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Calumet County Newspaper Articles


1921 Hilbert Bank Officer Listing

Attends Funeral

Funeral Tidbits & Trips

Birth Notices & Birthday Celebrations

August Bach had a daughter

Peter Braum had a daughter

Birthday Party for James Coonen at Dundas Sunday

Peter Daun Celebrates 91st Birthday

Dr. & Mrs. P. E. Kabel have a 13 pound boy

Wilhelm Korb had a daughter

Louise Lamb celebrates her 100th birthday

Wilhelm Meyer had a daughter

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Potter Celebrate Their Birthdays

Birth of Daughter to Wilhelm Schultz

Eduard Sachse's son John had twins

Birth of Daughter to John Thompson

John Wolf turns 100

Business Cards

Alden, E., M. D.

Baldwin, George

Chilton Masonic Lodge

Chilton House - Feind & LaCount

Hayton Mills - Henry Modlin

LaCount, D., M. D.

Menke, Claus

Shove, Don A.

Washington House - Reinhard Schlicting

College Students

1888-89 University of Wisconsin College Students from Calumet County

Court Reports

Blank, Carl - Defendant

Langemack, Peter Acquitted

List of Jurors Drawn For Circuit Court Term

Divorces in the News

Boettchers, Frank & Elizabeth

Lueders, Anna Sophia & Charles

McGlaughland, John & Electa

Schumacher, Dorette & Charles

Schwabe, Bernard & Rosa

Stoerer, Mary & Henry

Stoever, Mary & Henry

Engagement Announcements

Alice Fox & David Jahn Engagement Announced

Funeral Home Cards

Augusta J. Hajenga Funeral Home Card

Newspaper Tidbits

Abischer Child Killed in Tragic Accident

Aebisher Farewell Party

An Immigrant's Sentiment

Atkinson, Wilt & Tarchel, Jack Arrested

Back in the 1860's

Baker, Stephan Accidentally Shot

Becker Cigar Factory

Bits & Pieces

Bits & Pieces Chilton Times February 16, 1895

Bits & Pieces Chilton Times February 8, 1902

Chilton National Bank Bits & Pieces

Bock Commits Suicide

Chilton National Bank

New Bank At Chilton

Contractor Missing {George Bohl}

Coon, Edward Loses Love to Salesman

Seaman Rodney P. Demler Takes own Life

Do you Remember? January, 1925

Drowning of George Denslow and Will Skinner

Drowning in Rhinelander

Eastman, Ben Accidentally Shot & Killed

Ebert, Nelson Nearly Drowns


Finkle & Wheeler Burned on Sporting Trip

Rev. Martin Fox Will Offer Rites in St. Mary Church

Friedel-Schneider, Theresa Murder Anna Lenz Conviction

Mr. Fugo Sells "The Reflector" to Capt. Edgar N. Sweet

Gift Bird Gives Up Donor's Lost Ring

Goff, Ziba Robbed

Goggins, Hugh Moves

Golburn, Oliver D. Stabbed

He Made Her Cry

Hertel, Otto - Clerk of Panama Canal Commission

Jensen, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Guests of Mr. & Mrs. John Sell

Kelihier, John D. Auctions Property

Koehn, Frank - Murdered By Neighbor

Kruhn, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Struck by Lightning

August Latzig Sells to Peter Olson

George Luecke Loses a Hand

Wm. H. Luehr Launches A New Newspaper Business

Theodore Mahnke - Sheboygan Man's Suicide Is Climax Of Enoch Arden Plot

May 26, 1928 Bits & Pieces

Moore, Jacob's Son Kicked by a Horse

Nellossen's Home Destroyed by Fire

Near Drowning

Nugent, John B.'s House saved from Fire with Milk

O'Neil, John House Fire

Oscar Crouch Visits Old Home

Oshkosh Fire Affects Chilton

Pantenburg, Nicholas - Injured in Horrible Accident

Paulen, Henry Injured in Runaway

Paulus, John Log Building Destroyed by Fire

Petersen, Hon. C. H. M. Moves to Plymouth

Pieper, Henry - Arrested for Being Drunk

Quinney, Electa First School Ma`am

The St. Charles Catholic Congregation

Schmidt, Florian Narrowly Escapes Death

Schuester Nephew Dies in Suicide

Betty Jane Schwantes is Dead Tuesday From Injuries Sustained in Crossing Crash

Serious Runaway

Soldiers’ Monument

Soldiers Return

Train Crash - G. N. Shumaker & H. Verbeck on Board

Three Dead in Crossing Crash at Kiel

Visit Stockbridge

Watrous, Jermone A. Taken Prisoner and Released

Whalen, John Killed in Train Accident

White, George - A Pioneer Settler

Winkel, Lana E. - Victim of Crash

Probate Notices

Lueloff, Frederick Probate Announcement


Boockmeier Family Reunion


Kabel, Mrs. P. E. & Son Visit Parents Mr. & Mrs. Henry Rollmann

Jakob Reuther visit Brother B. Reuther

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