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William A. Ziegler
"History of Manitowoc County Wisconsin"
by Dr. L. Falge, 1911-1912, v.2, p.555-556.

William A. Ziegler, a prosperous farmer on section 6, Maple Grove, and owner of the Maple Grove Stock Farm, was born July 27, 1867, in Washington county, Wisconsin. He is a son of John and Charlotte (Fuge) Ziegler, natives of Hesse-Darmstadt and Saxony, Germany, respectively. Coming to America in early life, they met here and were married in Milwaukee, settling thereafter on a farm in Washington county, this state. After three years on this place, they moved to the town of Brillion, Calumet county, and bought ninety-seven acres of improved land, upon which they spent twenty-eight years. Then selling their farm, they retired to the village of Brillion, where the father died in 1888, aged forty-seven years, and is buried in the cemetery there. His widow survives and lives in the village, being now seventy-two years old. William A. and a sister, Ida, were the only children of their parents. The latter, who married J. C. Tesch and is living in the town of Brillion, has two children.

William A. Ziegler remained with his parents on the farm until it was sold, and he bought his present property of one hundred and sixty acres, moving on it in 1891. Of this land, one hundred and forty-five acres are under the plow, and in a high state of cultivation, producing abundantly. The farm is fenced with barbed wire, and the improvements which Mr. Ziegler has made are excellent. He raises hogs and cattle, milking sixteen cows and marketing his dairy products, while the hay and grain which he raises, he feeds to his stock. Some of his cattle are pure Holstein breed, and his hogs are Poland China, while he specializes on pure breed Percheron horses. His two Percheron stallions and four brood mares are pure blooded and very valuable. The basement barn is thirty-six by one hundred and eighteen feet,and was built by a former owner, but Mr. Ziegler remodelled it in 1905, putting in cement floors and patent stalls and stanchions. He built a second barn in 1906, that is thirty-six by one hundred and eight feet. The two story veneer brick residence was also built before he bought the farm. The water supply comes from drilled wells. There is also a machine shed, thirty by eighty feet, that was put up in 1907, and other improvements are contemplated.

On March 15, 1905, Mr. Ziegler married Mary Schwandner, a daughter of Bartholdt and Mary (Lephardt) Schwandner, natives of Germany who came to the United States about 1851, settling in Menasha, Wisconsin. About 1855 the father came to Calumet county and bought a farm in the town of Brillion, upon which he lived until he died in 1906, aged sixty-eight years. His widow, who is seventy-one years old, is residing on the homestead with her daughter. Of the six daughters in this family Mrs. Ziegler was the second, being born March 9, 1877. Mr. and Mrs. Ziegler have six children, Rosa, Clara, Oscar, Harvey, Schma and Manda. In politics Mr. Ziegler is a republican, and for six years served as a member of the board of supervisors, and for ten years was treasurer of the school board. He and his family belong to the Lutheran church of Brillion.

It is such men as he who make a town prosperous, for they not only understand their work, but take a pride in improving their property and keeping their farms up to standard.

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