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The Murgatroyd Family

The Murgatroyds were corn millers at Warley Corn Mill at Luddenden [from the 1300s to 1854].

They subsequently had with premises at Queen's Mill, and weaving and worsted-spinning family, with premises at Oats Royd Mill.

John de Moregatrode was an early member of the family.

They owned much land and property, and James, John, Henry, and Thomas Murgatroyd and other members of the family built many houses in the district.

James Murgatroyd was probably the most significant member of the family.

During the Civil War, they were Royalists

Some entries associated with the family

Benns, Warley
Boothsteads Farm, Warley
Broadfold House, Luddenden

Castle Carr, Luddenden Dean
Clough under Warley Town

Dean House, Luddenden

East Riddlesden Hall, Keighley
Eaves House, Warley

The Greave, Midgley

Haigh House, Warley
Hartley Royd Farm, Warley
Ive House, Warley

Kershaw House, Luddendenfoot

Lee House, Ovenden Wood
Lode Clough, Warley
Long Can, Ovenden
Lower Popplewells, Warley
Lower Shaw Booth, Wainstalls
Lower Stubbing, Warley

Mare Hill, Warley
Mill House, Luddenden

Newlands House, Warley
Oats Royd Mills, Luddenden
Oats Royd, Midgley
Ovenden Wood

Queen's Mill, Luddenden

Riding Head, Luddenden
Roebucks, Warley
Rombald's Moor

South Clough Head, Warley

Upper Stubbing, Warley

Yew Trees, Ovenden 

See Pepper Hill Mill, Luddenden and Murgatroyd family: Arms

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