William Baumgartner
Calumet County, Wisconsin Genealogy & History

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William Baumgartner

This man was noted for his personal ugliness. Short in stature, with an immense head, face large and flat, short, thick ears, and a mouth, that when open, would have fooled a king-fisher or a sand martin. But his chief deformity was his eyes, these organs being like those of a trilobite, placed nearly in the side of his head. He properly belonged to the olitic period, when monsters were the rule; and in addition to all this, he was cross-eyed. The only way to approach him unseen, was to come directly in front of him. He was without exception, the worst looking human being that it was ever my fortune to see. His very presence caused a chill wherever he went, and no child could be induced to approach him. Even strange dogs eyed him askance. Where he came from or where he went to, I never knew; he disappeared in 1838.

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