Timothy Wooden
Calumet County, Wisconsin Genealogy & History

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Timothy Wooden

This man was noted for his laziness, in which he surpassed all the white men in Wisconsin. He was of medium height, heavy moulded(sic); walked into a half-swinging gait, with his head moving from side to side, much as does the ox. He would eat anything that came in his way, but would not work if he could help it. The last time I ever saw Tim, was at Mequan, thirty years ago, where he had a claim. It was a matter of necessity for him to keep in advance of civilization, as in a city like this he would have been run over every day. No man that ever lived in Milwaukee, was the victim of more tricks, by the wild young men of '36, than Tim Wooden, except Hoosier John, and I very much doubt if he as much calomel as they gave John, would have had any effect upon him. It might have rolled him over, but it certainly would not have drove him up. When he got placed in a comfortable position, nothing short of gun-powder or nitro-glycerine(sic)would ever have started him. Poor Tim! he died of cholera in '49.

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