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Bank Top, Southowram


General Points

Bank Top is the area at the top of Southowram Bank on the southern ridge of Beacon Hill, to the east of, and overlooking, Halifax.

It is the main route from Halifax to Southowram village.

By 1893, much of the area which is now the main road from Southowram Bank on towards Higgin Lane was excavated and levelled to enable the trams to reach the terminus by the Cock & Bottle. This section of Route Number 7 was opened on 19th September 1901.

In 1932, plans were announced to build 32 houses at the junction of Marsh Lane, Southowram and Bank Top. The houses built for/by Mrs Ruth Hannah Sutcliffe, were to be stone-built in 8 blocks of 4 houses each.

Houses and Property at Bank Top

The occupants of the properties here have included

Beerhouses & Pubs in Bank Top, Southowram

Several beerhouses and public houses have been recorded in and around Bank Top, Southowram, including

Other features

See Isaac Thwaite

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