Malcolm Bull's Calderdale Companion : Streets in Calderdale : C

Streets in Calderdale



Cabbage Lane, Halifax
An early name for the lane which ran northwards from Cow Green. Named on account of the fresh vegetables which were sold here.

It was renamed St James's Road in 1832. The name Cabbage Lane is still being used in 1839.

See Cabbage Lane Field and Stannary, Halifax

Cabbage Street, Brighouse
The original name for Dale Street

Cadd Street, Claremount
Recorded in 1936 at Horley Green Road

Caddy Field, Halifax

Cadger Lane, Brighouse
Earlier name for Bridge Road on account of the beggars who hung about there.

See Badger and Cadger

Cadney Croft, Halifax
Part of a side-street off Fountain Street.

Around 1837, John William Cadney lived at a house called Cadney Croft, Trinity Road.

In 1857, circuses were held here to celebrate the Feast of St John the Baptist

Cain Lane, Southowram
When the road was being widened in 1931, the stocks were discovered

Caldene Avenue, Mytholmroyd

Calder & Hebble Terrace, Skircoat
Recorded in 1905

Calder Avenue, Pye Nest

Calder Brook, Hebden Bridge

Calder Close, West Vale
Housing development on Calder Street, built on the site of the Vicarage for St John the Evangelist, West Vale

Calder Edge, Todmorden

Calder Grove, Mytholmroyd

Calder Place, Hebden Bridge

Calder Street, Brighouse

Calder Street, Halifax
Caddy Field

Calder Street, Todmorden

Calder Street, West Vale

Calder Terrace, Copley
Numbers 25 to 40 St Stephen's Street. A part of Copley model village

Calder Terrace, Hebden Bridge

Calder Terrace, Mytholmroyd

Calder View, Rastrick

Calder View, Todmorden

Calder Way, Elland

Calderbrook Road, Walsden

Caldercroft, Elland

Calderdale Way

Calderside, Hebden Bridge

Caldicott Close, Todmorden

Calf Hey Terrace, Todmorden

Calico Hall Lane, Halifax
Aka Hunger Hill

California Drive, Todmorden

Calliswood Bottom, Hebden Bridge

Cally Cottages, Hebden Bridge

Calvert's Row, Illingworth
Keighley Road. Recorded in 1905 8 houses built for employees of Calvert's (Illingworth) Limited.

See Illingworth House

Cambridge Place, Siddal
Recorded in 1900 and 1936, at Sion Hill, Siddal

Cambridge Place, Todmorden

Cambridge Street, Hebden Bridge

Cambridge Street, Todmorden

Camden Street, Claremount
Recorded in 1884, 1890, 1899, 1906 and 1936 at Horley Green Road

Camden Street, Sowerby Bridge

Camm Lane, Clifton
Green Farm, Clifton stands here

Camm Street, Brighouse

Campbell Street, Lee Mount

Campden Road, Hebden Bridge

Canal Lane, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Church Street

Canal Road, Sowerby Bridge

Canal Street, Brighouse

Canal Street, Halifax

Canal Street South, Halifax
Caddy Field

Canal Street, Todmorden

Canal View, Sowerby Bridge

Canker Lane, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Church Street

Canning Street, Lee Mount

Cannon Hall Close, Brighouse

Cannon Hall Drive, Brighouse

Cannon Street, Halifax

Cannon Street, Todmorden
Row of terraced houses off the A6033 Rochdale Road at Shade

Canterbury Crescent, Halifax

Capel Street, Rastrick

Carlisle Street, Pellon

Carlton Buildings, Todmorden
New premises for the Todmorden Co-operative Society which opened in 1889. The building was designed by John Sutcliffe and included the Astoria Ballroom. There was a fire here on 14th March 1967

Carlton Court, Halifax
Area of Bull Close Lane

Carlton Grove, Elland

Carlton House Terrace, Halifax
Named for Carlton House.

Carlton Place, Halifax
Area of King Cross Street

Carlton Street, Halifax
Area of Harrison Lane.

Some buildings here are listed

  • Houses [Numbers 4 and 6]
  • Houses [Numbers 9 and 11] – the former Register Office
  • Early 19th century Greek façade [Number 10]

The round building at the junction with Bull Close Lane is Number 37.

Owners and tenants have included

  • Mr Bailey [early 1940s]
  • Mr Quarmby [late 1940s]
  • Mr Mason [1950s]

See Bramwell House, Halifax and Harrison House, Halifax

Carlton Terrace, Halifax

Carlyle Street, Ovenden

Carmel Road, Halifax

Carpet Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1905 near Green Lane and Damask Street, Halifax

Carr Bottom, Todmorden

Carr Field Drive, Luddenden

Carr Field, Todmorden

Carr Green Avenue, Rastrick

Carr Green Close, Rastrick

Carr Green Drive, Rastrick

Carr Green Lane, Rastrick

Carr Hall Lane, Holywell Green
There is an unusual water trough here.

See Castle Farm, Holywell Green

Carr House Fold, Todmorden

Carr House Lane, Shelf

Carr House, Luddendenfoot

Carr House Road, Shelf
The early 19th century house at Number 11 is listed

See Carr House Farm, Shelf

Carr Road, Todmorden

Carr Street, Brighouse

Carr Terrace, Bottoms
Walsden. In 1868, William Law bought leasehold on 4 houses here.

In 1874, he purchased the leasehold on a further 4 cottages here. These were numbers 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 and 33.

Carr Terrace was (probably) on the site of the car park opposite the Waggon & Horses.

The property is now demolished

Carr Terrace, Luddendenfoot

Carr View, Luddendenfoot

Carrfield Villas, Todmorden

The Carriage Drive, Greetland
Off Hoults Lane.

See Mansfield House, Greetland and Oatland House, Greetland

The Carriage Drive, Stainland

Carrier Street, Halifax
Area of Westgate.

In 2004, there were proposals to pedestrianise Westgate, Carrier Street, and Albion Street

Casson Fold, Northowram

Casson Place, Elland
Off Southgate.

Recorded as Casson's Place [1861], Cassons Place [1877], and Casson Place [around 1900] when Joseph Carter owned property here.

During the 19th century, a room here was used as the Boys' Sunday School for the Parish Church.

See Thomas Casson

Castle Avenue, Rastrick

Castle Carr Road, Wainstalls

Castle Clough, Todmorden

Castle Estate, Sowerby Bridge

Castle Gate, Mytholmroyd

Castle Grove, Todmorden

Castle Hill, Rastrick

Castle Hill, Sowerby Bridge

Castle Lane, Sowerby Bridge

Castle Lane, Todmorden
See Castle Lodge, Todmorden

Castle Lodge, Cragg Vale

Owners and tenants have included

Castle Maine Place, Southowram
Or Castlemain Place. Recorded in 1936 off Blaithroyd Lane

Castle Place, Rastrick

Castle Street, Halifax
Area of Paradise Street

Castle Street, Todmorden

Castle Terrace, Rastrick

The Castle, Todmorden

Castle View, Todmorden

Castlefields Crescent, Rastrick

Castlefields Drive, Rastrick

Castlefields Road, Rastrick

Castlegate, Elland

Castlemain Place, Southowram
Recorded in 1874 off Southowram Bank

Cat Fold, Halifax
Berry Lane. It stood next to the Cat in the Window pub on the southern edge of the Isle of Man. Recorded in 1851

Cat Lane, Erringden

Cat Lane, Sowerby Bridge

Cathcart Street, Boothtown
Recorded in 1936. One of a number of streets parallel to Boothtown Road, between Grantham Road and Rawson Street North.

The street is still there

Catherine Crescent, Elland

Catherine Slack, Lightcliffe
Aka Gypsy Lane.

See Slack

Catherine Street, Brighouse
Lane Head. Named for a member of the Piggott family

Catherine Street, Elland
Named after a member of the Langdale family

Causeway Foot, Bradshaw

Causeway, Halifax
Part of the old Wakefield Gate off Winding Road.

John Haigh had a number of workshops and warehouses here.

The St Crispin Inn and the Old Crispin Inn were here.

See Causeway

Causeway Head Lane, Ripponden

Causeway Head, Ripponden

Causeway Head, Sowerby Bridge

Causeway Side, Todmorden

A footpath or packhorse route, typically across moorland.

The word is derived from cauci weg from the Norman French cauci [an embankment or mound] and the Old English weg [a way], and means a way across an embankment.

Early stone causeways were built in the Middle Ages to serve the local monasteries and manors, such as those linking Whalley, Kirkstall, and Pontefract.

During the enclosures, walls were built along both sides of some causeways, as at Mankinholes.

See Causeway, Halifax, Causey, Old Causeway and Long Causeway

A causeway or paved road which is raised above the level of the ground – especially on wet or soft ground – such as would be used for packhorse routes prior to the construction of turnpike roads. These were built from 1412 onwards. There were 3 types of causey
  1. A foot causey
  2. A horse causey – typically 3 ft in width
  3. A cart causey – typically 8 ft in width

Other roads were unmade and maintained as provided by the Highways Act [1555].

The word comes from the French chausée and means trodden. It is not a corruption of causeway.

See Highways

Cave Hill, Northowram

Cavendish Buildings, Sowerby Bridge
West Bank. Recorded in 1891

Cavendish Street, Halifax
Part of West Hill Park

Cavendish Terrace, Halifax
Part of West Hill Park

Cawcliffe Drive, Brighouse

Cawcliffe Road, Brighouse

Caycroft Nook, Heptonstall
Early 19th century cottages here – numbers 2, 3, 4 and 5 – are listed

Caygill's Walk, Halifax
A road which ran above Shay House.

It was lost in 1890 when the new Skircoat Road was built, replacing the earlier main road which ran below the Shay and up Shaw Hill into Huddersfield Road

Caygills Terrace, Halifax
Off Skircoat Road. Named for John Caygill who owned land and property in the area

Cecil Avenue, Lightcliffe

Cecil Street, King Cross
Recorded in 1905 and 1936

Cedar Grove, Greetland

Cedar Street, Halifax
Hopwood Lane

Cedar Street, Todmorden

Central Buildings, Sowerby Bridge
Dated 1874. Stands at the corner of Hollins Mill Lane

Central Buildings, Stainland

Central Park, Skircoat

Central Street, Halifax
The street was constructed in the late 19th century.

See Copper Street and Silver Street

Central Street, Hebden Bridge

Centre Vale, Sowerby Bridge

Chadwick Alley, Halifax
Recorded in 1761 running from Silver Street to Cow Green

Chaffer's Court, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 and 1936 at Crossley Terrace / Pellon Lane

Chamberlain Precinct, Halifax
In 1960, Frederick Chamberlain proposed the idea of a shopping precinct in Halifax so that people could shop in comfort. When Southgate was pedestrianised in the 1970s, he claimed that it should be named the Chamberlain Precinct

Chancery Buildings, Southowram
Block of houses at the junction of Law Lane with Cain Lane, and which backs onto a triangular yard on Pinnar Lane.

Owners and tenants have included

Chancery Terrace, Halifax

Change Lane, Siddal
Runs from West Lane, Southowram linking to Park Lane, Exley

Change View, Hipperholme

Change View Terrace, Halifax
Recorded in 1905 near Hanson Lane

Chapel Avenue, Hebden Bridge

Chapel Close, Shelf

Chapel Close, Stainland

Chapel Close, Todmorden

Chapel Court, Brighouse

Chapel Croft, Rastrick

Chapel Fold, Halifax
Area between Nos 28 and 32 and Gaol Lane.

In 1763, Titus Knight established a small independent meeting house in 2 houses here.

There were Common Lodging Houses here [1904].

In 1934, Halifax Corporation decided that it would compulsorily purchase properties in this densely populated part of Halifax, as part of a clearance programme.

In 1936, there were 24 houses in the fold

Chapel Fold, Shelf

Chapel Lane, Halifax

Chapel Lane, Luddendenfoot

Chapel Lane, Midgley

See Midgley Pinfold

Chapel Lane, Salterhebble

Chapel Lane, Southowram

Chapel Lane, Sowerby Bridge
It is said that the name comes from Sowerby Bridge Methodist Chapel which stood at the junction of Wakefield Road and Bolton Brow. This was superseded by the new larger Bolton Brow Methodist Chapel.

The building was later known as the Victoria Assembly Rooms.

In 1914, the building was used as a picture house / cinema.

A number of up-and-over houses between Chapel Lane and Wakefield Road have been demolished.

The lane leads to the Navigation Inn

This is discussed in the book Our Home & Country

Chapel Street, Brighouse
Named for the old Zion Methodist Free Chapel, Hove Edge

Chapel Street, Luddendenfoot

Chapel Street North, Ovenden

Chapel Street, Norwood Green

Chapel Street South, Todmorden

Chapel Street, Sowerby Bridge

Chapel Street, Stainland

Chapel Street, Todmorden

Chapel Terrace, Barkisland

Chapel Terrace, Sowerby Bridge

Chapeltown, Halifax
A densely-populated area around the bottom of Gibbet Street and Pellon Lane in the 19th century.

There were Common Lodging Houses here [1904].

The town dungeon was here.

The area was cleared in 1939.

There is still a small street with this name

Charles Avenue, Southowram

Charles Place, Todmorden

Charles Street, Brighouse
Lane Head. Named for a member of the Piggott family

Charles Street, Elland

Charles Street, Halifax
Causeway. Recorded in 1881.

There were Common Lodging Houses here [1904].

In 1863, most of the houses here were demolished so that the route to the railway goods yard could be widened to 40 ft. The Economic Stores (Halifax) Limited was established here in 1887

Charles Street, Sowerby Bridge

Charles Town, Halifax

Charlestown, Blackshaw

Charlestown Road, Halifax
In September 1863, an application was granted
to open out a substantial road from the end of North Bridge, along the bottom of the populous district of Charlestown to the bottom of Southowram Bank – a thoroughfare greatly needed

See Charlestown Mine, Halifax and Smith's Wire Works

Beerhouses & Pubs in Charlestown Road, Halifax

Charlesworth Grove, Halifax

Charlesworth Terrace, Halifax

Charlton Court, Pellon
Named for Rev Alec Charlton. The flats were built in the 1970s on the site of the former tennis courts for Pellon Baptist Church

Chatham Square, Halifax
Recorded in 1905

Chatham Street, Halifax

Chaucer Street, Halifax

Cheapside, Halifax
Street which leads westwards from Corn Market.

See Back Lane, Daniel Defoe and Lovelace Lane

Cheapside, Shelf

Cheetham Street, Hebden Bridge

Chelsea Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1936 at Hanson Lane

Chelsea View, Halifax

Cheltenham Gardens, Halifax

Cheltenham Place, Halifax
Part of the Coronation Estate.

See Garden City, Halifax

Cherry Court, Halifax

Cherry Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 and 1936 at Pellon Lane

Cherry Tree Drive, Greetland

Chester Close, Halifax

Chester Place, Akroydon

Chester Road, Akroydon
Eric Portman was born at Number 71 here.

Many houses here are listed

  • Numbers 10-16
  • Numbers 18-24
  • Numbers 26-30
  • Numbers 33-37

Chester Street, Akroydon

Chester Street, Sowerby Bridge

Chester Terrace, Akroydon

Chestnut Avenue, Todmorden

Chestnut Close, Greetland

Chestnut Street, Halifax

Chevinedge Crescent, Exley
Chevinedge House and Exley Zoo were here

China Street, Skircoat
King Cross.

19051 is recorded off Nile Street, and parallel to Walton Street, Halifax.

The property was demolished and Halifax Fire Station built on the land

Chiserley Fieldside, Hebden Bridge

Chiserley Gardens, Hebden Bridge

Chiserley Stile, Hebden Bridge

Chiserley Terrace, Hebden Bridge

Church Bank Lane, Cragg Vale

Church Bank, Mytholmroyd

Church Bank, Sowerby Bridge

Church Bank Square, Sowerby Bridge
Contributor Keith Garner writes
Church Bank Square in Sowerby Bridge was immediately to the West of Christ Church and accessed by a ginnel from Wharf Street, or through a gate off Church Bank. There were 3 small 2-up-2 down terrace houses and a cabinet makers workshop. I believe the houses were built in the mid-17th Century. Our house was the first of the block and our bedroom (the kids) had a small window which looked directly onto the gravestones in the graveyard. We moved out in the mid-forties and the houses were demolished not long afterwards

Church Close, Halifax

Church Close, Sowerby Bridge

Church Street, Elland
Runs from Westgate and Elland Cross past Elland Parish Church.

Much of the area was cleared in the 1960s

Church Gate, Brighouse

Church Gates, Halifax

Church Green, Halifax

Church Hill, Luddendenfoot

Church Lane, Brighouse
Leads from Commercial Street, Brighouse to St Martin's Parish Church.

Shown as Church Street [1889].

In November 1985, the house at Number 5 was the scene of poltergeist activity. Brenda and Jack Mansley lived there with their 25-year-old daughter Karen. A ghostly shadow had been reported in the house, jewellery boxes had been opened and the contents scattered around, and lights and electrical equipment was switched on and off

Church Lane, Elland

Church Lane, Halifax
Aka Church Street

Church Lane, Hebden Bridge

Church Lane, Heptonstall

See Bank Cottage, Heptonstall

Church Lane, Illingworth
Leads to St Mary the Virgin, Illingworth

Church Lane, Lee Mount

Church Lane, Southowram

See Birks Royd Quarry, Southowram

Church Lane, Sowerby Bridge

Church Lane, Stainland

Church Paddocks, Brighouse

Church Place, Halifax

Church Road, Rastrick

Church Road, Todmorden

Church Side Close, Akroydon

Church Side Drive, Akroydon

Church Street, Brighouse
See Denham Street, Brighouse and St Martin's Terrace, Brighouse

The street and its houses were lost when the area was redeveloped in the 1970s when the Lüdenscheid Link was constructed

Church Street, Elland
Lower Edge.

This is discussed in the book Our Home & Country

Church Street, Halifax
Area of Upper Kirkgate. The street leads south from Halifax Parish Church and into South Parade.

Beerhouses & Pubs in Church Street, Halifax

Other buildings of interest

Church Street, Heptonstall

Heptonstall Vicarage and most of the other houses in Church Street are listed

Church Street, Mytholmroyd

Church Street, Rastrick
The house which is now Numbers 11 & 13, is an important late 16th century timber-framed house.

At the beginning of the 1900s, Joseph Hall lived at Number 11, and Number 13 was Sykes's confectionery shop.

The present owner of Number 11, tells me:

There was a shop here in the 19th century. The front of the shop was Number 13, the offices at Number 11. In one of the back rooms, there is a working safe [dated 1862] in situ. In the living room of Number 11, you can see where there was a passage way into Number 13. As Number 11 is set back from the road – and with the passage way – we suspect that the real front of number 13 was originally along the same line and the front building is a Victorian addition

Church Street, Todmorden

See Birdcage Walk, Todmorden

Church Terrace, Barkisland

Church Terrace, Illingworth
Recorded in 1918

Church Terrace, Sowerby Bridge

Church View, Greetland
Terrace of 3 houses which stands opposite St Thomas's Church, Greetland. Dated 1886

Church View, Hebden Bridge

Church View, Norwood Green

Church View, Sowerby Bridge

Church Walk, Northowram

Church Walk, Todmorden

Church Walk, Walsden
The path which led to Walsden Church was lost during redevelopment in the 1980s

Church Yard Bottom, Heptonstall
Early 19th century houses here – numbers 16, 18 – are listed

Churchfields Road, Brighouse

See Churchfields Hall, Brighouse and Haigh Street, Brighouse

Churchill Street, Todmorden

Churn Lane, Halifax

Churn Lane Top, Halifax
Recorded in 1936 at Trimmingham Road

Churn Milk Lane, Ovenden

Churn Pot, Illingworth
Recorded in 1905 and 1936 at Ovenden Wood Road

Cinder Hills, Siddal
Aka Cinder Hill and Cinderhills,

There was much mining and quarrying in the area – see J. S. Morton & Sons Limited.

See Brooksbank's Charities

Cinderhill Road, Todmorden

Cinderhills Lane, Siddal

City Fold, Wheatley
See City Fold, Wheatley

City, Halifax

City Lane, Wheatley

See Glen Royde, Wheatley

City Terrace, Wheatley

City, Wheatley

Clap Lane, Skircoat
Recorded in 1851 There was a toll house here on the Stainland to Sowerby Bridge Turnpike

Clapgate Lane, Mill Bank

Clapton Avenue, Halifax
Built on the site of Clapton Lodge

Clapton Mount, Halifax

Clara Place, Brighouse

Clara Street, Rastrick

Clare Hall Lane, Halifax
A name for Clare Road on 19th century maps

Clare Hall Road, Halifax
An early name for Clare Road This appears as Clare Hall Lane on 19th century maps

Clare Place, Halifax

Clare Road, Halifax
Many of the houses here were built between 1867 and 1870

Clare Road, Mytholmroyd

Clare Street, Halifax

Claremont Place, Todmorden

Claremont Street, Elland

Claremont Street, Sowerby Bridge
Off Victoria Avenue.

In 1881, it was listed with Sowerby Bridge Vicarage and Shepherd Villa, Warley.

See Claremont House

Claremont Terrace, Todmorden

Claremont Villas, Sowerby Bridge

Claremount Road, Boothtown
Runs from Claremount to Boothtown.

Many streets running off the road were lost when the Claremount Road and New Bank were was redeveloped in the 1960s.

See Royd Place, Claremount

Claremount Terrace, Claremount

Clarence Street, Halifax
Area of Gibbet Street recorded in 1874

Clarendon Place, Halifax

Owners and tenants have included

Clarendon Street, Mytholmroyd

Clattering Stones Road, Cragg Vale
See Clattering Stones.

See Catherine House Farm, Cragg Vale

Clay Pit Lane, Stainland

Clay Pits, Halifax

Clay Pits Lane, Halifax

Clay Pitts Lane, Cottonstones

Clay Royd Lane, Southowram

Clay Street, Halifax

Clay Street, Sowerby Bridge

Clayhouse Lane, West Vale

Claypit Lane, Sowood

Clayton Place, Brookfoot
Recorded in 1900

Clayton Square, Brighouse

Clegg Lane, Greetland

Clegg Nook, Mytholmroyd

Clegg Yard, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 at King Cross

Clement Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1936 at Pellon Lane

Clement Street, Sowerby Bridge

Clevedon Place, Ovenden

Cleveland Avenue, Siddal

Cleveland Place, Hebden Bridge

Cleveland Street, Todmorden

Cleveland Terrace, Siddal

Cleveley Gardens, Mytholmroyd

Cleveleys Avenue, Sowerby Bridge

Cleveleys Gardens, Sowerby Bridge

Clewer Place, Todmorden

Clifby, Halifax

Cliff Crescent, Pye Nest

Cliff Gardens, Pye Nest

Cliff Hill Lane, Warley

See Cliff Hill, Warley

Cliff Lane, Rishworth

Cliff Villas, Langfield
A terrace of houses built by Lord Brothers in 1871.

Owners and tenants have included

Cliffe Avenue, Brighouse

Cliffe Avenue, Halifax

Cliffe's Buildings, Rastrick Common
Recorded in 1907

Cliffe, Halifax

Cliffe Hill Lane, Halifax

Cliffe Road, Brighouse

Cliffe Road, Hebden Bridge

Cliffe Royd, Hebden Bridge

Cliffe Street, Hebden Bridge

Cliffe Street, Heptonstall

Cliffe Terrace, Halifax

Cliffe Terrace, Sowerby Bridge

Clifton Avenue, Halifax

Clifton Bridge, Brighouse

Clifton Common, Brighouse

Clifton Road, Brighouse

Clifton Road, Halifax

Clifton Street, Lee Mount
Off Wheatley Lane

Clifton Street, Sowerby Bridge
Houses here were designed and built by Walter Spencer. These were near to the Spencers' brewery. Most of the family lived here in the early 1900s.

See Bolton Brow Working Men's Club & Institute and Lower Clifton Street, Sowerby Bridge

Clive Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 and 1936 off Range Bank. The street and its houses were lost when Claremount Road and New Bank were redeveloped in the 1960s

Clog Sole Road, Slead Syke

Clog Yard, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 at King Cross

The Cloisters, Halifax

Close Lea Avenue, Rastrick

Close Lea Drive, Rastrick

Close Lea, Rastrick

Close Lea Way, Rastrick

Closes Place, Rastrick

Closes Road, Rastrick
Number 12 is listed

Cloth Hall Row, Causeway Foot

Clough Bank, Mixenden

Clough Buildings, Sowerby Bridge

Clough Cottages, Sowerby Bridge

Clough's Court, Halifax
Recorded in 1936 at Lister Street

Clough Head, Sowerby Bridge

Clough Hole, Hebden Bridge

Clough House Lane, Krumlin

Clough Lane, Bailiff Bridge

Clough Lane, Krumlin

Clough Lane, Midgley

Clough Lane, Mixenden

Clough Lane, Mount Tabor

Clough Lane, Rastrick

Clough Mill, Todmorden

Clough, Mixenden
Recorded in 1936

Clough Place, Halifax

Clough Road, Norland

Clough Terrace, Greetland
Hoult's Lane.

Terrace of houses dated J. M. E. H. 1882

Question: Does anyone know who J. M. E. H. was?


Clough Terrace, Sowerby Bridge

Clover Hill Close, Skircoat

Clover Hill Road, Halifax

Clover Hill Terrace, Halifax

Clover Hill View, Halifax
Recorded in 1936 at Clover Hill Road

Clover Hill Walk, Halifax
Recorded in 1936

Cloverdale, Shelf

Club Buildings, Bailiff Bridge
Recorded in 1907

Club Houses, Old Town

See Old Town Club Houses

Club Houses, Ovenden

Club Lane, Ovenden
Named for the Club Houses built by the Ovenden Brotherly Society

Clunters Lane, Boulderclough

Clunters, Mytholmroyd

Clyde Street, Sowerby Bridge

Co-Op Buildings, Blackshawhead

Co-Op Buildings, Pecket Well

Co-Op Row, Ripponden
A popular name for Pleasant Row because the Ripponden Co-operative Society Limited was here

Coach Fold, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 and 1936 at Haley Hill

Coach Road, Brighouse
Runs from Hove Edge to Lightcliffe.

See Coach Road, Lightcliffe and Crow Nest Mansion

Coach Road, Lightcliffe
A continuation of the road from Hove Edge to Lightcliffe.

This was the main access road to Crow Nest Mansion and Cliffe Hill Mansion.

A headless horseman and a mysterious lady are said to haunt the road.

See Lightcliffe Railway Station

Coal Clough Road, Todmorden

Coal Gate Road, Soyland

See Flight House Road, Ripponden

Coal Lane End, Illingworth
Recorded in 1936

Coal Lane, Illingworth

Coal Pit Lane, Brighouse

Coal Pit Lane, Siddal

Coal Street, Halifax
Caddy Field

Coal Street, Todmorden

Coalpit Lane, Siddal

Cobble Bank, Mixenden

Cobden Court, Halifax

Cobden Place, Siddal
Recorded in 1936

Cobden Street, Halifax
Area of Mount Pleasant / Commercial Road.

Built before 1854 by the Union Building Society.

It was named for Richard Cobden

Cobden Street, Sowerby Bridge

Cobden Street, Todmorden

Cobden Terrace, Elland

Cobden Terrace, Hipperholme

Cock Hill, Bradshaw
There appears to be confusion between Cock Hill and Cow Hill in this part of the district

Cock Hill, Hebden Bridge

Cock Hill Lane, Shelf

Cock Hill, Northowram

Cock Hill Road, Cragg Vale

Cockcroft's Buildings, Ovenden
Recorded in 1871

Cockfield, Halifax

Cockhill, Holmfield

Cockhill Lane, Shelf
A late 17th century house here was divided into 5 separate dwellings. These are now listed

Cockpit, Todmorden

Cockroft's Buildings, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Range Bank

Cockroft's Court, Halifax
Recorded in 1894 at Range Bank.

Recorded in 1936 off Bank Street

Cockroft Street, Lee Mount
Recorded in 1874

Coe's Buildings, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 at Savile Park

Coffin Row, Godley
A group of houses and buildings which included the Brickmakers' Arms

Coiners Fold, Mytholmroyd

Colbeck Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Hanson Lane

Cold Edge Bottom, Halifax

Cold Edge Road, Withens
See Cold Edge

Coldbeck Place, Halifax
Recorded in 1845

Colden Close, Hebden Bridge
Stands on the site of Bankfoot Mill

Colden Road, Hebden Bridge

Coldswells Hill, Stainland

Coldwell Hill, Stainland

Coldwells Hill, Stainland

Coleridge Street, Halifax
The Oddfellows' Hall stood here

Coley Hall Lane, Shelf

Coley Road, Shelf
Cottages – Numbers 13 and 14 – dated WCS 1767 are listed

Coley View, Northowram

Colin Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Hanson Lane

College Street, Todmorden

College Terrace, Halifax
The names comes from The College, the popular name for the nearby Crossley & Porter school

Collier Row, Clifton
Row of cottages near the Black Bull and Clifton War Memorial. The cottages were demolished in 19?? and new houses built on the site

Collier Toppin, Boothtown
Boothtown Road.

Aka Collier Topping. Recorded in 1881, 1900 and 1905

Collin Moor Lane, Greetland

Columbus Street, Lee Mount

Commercial Buildings, Brighouse
40 Commercial Street

Owners and tenants have included

Commercial Place, Hebden Bridge

Commercial Road, Halifax
Area of Dean Clough / Mount Pleasant.

Recorded in 1917

See Bancroft Terrace, Halifax

Commercial Street, Brighouse

Commercial Street, Halifax
Construction of the street began around 1880. The area was cleared, and the new street finally opened at the end of the 19th century.

Some of the occupants of some of the properties here are listed in the Foldout.

See James Parker, George Henry Radcliffe and West Brook Terrace

Commercial Street, Hebden Bridge
This was a part of the Halifax-Hebden Bridge turnpike before New Road was constructed in 1806.

See Commercial Street Bar, Hebden Bridge and Southcliffe House, Hebden Bridge

Commercial Street, Todmorden

Common End, Brighouse

Common Lane, Southowram
Bank Top

Common Road, Elland

Common Royd, Barkisland

Common Terrace, Rastrick

Concrete Street, Lee Mount

See Lime Street, Ovenden

Coney Lane, Holmfield
Recorded in 1905

Coniston Close, Elland

Constitutional Street, Halifax

Conway Street, Halifax
Wilfred Pickles was born at Number 24 Conway Street.

In January 2011, with an average house price of £46,400, the street was fourth in the list of the most affordable (cheapest)  places in Yorkshire.

See Alfred Street, Halifax and Howard Street, Halifax

Cooke's Yard, Sowerby Bridge
West Street.

Recorded in 1901

Cookson Street, Brighouse

Cooper Grove, Shelf

Cooper Lane, Shelf

Cooper's Square, Halifax
Fleet Street

Cooper Street, Halifax

Cooper Street, Todmorden

Co-operative Buildings, Bailiff Bridge
12 houses built by the Brighouse Co-operative Society in 1877

Co-operative Buildings, Luddendenfoot
Originally called Denholme Cottages they were built by the Luddendenfoot Industrial Co-operative Society

Co-operative Buildings, Wheatley

Co-operative Street, Todmorden

Co-operative Street, Walsden

See Walsden Co-operative Society

Co-operative Terrace, Hebden Bridge

Co-operative Terrace, Stainland

Cooperfields, Luddendenfoot

Copley Avenue, Pye Nest

Copley Close, Halifax

Copley Glen, Halifax

Copley Grove, Halifax

Copley Hall Row, Halifax

Copley Hall Street, Halifax

Copley Hall Terrace, Halifax

Copley Lane, Halifax

Copley Mill House, Copley

Copley Mount, Halifax

Copley Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 and 1936 off Haley Hill.

There were Common Lodging Houses here [1904]

Copley Terrace, Halifax

Copley View, Halifax

Copper Street, Halifax
In the 18th century, this ran between Silver Street and Swine Market, and Crown Street to Cow Green.

See Copper Street Ladies' School, Copper Street Lockup, Garrick's Head, Halifax, Glove Yard, Halifax and Vagrant Office, Halifax

Copper Street, Lee Mount
Off Whitworth Street. Recorded in 1905

Copperas House Terrace, Todmorden

Copperas Row, Greetland

Coppy Nook Lane, Cragg Vale

Copy Nook, Greetland

Copy Nook Lane, Cragg Vale

Cordingley Green, Stainland

Cordingley's Yard, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 and 1944 off New Bank

Cork Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1905

Corn Market, Halifax

Cornfield Street, Todmorden

Cornholme Terrace, Todmorden

Cornwall Crescent, Bailiff Bridge

Coronation Road, Halifax
Part of the Coronation Estate.

See Garden City, Halifax

Coronation Street, Elland
Formerly known as Kiln Lane.

A farmhouse at the bottom of the lane was demolished in 1901. The car park next to the Rex Cinema stands on the site

Coronation Street, West Vale

Coronation Terrace, Bailiff Bridge

Coronation Terrace, Hebden Bridge

Coronation Terrace, Sowerby Bridge

Corporal Lane, Northowram

Corporation Street, Halifax
The street was created around 1860 to provide a better communication with the centre and the north parts of the town.

The cost of the work was shared by Halifax Corporation and the owners of property in the neighbourhood.

In the construction, a deep ravine had to be crossed, and this was done by erecting a 50 ft high, heavy stone wall on one side, and making it level by filling earth behind.

Part of the supporting wall collapsed on 15th March 1866.

See Stannary, Halifax

Corporation Street, Sowerby Bridge

Cosmo Street, Cornholme
Recorded in 1905. Cosmo Villas are also recorded

Cote Hill Fold, Halifax

Cote Hill, Halifax

Cote Lane, Rastrick

Cote Road, Mill Bank

Cotewood Close, Rastrick
Recorded in 1867

Cotton Street, Claremount
,1874 is recorded in 1861 off Range Bank. The street and its houses were lost when Claremount Road and New Bank were redeveloped in the 1960s

Cotton Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Hanson Lane

County Bridge, Sowerby Bridge

Coupland Street, Todmorden

Court Lane, Halifax

Court Number 1, Halifax
Off Back Lord Street

Court Number 2, Halifax
Off Back Lord Street

There are a great many properties with names like Bairstow's Buildings, Clough's Court, Hanson's Passage, Richardson's Row Walker's Square and Nichol's Yard.

Many of these were slums and poorer housing from the 19th century, possibly built by a mill-owner for his workers. Later offices and administrative buildings were given similar names, such as Princess Buildings.

The Foldout collects some of these names.

Cousin Lane, Ovenden
A housing estate was built here after World War II. Some of the houses / bungalows were built of sheet metal, giving the area the nickname Tintown.

See Beechwood housing estate, Bradshaw housing estate and Cousin Lane Aerodrome

Coventry Street, Halifax

Cow Gate, Bradshaw

Cow Green Alley, Halifax
The former name of Mount Street

Cow Green, Halifax

Cow Hill Gate Lane, Bradshaw
There appears to be confusion between Cock Hill and Cow Hill in this part of the district

Cow Lane, Brighouse
Recorded around 1850. Became Whinney Hill Park when Whinney Hill housing estate was built

Cow Lane, Copley

Cow Lane, Mytholmroyd

Cow Lane, Soyland

Cowfold Street, Todmorden

Cowhurst Avenue, Todmorden

Cowling Lane, Northowram

Cowroyd Place, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 and 1905 off Prospect Street, Claremount

Crabtree's Court, Halifax
Recorded in 1905 off Gaol Lane

Crabtree Fold, Hebden Bridge

Crabtree Place, Todmorden

Crabtree Street, Halifax

Crabtree's Yard, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Orange Street

Crag Close, Mixenden

Crag Lane, Mixenden

Crag Road, Wheatley

See Walt Royd Farm, Wheatley

Cragg Court, Mixenden
One of 6 blocks of high-rise flats built at Mixenden in 1965: Dodge Holme Court, Mixenden, Hebble Court, Mixenden, Jumples Court, Mixenden, Mixenden Court, Mixenden and Wheatley Court, Mixenden

The block was demolished in the 1980s

Cragg Lane, Cragg Vale

See Lower Cragg Farm, Cragg Vale

Cragg Road, Mytholmroyd
Part of the B6138 Mytholmroyd Bridge Turnpike.

As it passes from Mytholmroyd through Cragg Vale and on to Littleborough, the road rises 968 feet over a distance of 5½ miles, and is the longest continual gradient in England

Cragg Side, Hebden Bridge

Cragg Vale Turnpike
Aka Mytholmroyd Bridge & Blackstone Edge Turnpike. Turnpike established in 1814/1815

Craiglands, Hipperholme

Crampton Street, Halifax
Hanson Lane.

Recorded around 1915

Cranberry Avenue, Todmorden

Craven Court, Halifax

Craven Edge, Halifax

Owners and tenants have included

  • #1 Mr Briggs# [1911]
  • #2 Mr Smith [1911]
  • #3 Mr Carter [1911]

Craven House was listed next to Craven Edge [1911]

Craven Place, Halifax
Hopwood Lane. Recorded in 1891.

Owners and tenants have included

  • #2 Mr Fawthrop [1911]
  • #3 Mr Stewart [1911]

Craven House was listed next to Craven Place [1911]

Craven Terrace, Halifax

Crawford Street, Todmorden

The Crescent, Brighouse
A group of 16 houses in Bonegate built by the Brighouse District Industrial Society [1880-1882]. The Society had bought the land from William Kershaw in 1875. The houses were sold to members of the Society.

See Richard Kershaw

The Crescent, Elland

The Crescent, Hipperholme
One of 3 laconically-named roads off Leeds Road, Hipperholme: The Avenue, The Crescent and The Drive.

This block of 28 houses was erected by a building society in 1863. The original rent was £15 per year.

In some newspaper reports at the time, it was referred to as Whitehall-crescent.

Owners and tenants have included

The Crescent, Southowram
Long Lane, Bank Top.

Built in 1925, by James Wadsworth & Sons on land at Bank Top, Southowram which they bought from Herbert Mellor

The Crescent, Stainland

Crescent Street, Todmorden

Cresswell Terrace, Halifax

Crest Place, Brighouse

Crest Road, Elland

Crest View, Brighouse

Crest View Place, Brighouse

Crestfield Avenue, Elland

Crestfield Crescent, Elland

Crestfield Drive, Elland

Crestfield Drive, Halifax

Crestfield Road, Elland

Crib Lane, Halifax
Aka Cribb Lane Area of Dean Clough.

In 1771, quarries here supplied the stone for the construction of North Bridge.

See Back Crib Lane, Halifax and Crib Lane murder

Crimble Close, Lightcliffe

Crimsworth Lane, Pecket Well

See Crimsworth Cottage, Pecket Well

Crimsworth Terrace, Hebden Bridge

Cripplegate, Halifax
Area of King Street near Halifax Parish Church where the sick and infirm came to take the waters of the Well of St John the Baptist.

The name Well Street, Halifax is used [1761].

In the 19th century, there were many houses here. Around 1893, 22 houses were demolished, 30 houses were condemned – following the Housing of the working Class Act, and 52 others were demolished for road-widening. This affected 522 people.

See Slums and Cripplegate House

Croft Bottom, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Lister Lane

Croft Carr, Todmorden

Croft Fold, Halifax

Croft House, Luddendenfoot

Croft Place, Brighouse

Croft Place, Hebden Bridge

Croft Rise, Wheatley

Croft Street, Brighouse
The street no longer exists

Croft Street, Sowerby Bridge

Croft Terrace, Hebden Bridge
A terrace of 4 houses built around 1855 by James Lister.

Croft House was Number 4, Croft Terrace.

Owners and tenants of other houses in the Terrace have included Hebden Bridge Nursing Institute [1897], Thomas Binney Gibson, Edward Binney Gibson, and Miss Corrie's School [1950s].

In the 1970s, the houses became the Hebden Lodge Hotel

Cromer Street, Halifax

Cromwell Close, Southowram

Cromwell Road, Southowram

Cromwell Terrace, Halifax
Part of West Hill Park.

Named for Oliver Cromwell

Cromwell View, Halifax

Cromwell Wood Lane, Brighouse

Crooked Lane, Ovenden
Michael Stocks had a mine here

Crooked Ridings Terrace, Brighouse
Terrace of housing dated 1892

Cropley's Buildings, Ovenden
Edwards Terrace.

Recorded in 1891

Cropper's Row, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 and 1905 off Plane Tree Nest Lane / Wainhouse Lane

Cross Bank, Todmorden

The Cross, Barkisland

Cross Dykes Road, Ripponden

The Cross, Elland
This was the old centre of Elland at the junction of Southgate, Northgate, Westgate and Church Street, by Elland Parish Church. The Elland Cross was here.

See Elland Parsonage and Thomas Brothers

Cross Hill Mount, Greetland

Cross Hills, Greetland

Cross Hills, Halifax
Area of Halifax around the southern end of North Bridge

Cross Lane, Brighouse

Cross Lane, Elland

Cross Lane, Hebden Bridge

Cross Lane, Mankinholes

Cross Lane, Shelf

Cross Lane, Todmorden

Cross Lanes, Hebden Bridge

Cross Lee Gate, Todmorden

Cross Lee Road, Todmorden

Cross Lee, Todmorden

Cross Place, Brighouse

Cross Platts, Halifax

Cross Rhodes Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1871.

See Rhodes Street, Halifax

Cross Road, Rastrick

Cross Roads, Shelf

Cross Stone Road, Todmorden

See Cross Gap Farm, Todmorden

Cross Street, Brighouse
The continuation of Smithy Carr Lane which runs to Bradford Road

Cross Street, Claremount

Cross Street, Halifax
Runs north-south between Foundry Street and Winding Road.

See Back Foundry Street, Halifax and Orange Tree, Halifax

Cross Street, Halifax
Runs from Horton Street, across Blackledge and up to the south gate of the Piece Hall

Cross Street, Holywell Green

Cross Street, Todmorden

Cross Street West, Pellon

Cross Street, West Vale

Cross Villas, Barkisland

Cross Walk, Halifax

Cross Wells Road, Ripponden

Crossfield, Stainland

Crosshills, Greetland

Crosshills Mount, Greetland

Crossley Almshouses, Halifax

Crossley's Buildings, Southowram

Crossley Close, Halifax

Crossley Court, Halifax
Fleet Street Recorded in 1881 and 1915

Crossley Gardens, Halifax
Part of the Crossley Garden Estate,

Crossley Hill, Halifax
Area of Salterhebble

Crossley New Road, Todmorden
Named for the Crossley family of Great House, Eastwood.

Some of the buildings here are listed

Crossley Street, Halifax
The street was constructed during considerable town redevelopment in the 1850s and 1860s. The general plan and individual buildings were designed by Lockwood & Mawson.

Most of the buildings here are listed.

See Crossley House, Halifax Permanent Benefit Building Society offices, John Street, Halifax, Marlborough Hall, Halifax, Princess Street, Royal Insurance Company Office, Halifax, Town Hall Chambers, Halifax, Town Hall Street East, Halifax and Wade Street, Halifax

Crossley Street, Rastrick

Crossley Street, Todmorden

Crossley Terrace, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Hanson Lane.

There were Common Lodging Houses here [1904].

The Hanson Lane bomb fell here in 22nd November 1940.

The West Hill Hotel, Halifax was one of the properties which had to be demolished and rebuilt after the incident.

See Mary's Court, Halifax

Crossley Terrace, Hebden Bridge
Built in 1882 by the Crossley family of Hebden Bridge. These three houses were home to John Crossley's sons, Henry, John and William. All were married and had families. The houses remained in the family for nearly 100 years

Crossley Terrace North, Ovenden

Crossley Terrace South, Ovenden

Crow Nest Cottages, Hipperholme

Crow Nest Drive, Bailiff Bridge

Crow Nest Road, Mytholmroyd
The road forms the boundary of Erringden Park

Crow Wood Lane, Stainland

Crow Wood Park, Halifax

Crown Point, Hebden Bridge

Crown Road, Boothtown
Recorded in 1905

Crown Street, Brighouse

Crown Street, Elland

Crown Street, Halifax

See New Crown Street, Halifax

Crown Street, Hebden Bridge
The Hebden Bridge Fustian Manufacturing Co-operative Society Limited began in a room here [1870].

See Hebden Bridge Industrial Co-operative Society

Crown Yard, Elland

Crowther Terrace, Hebden Bridge

Crowther Terrace, Lee Mount

Crowtrees Crescent, Rastrick
Council housing built in 1960/1961

Crowtrees Lane, Rastrick
Aka Crow Trees Lane, Rastrick.

The original road here was that which now passes in front of Rastrick Library. The new road was constructed around 1923 for the new tram service.

Early 19th century house – Number 6 – is listed.

See Crowtrees monolith

Crowtrees Park, Rastrick

Crystal Court, Halifax

Culver Street, Halifax
North Parade

Cumberland Close, Halifax

Cunnery Lane, Shibden
Mentioned in Anne Lister's journal [28th June 1818].

See Conery, Halifax and Cunnery Wood, Shibden

Cut Lane, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Church Street


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