halifax
Clark Bridge Mills, Halifax
Clay House Mills, Greetland
Clifton Bridge Mill, Brighouse
Clifton Mill, Bailiff Bridge
Clough Mill, Sowerby Bridge
Clough Mills, Stone Chair
Clough Works, Sowerby Bridge

Coley Mill
Commercial Mills, Ripponden
Co-operative Mills, Bradshaw
Copley mill
Corona Chimney, Dean Clough
Corporation Mill, Sowerby Bridge
Cote Hill Bobbin Mill
Cowbridge Mill, Todmorden

Cragg Mills
Crimsworth Dye Works, Hebden Bridge
Croft Mill, Hebden Royd
Croft Mill, West Vale
Croft Mills, Halifax
Crossfield's Mill, Luddendenfoot
Crow Carr Ings Mill, Todmorden
Crown House, Halifax
Crown Works, Hebden Bridge

Cuckoo Steps Mill, Hebden Bridge

Dancroft Mill, Gauxholme
Dapper Mill, Wheatley

Dean Clough: A Mill
Dean Clough: B Mill
Dean Clough: C Mill
Dean Clough: Crossley Mill
Dean Clough: D Mill
Dean Clough: E Mill
Dean Clough: F Mill
Dean Clough: G Mill
Dean Clough: H Mill
Dean Clough: K Mill
Dean Mills, Midgley
Delph Mills, Luddendenfoot
Denholme Mills, Luddendenfoot
Der Street Mill, Todmorden
Derdale Mill, Todmorden

Dobroyd Mill, Todmorden

Drury's Soap Works

Dunkirk Mills, Halifax

Dyson Lane Mill, Rishworth

Eagle Works, Halifax
Eaves Mill, Hebden Bridge
Eaves Top Quarry, Stainland

Ebenezer Biscuit Works, Halifax

Elland Gas Works
Elland Malthouse
Elland Mill
Ellistones Mill, West Vale

Empire Works, Holmfield

Excelsior Mills, Ripponden
Excelsior Trunk Works, Halifax

Fairlea Mills, Luddendenfoot

Fearnley Mill, Dean Clough
Fearnought Works, Halifax
Ferney Lee Mill, Todmorden

Firth House Mills, Stainland
Firth's Mills, Bailiff Bridge

Flat Head Quarry, Soyland
Fletcher's Mill, Dean Clough

Folley Mill, Todmorden
Four Gates End Mill, Cragg Vale

Frostholme Mill, Cornholme

Gaol Lane Bobbin Works, Halifax
Garden Street Mill, Halifax
Gatehead Mill, Stainland

George Street Mills, Brighouse

Gibson Mill, Hardcastle Crags

Globe Sanitary Works, Halifax

Gorpley Mill, Todmorden
Gosport Mills, Stainland

Greenup's Mill, Sowerby Bridge
Grove Brewery, Brearley
Grove Mills, Ovenden

Haley Hill Mills, Halifax
Halifax Brush Works, Raglan Street
Hand Carr Mill, Luddendenfoot
Hard Bed Pit, Siddal
Hare Mill, Todmorden
Hargreaves Foundry, Water Lane
Hay's Mill, Mixenden

Hebble Mills, Salterhebble
Hebden Bridge Mill
Heptonstall Quarry

High Lumb Mill, Colden
Hipperholme Quarries
Hipperholme Tannery, Denholme Gate Road

Hole Bottom Mill, Stansfield
Hollins Mill, Walsden
Hollyns Mill, Greetland
Holme House Bridge Mill, Booth
Holme House Mill, Warley
Holme Royd Mills, Luddendenfoot
Holmfield Mills, Ovenden
Holroyd's Mill, Dean Clough
Holt's Mill, Eastwood
Holywell Mills, Holywell Green
Hoo Hole Dye Works, Cragg Vale
Hope Hall Mills, Halifax
Hope Mill, Stansfield
Hough Mills, Northowram
Howcans Pottery, Ovenden

Hudson's Mill, Heptonstall

Illingworth Mills, Ovenden

Ingwood Mill, West Vale

Jack Bridge Mill, Heptonstall
Jackson's Mill, Hebden Bridge
Jail Hole Quarry, Langfield
James Street Mill, Elland

Jubilee Mill, Walsden
Jumble Hole Mill, Todmorden
Jumples Mills, Wheatley
Jumps Mill, Todmorden

Kebroyd Mills, Triangle
Kensington Works, Siddal

Kingston Confectionery Works, Halifax
Kingston Toffee Mills, Halifax

Ladyship Mills, Halifax
Ladyship Mills, Ovenden
Land Mill, Colden

Lee Bank Mills, Ovenden

Lilley's Dye Works, Elland
Lilly Lane Mill, Halifax
Lindley Moor Pottery
Lion Brewery, Shelf
Little John Mill, Clifton Common

Lob Mill, Todmorden
Lockside Mill, Todmorden
Longbottom Fulling Mills, Luddendenfoot
Lower Edge Quarries, Rastrick
Lower Lumb Mill, Colden
Lower Mill, Brighouse
Lower Mill, Midgehole

Luddenden Corn Mill
Luddenden Mills
Luddendenfoot Joint Sewage Works
Luddendenfoot Mill
Lumb Brook Mills, Coley
Lumb Mill, Wainstalls
Lumb Mills, Heptonstall
Lumbutts Mill, Todmorden

Machpelah Works, Hebden Bridge
Maltings Mill, Hipperholme
Maple Works, Halifax
Marsh Quarries, Southowram
Marshall's Mill, Dean Clough
Marshall's Quarry, Southowram
Marshfield Mill, Elland
Martin's Mill: Chimney
Martin's Mill, Halifax
Mayroyd Mill, Hebden Bridge

Miall Street Mills, Halifax
Mile Cross Works, Halifax
Mill Royd Mill, Brighouse

Mons Mill, Todmorden
Mount Pleasant Mill, Mytholmroyd

Mytholm Mill, Hebden Bridge

Nab End Quarry, Cragg Vale
Nanholme Mill, Todmorden

Netherton Mill, Holmfield
New Hall Clay Works, Elland
New Mill, Wainstalls
New Mill, Wainstalls

North Dean Grease Works, West Vale
North Dean Mill, West Vale
North Dean Munitions Factory, Greetland
North Vale Doubling Mill, Bailiff Bridge
Norton Mills, Elland
Norwood Green Mill

Nutclough Mill, Hebden Royd

Oats Royd Mill: Chimney
Oats Royd Mills, Luddenden

Ogden Old Mill

Old Lane Mill: Chimney
Old Lane Mill, Halifax
Old Lane Mills, Lee Mount
Old Mill, Wainstalls
Old Town Mill, Wadsworth
Old Warley Springs Brewery
Old Water Mill, Mill Bank
Oldroyd Mill, Langfield

Onecliffe Mill, West Vale

Ovenden Mill [1817]

Ox Pits, Clifton

Paper Mill, Cragg Vale
Park Mill, Sowerby Bridge
Park Nook Mine, Elland
Park Road Mills, Elland
Pecket Well Mill
Peel House Mill, Luddenden
Pellon Lane Saw Mills, Halifax
Pepper Hill Mill, Luddenden
Perseverance Mill, Brighouse
Perseverance Mill, Elland
Perseverance Works, Halifax
Perseverance Works, Stansfield

Phoebe Lane Mills, Halifax
Phoenix Mill, Brighouse

Pickles Foundry, Mytholmroyd
Pinnar Lane Quarry, Southowram
Pioneer Works, Halifax

Pond Quarry, Brighouse

Prospect Mill, West Vale

Puzzle Hall Brewery, Sowerby Bridge

Queens Road Mills, Halifax

Raglan Street Dye Works, Halifax
Railway Saw Mills, Brighouse
Ramsden's Stone Trough Brewery
Ramsden Wood Mill, Walsden

Red Cross Brewery, Rastrick
Regent Works, Halifax
Regulator Mill, Sowerby Bridge

Ripponden Mill
Rishworth Mills
Rishworth New Mill
Riverside Works, Mytholmroyd

Robin Hood Wire Works, Brighouse
Robinwood Brewery, Todmorden
Robinwood Mill, Todmorden
Rodmer Clough Mill, Colden
Rosemount Iron Works, Elland

Ryburne Mills, Halifax

Saint John's Works, Halifax
Saint Peg Mills, Brighouse
Salem Mills, Hebden Bridge
Salt Pie Mill, Heptonstall
Sandholme Mill, Todmorden
Savile Mill, Halifax

Scarr Bottom Mills, Greetland

Shaw Lodge Mills: Chimney
Shaw Lodge Mills, Halifax
Shaw Mill, Mixenden
Sheard's Brewery, Pellon
Shelf foundry
Shelf Mills
Shibden Mill

Slade Lane Mill, Rastrick
Slead Syke Mill, Brighouse

Small Lees Mill, Ripponden
Smithyholme Mill, Walsden

Soft Bed Pit, Siddal
Soil Hill Pottery
South Mill, Holmfield
Southowram Quarries
Sowerby Bridge Gas Works
Soyland Paper Mill

Spa Hole Mill, Blackshawhead
Spout Mills, Rastrick
Spring Mill, Wainstalls
Springhill Quarry, Greetland

Square Mill, Wainstalls
Square Works, Halifax

Standard Works, Halifax
Stannary Works, Halifax
Stansfield Mill, Todmorden
Stansfield Mills, Triangle
Staups Mill, Blackshawhead
Steam Cabinet Works, Halifax
Steam Confectionery Works, Halifax
Stone Dam Mill, Halifax
Stone Trough Brewery, Halifax
Stoneswood Higher Mill, Walsden
Stoneswood Lower Mill, Walsden
Stoneswood Mill, Walsden
Storth Fire Clay & Brick Works, Elland
Strangstry Quarry, Rastrick

Swan Bank Brick Works
Swan Bank Colliery

Thorpe Mill, Triangle

Todmorden Moor Coal Mine
Town Ing Mills, Stainland

Travis Holme Mill, Walsden

Turvin Mill, Cragg Vale

Union Mills, Halifax
Union Mills, Salterhebble

Upper Bradley Mill, Stainland
Upper Lumb Mill, Mill Bank
Upper Swift Place Mill, Soyland

Vale Mill, Todmorden
Vale Mill, West Vale
Valley Iron Works, Sowerby Bridge
Valley Mills, Elland
Valley Mills, Sowerby Bridge

Victoria Iron Foundry, Todmorden
Victoria Iron Works, Halifax
Victoria Machine Works, Sowerby Bridge
Victoria Mill, Bailiff Bridge
Victoria Mill, Shelf
Victoria Mills, Brighouse
Victoria Mills, West Vale
Victoria Soap Works, Boothtown

Wainstalls Mill
Walker pit
Wall Nook Quarry, Greetland
Walterclough Pit, Hipperholme
Warland Quarry, Walsden
Waterside Dye Works, Halifax
Waterside Mill, Todmorden
Waterstalls Mill, Walsden
Watson Mill, Sowerby Bridge

Webster's Fountain Head Brewery
Wellington Mills, Elland
Wellington Mills, Halifax
West Croft Joinery Works, Halifax
West End Mills, Sowerby Bridge
West End Works, Halifax
West Grove Boiler Works, West Vale
West Vale Mills
West Vale Warehouse

Wharf Mill, Sowerby Bridge
Whitaker Pit, Clifton
White Castle Brewery, Bradshaw
White Lee Mill, Mytholmroyd
White Rose Mills, Holmfield

Wilkin Royd Mill, Brighouse
Wilkinson's Clay Works, Elland
Willow Hall Mills, Sowerby Bridge
Wilson's Bobbin Mill, Cornholme
Windmill Mill, Shelf
Winterbutlee Mill, Walsden

Wood Colliery, Judy Woods
Woodfield Mill, Greetland
Woodhouse Mill, Langfield
Woodside Flour Mill, Elland
Woodvale Mills, Brighouse
Woodvale Silk Mills, Brighouse 

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