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Holy Trinity Church, Halifax : Graveyard

The graveyard of Holy Trinity Church, Halifax stands on Harrison Road.

The church closed in 1956, and in 1978, it was declared redundant.

The graveyard is closed but still there

The following people, and/or members of their family, were buried and/or have memorials here:

John Abbott
Arthur William Alexander
Dr William Alexander

Simpson Baines
Robert Glenton Baldrey
Ely Bates
Rev Thomas Bates
Lawrence Bramley
Rawdon Briggs
Ruth, wife of Charles Bromley
Richard Kendall Bromley
Mary Anne Brooks

John William Cadney
Frances Catherine, daughter of Edward Cronhelm
Frederick William Cronhelm
Infant daughter of John Cronhelm
William Cronhelm

Henry Lees Edwards
Sarah Edwards
Walter Fawkes Edwards
Michael Garlick
Rev John Gooch
Susannah Gooch
Charles Gregory
Elizabeth Ann Gregory
Emma Gregory
James Gregory
Richard Reynolds Gregory

William Ferguson Holroyd
William Huntriss

Dr Abraham Jubb

Kenneth Alexander Machen
William Moore

Jonas Patchett
William Bennett Patchett
Ely Pickles
John Clarke Prescott
Thomas Priestley
Catherine Rawson
Aquilla Edward Royston
James Royston

Joseph Sagar
## & family Francis Scott
John Wood Scott
Nelly Stansfield
Luke Staveley
Michael Stocks

John Turner

Edward Wainhouse
John Edward Wainhouse
Nathaniel Wainhouse
Robert Wainhouse
William Wainhouse
Mr Whitaker
Nathan Whitley

Thomas Watkin Youd


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