Annie L. White~Songer


Annie L. White~Songer

ANNIE L. WHITE is the daughter of J.Clinton and Sarah Elizabeth Allman~White.

She was born on April 5, 1885, in Gainesville, Greene County, AR. After the untimely passing of her Mother, Annie was raised by members of the Allman family.  

On September 1, 1907 in Greene County, Arkansas, she married Evan D. Songer, Sr.  
Evan was born on September 2, 1883 in Randolph County, Arkansas to Benjamin R. and Mary (Lomax) Songer. Evan moved to Greene County in the early 1900’s to seek employment, where he worked on several farms over the years, and cleared land in and around the Big Island Community.

Evan and Annie raised seven children:   Mildred, Frances, Evelyn, Lawson, Emma Jean, Princess Doyle, and E. D. Songer Junior. They lived on Giles Island south of Big Island until about 1913 when they bought a farm in the Coffman Community; about one mile west of the old Coffman School.They grew an assortment of crops, a variety of farm animals including, cattle, and chickens which contributed to their income from the sale of cream and eggs.


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Evan D. Songer and Annie White.

Married at Brighton, Arkansas, September 1, 1907

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Emma Bibb~White, Luther L. White, Evan D. Songer, Annie L. White~Songer

ca. 1940 Greene County, Arkansas


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