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Calumet County Family Photos

Submit your pictures to Debie, along with a current e-mail address. The photo should pertain to a family from Calumet County and must have at least one person identified.

If you have a photo that you can't indentify, please submit as an "Unknown Photo" and I will place it in that section for identification. If you have any questions, please e-mail.

1726 Wisconsin Avenue, New HolsteinDoug Smith
Aebischer, Charles Albert & Heller, EugeniaWayne Johnston
Aebischer, ChristianWayne Johnston
Aebischer, Christian Swamp Land GrantWayne Johnston
Aebischer, Gordon & Sylvia {Moehrke}Wayne Johnston
Aebischer, Wilhelmina, Anna & EmmaWayne Johnston
Arens 4 Generation PhotoJanice Hackbarth
Arens, EmmaJanice Hackbarth
Baker, Adella & ClaraJackie Bladl
Baker, George Civil War VeteranJackie Bladl
Baker, George III FamilyJackie Bladl
Baker, George III & Minnie {Doern} WeddingJackie Bladl
Baker, George H. Age 19Jackie Bladl
Baker, George H. 50th AnniversaryJackie Bladl
Baker, IdaJackie Bladl
Baker, James A.Jackie Bladl
Baker, James A. & Alma {Rodewald} WeddingJackie Bladl
Baker, Wm. & Mary Ann {Wendel} WeddingJackie Bladl
Basler, Eva DornWayne Johnston
Bassler, Frank & Maria {Fochs} WeddingCathy Moreth Sims
Becker ClanMargaret Schatz
Becker, Anna Catherine {Portrait}Margaret Schatz
Becker, Anna Catherine {Older}Margaret Schatz
Becker, Frank & Cecile 50th Anniversary PhotoMargaret Schatz
Becker, Frank & Cecile WeddingMargaret Schatz
Becker, GeneMargaret Schatz
Becker, Michael Peter & AnnaMargaret Schatz
Becker, Michael Peter & Anna FamilyMargaret Schatz
Becker, Michael Peter & Anna {having a beer}Margaret Schatz
Becker, Michael Peter {Portrait - Older Man}Margaret Schatz
Becker, Michael Peter {Portrait - Young Man}Margaret Schatz
Becker, Mike & Anna WeddingMargaret Schatz
Becker, Ted & Mike FamiliesMargaret Schatz
Bloy, Frederick's ChildrenJohn Schnable
Bloy, Herman & Emma's DaughtersJohn Schnable
Bloy, Herman & Emma's WeddingJohn Schnable
Boettcher, Louis and Ernestina Louisa {Bratz}Rose
Boockmeier, Anna KlothLaini Giles
Boockmeier, EverettLaini Giles
Boockmeier, John FamilyLaini Giles
Boockmeier, John Family in CarLaini Giles
Boockmeier, John & Wilhelmina ChildrenLaini Giles
Boockmeier, Mariele {School}Laini Giles
Boockmeier, MarieleLaini Giles
Boockmeier / Sells Family ReunionLaini Giles
Bratz, August W.Donated
Bratz, Ernestina LouisaRose
Bratz, LydiaDonated
Brocker, LouisWayne Johnston
Chicks, Hannah TombstoneDonated
Cone, CorrieDiane Bender
Cone, WalterDiane Bender
Cone, Y. E.Diane Bender
Coonen, EdgarJeanne Bristol
Coonen General Store - DundasJeanne Bristol
Coonen, James L., Rademacher, Marcel & Wolfinger, ClarenceJeanne Bristol
Coonen, James L. FamilyJeanne Bristol
Coonen, James L. - General Store - DundasJeanne Bristol
Coonen, Martin FamilyJeanne Bristol
Cordy, Catherine & FrankMarea Podhola
Cordy, CaseyMarea Podhola
Diedrich, JamesMarea Podhola
Diedrich, Nicholas & Catherine {Baer} WeddingMarea Podhola
Diedrich, Nicholas with TripletsMarea Podhola
Dignin, Daughters of William and ElizabethKen Richter
Dignin, ElizabethKen Richter
Dignin, WilliamKen Richter
Dorn, EdWayne Johnston
Dumke, Caroline KatherineDoug Smith
Dumke, Caroline & Muenster, RudolphDoug Smith
Dumke, Emil & Muenster, RudDoug Smith
Dumke, Emil & Family {Older}Doug Smith
Dumke, Emil & Family {Younger}Doug Smith
Dumke, Oscar & Muenster, Caroline & RudolphDoug Smith
Fink, Henry GraveJean Reese
Fochs, Anna Maria {Sister Willibald}Cathy Moreth Sims
Fochs, Matthias & Elizabeth {Schumacher} & ChildrenCathy Moreth Sims
Fochs, Nikolous & Barbara {Hitzler} WeddingCathy Moreth Sims
Foster, Francis & Gerner, Genevieve Amelia WeddingD. J. Dixon
Frank, Nicholas (Younger Man)Karen Hull
Frank, NicholasKaren Hull
Frank, Nick Home in WoodvilleKaren Hull
Frank, Theresa KneiselKaren Hull
Friedel, AnnaJanet Henrickson
Friedel, Matthias & MariaJanet Henrickson
Fries, Otto & MaryJanice Hackbarth
Fuhrmann, FamilyLori Dekker
Genal, Carl & EmmaDoug Smith
Genal, Gertrude & ClownDoug Smith
Genal, Robert, Emma & CarlDoug Smith
Gerner, Genevieve Amelia & Foster, Francis WeddingD. J. Dixon
Gisch, Joseph & Pauline {Boockmeier} WeddingLaini Giles
Graff, Rose {Sell}Laini Giles
Graff, Rose {Sell} w/ babyLaini Giles
Gray, JohnWayne Johnston
Gray, OttiliaWayne Johnston
Hajenga, Emily & RudolphMary Damer
Hajenga, Emma & RudolphMary Damer
Hajenga - Kalwitz 4 Generation PhotoMary Damer
Hajenga, Rudolph 4 Generation PhotoMary Damer
Hajenga, RudolphMary Damer
Hajenga, Rudolph & EmilyMary Damer
Hajenga, Rudolph, Emma & Petersen, EmilyMary Damer
Hass ChildrenDonna Hass
Hass, Ed & Emma FarmDonna Hass
Hass, Ed & Emma {Ortlepp} WeddingDonna Hass
Hauck, Katherine GubkaLeslee Green
Heller, Eugenia & Aebischer, Charles AlbertWayne Johnston
Hephner, Jay C.Wayne Johnston
Horst, Anna {Aebischer}Wayne Johnston
Horst, Gustave A.Wayne Johnston
Jaeckels, Peter & Anna {Fochs} WeddingCathy Moreth Sims
Kalwitz Family PhotoMary Damer
Kalwitz - Hajenga 4 Generation PhotoMary Damer
Kalwitz - Phillips WeddingMary Damer
Kalwitz, RudyMary Damer
Kiefer, Michael & MagdalenaMarea Podhola
Klapperich, Gertie & MaggieKris Tyler
Klapperich - Wettstein WeddingKris Tyler
Koeppen, AmeliaKim
Krause, Carl & OttoWayne Johnston
Kröhnke, Johann OelerichJanice Hackbarth
Kröhnke, Johann's FamilyJanice Hackbarth
Kröhnke, Johann's HomeJanice Hackbarth
Kröhnke, Margarethe {Schlichting}Janice Hackbarth
Krueger, EmilDonated
Lau, Dorothea KlothLaini Giles
Luehr, John C. & MinnieJanice Hackbarth
Marks, FrederickaMary Damer
Mayer, OscarWayne Johnston
Mescar, Henrietta {Moehrke}Wayne Johnston
Moehrke, EstherWayne Johnston
Moehrke, GustaveWayne Johnston
Moehrke, LydiaWayne Johnston
Moehrke, Mr. & Mrs. OttoWayne Johnston
Moehrke, Otto E.Wayne Johnston
Moehrke, Otto & OscarWayne Johnston
Moehrke, SylviaWayne Johnston
Moehrke, VeronicaWayne Johnston
Muenster, AdolfJanice Hackbarth
Muenster, Adolf & InaJanice Hackbarth
Muenster, Caroline & Rudolph & Dumke, OscarDoug Smith
Muenster, LillyJanice Hackbarth
Muenster, Rud & Dumke, EmilDoug Smith
Muenster, RudolphDoug Smith
Muenster, Rudolph & Dumke, CarolineDoug Smith
Muenster, Trudy {Genal}Doug Smith
Murphy, Charlotte {Robinson}Carl Murphy
Murphy, John B.Carl Murphy
Murphy, ThomasCarl Murphy
Neuber, Carl & Agnes FamilyValerie
New Holstein School 1904Laini Giles
Petersen, EmilyMary Damer
Petersen, Emily & Hajenga, Rudolph, EmmaMary Damer
Petersen, HarryMary Damer
Petersen, LillieMary Damer
Phillips, Ebon & Ella Farm HouseMary Damer
Phillips, Ebon & Ella and Grand-daughterMary Damer
Phillips, Ella {Kalwitz}Mary Damer
Phillips - Kalwitz WeddingMary Damer
Pritzl, Mary Funeral CardMargaret Schatz
Rademacher, Marcel, Wolfinger, Clarence & Coonen, James L.Jeanne Bristol
Retlich, IrenePatricia Miller
Retzlaff, Anna {Krueger}Janet Payne
Ruh, Arthur B.Patricia Miller
Schaefer, Sylverious & 5 other Gentleman - Brillion Snow PlowBill Schaefer
Schneider, Msgr. AlfredDonated
Schneider, Frank & Theresa {Friedel}Janet Henrickson
Schneider, John & Rose WeddingDonated
Schneider, Rose {Thede}Laini Giles
Schoen ChildrenWayne Johnston
Schoen, Emilie {Moehrke}Wayne Johnston
Schoen, WalterWayne Johnston
Sell, Catharina KlothLaini Giles
Sell, Emma DorotheaLaini Giles
Sell, JurgenLaini Giles
Sell, Jurgen & Margaretha {Wohlenburg}Laini Giles
Sells / Boockmeier Family ReunionLaini Giles
Smith, Ford & Mariele {Boockmeier} WeddingLaini Giles
Sweet, Rev. James & Charlotte {Newell}Donna Lee {James} Wilder
Thede, AlexanderLaini Giles
Thede, George & Emma WeddingLaini Giles
Thede, George & Emma's ChildrenLaini Giles
Thede, Hedwig & RomaLaini Giles
Thede, Hedwig & RosalinaLaini Giles
Thede, MichaelLaini Giles
Thede, OlgaLaini Giles
Thode, EmmaJanice Hackbarth
Tiedjens, Herman & LillyJanice Hackbarth
Tiedjens, Herman, Lilly & ChildrenJanice Hackbarth
Timm FamilyMonica McInnis
Ubelacker, George & Elizabeth {Fochs} WeddingCathy Moreth Sims
Utschig, Hedwig ThedeLaini Giles
Voight, OlgaLaini Giles
Voight, OttoLaini Giles
Wettstein - Klapperich WeddingKris Tyler
Wiegand / Ziebell FamilyDebra Pierce Cohig
Wiegand, EmilDebra Pierce Cohig
Winkler's Thrashing Crew {1938}Michael Winkler
Wolf, Carl & EmilDarla
Wolf, Edgar & LeonaDarla
Wolf FamilyDarla
Wolf, John H. & WilhelminaDarla
Wolfinger, Clarence, Coonen, James L. & Rademacher, MarcelJeanne Bristol
Zander, Otto {As an Older Gentleman}Jill Zander
Zander, Otto {As a Young Man}Jill Zander
Ziebell / Wiegand FamilyDebra Pierce Cohig

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