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Hugh and Ann Calkins

Hugh Calkins(1603-1690)

 "Hugh Calkins was a radical, in religion a non-conformist, and living in the troublous times of Charles, the First, soon became satisfied that there were safer countries than England and Wales—for men who wished to worship God according to the dictates of their own consciences. Accordingly, he with his wife, Ann, and John, their son, then four years old, joined a body of emigrants called the 'Welch Company,' and with their pastor, Rev. Richard Blinman, embarked and came to America, about 1638 or 1640.”

Above was taken from :
William Cutter, Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of the State of Massachusetts, 1910

"It has been well established that Hugh and Ann Calkins, with at least four of their living children, came to the New World between 1638-1640, as members of the "Welsh Company" under the leadership of Reverend Richard Blynman. The exact date and the ship that they came on have not been clearly determined. It is also well established that this group departed from Chepstow, Monmouthshire, one of the border counties between Wales and England. These facts have led many writers to conclude that Hugh and his family were "bom" in Chepstow. However, thorough searches ofthe Parish Registers and Bishop's Transcripts of the area around Chepstow have been unsuccessful in finding any indication that anyone named Calkins, by any spelling variation, lived there around the time that Hugh or members of his family would have been born. By comparison, similar searches conducted in other areas have located a number of families, with a spelling variation of the name Calkins, in counties to the east and north of Monmouthshire. In particular, the name has been found in the early 1600's in Gloucestershire, Cheshire, and Staffordshire.

As a result of these early searches, and following some additional clues provided, in 1998 Mr. Roy Edwards of Hayes, Middlesex, England, initiated intensive research on the records of the area near Chester, Cheshire. Mr. Edwards found clear evidence that Hugh Calkins was the son of Rowland and Elen {Ellen} (Payne) Calkins, christened on 8 April 1603 in Waverton, a village south and east of Chester. He also found records of the christening of Hugh's three oldest children in Waverton, within a few years after the birth dates that were deduced from later records. An article describing the research and the proof is being prepared by Mr. Edwards for submission to a recognized genealogical publication.

The origin of Hugh's wife Ann is even less well known. Her surname has often been given as Eaton, Easton, Eston, or a similar variation. To our knowledge, there is no evidence - other than frequent repetition - to support any of these names. The research by Mr. Edwards described above provided no evidence on Ann's family name.

Because the Ancestral File records of the LDS Church are so frequently used by genealogy researchers, it should be mentioned that these records list the fathers of Hugh and Ann to be William Calkins and Laurentine Eaton, respectively. We believe this information is in error. At the very least it is certainly unproven.

Another statement that has often been made is that Hugh Calkins was a direct descendant of Sir William Colkin, who was one of the Magna Carta Barons, and who was a member of a family who founded a hospital in Canterbury. Again, there is no known evidence to support this statement as a fact.

A Coat of Arms is displayed on the title page of this volume. The use of this symbol does not imply a claim to nobility, or even that there is a connection to the individual to whom it was issued. Rather, it is only shown out of interest because the Burke's General Armory lists one. It is officially described as "Ar; a pile Gu.", which is translated to "Silver; a red pile." From this description, different artists have come up with different renditions of the Coat of Arms.

Upon their arrival in America, Hugh and his family, together with the rest of the Welsh Party, landed first at Plymouth, and settled briefly at Green's Harbor, near Marshfield, Mass. Probably in 1641, they relocated to Gloucester, Mass., where Hugh Calkins and others were nominated as Freemen.

In about 1651, most of the original Welsh Party, including Rev. Blynman and Hugh Calkins and family moved again to what was then named Pequot Harbor and founded the town of New London, Conn. Around 1659, the Rev. Blynman left the community, returning to England where he later died.

Hugh Calkins and wife, with a number of other settlers including their older son John and his family, moved northward and founded the town of Norwich, Conn. Younger son David Calkins and several of the sisters remained in New London with their respective families. Accounts of the early movements of these groups can be found in several articles in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register and in History of New London. Conn, and History of Norwich."

The above account was written by Ken Calkins, Historian of the Calkins Family Association

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