Calumet County, Wisconsin Genealogy & History

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Calumet County Naturalizations - Declarations of Intent
of Intent
Country of OriginPetition/
Abrahams, Jimer Henry 2 Nov 1868Germany 
Abrahams, John Henry 5 Nov 1859Holstein 
Achter, Henry 12 Oct 1868Prussia 
Achter, Johann 4 May 1858Prussia 
Aebischer, Christian Oct 1854Switzerland12 Jan 1869
Aebischer, John Oct 1854Switzerland13 Jan 1868
Aebischer, SamuelWalworth Co.26 Sept 1857Switzerland13 Dec 1880
Aggen, Agge R. 8 Apr 1867Hanover 
Ahlf, Claus 29 Oct 1869Holstein 
Ahlf, Toenies 7 Nov 1859Holstein 
Aiguer, Jacob 31 Oct 1884Austria 
Alting, Charles John 12 Nov 1873Hamburg, Germany 
Anders, August 2 Aug 1871Prussia 
Anders, August 2 Aug 1871Prussia 
Anders, F. 7 Nov 1871Prussia 
Anders, Hermann 2 Aug 1871Prussia 
Anders, Wilhelm 7 Nov 1871Prussia3 Jan 1883
Anderson, Rasmus 2 Nov 1868Denmark 
Andolshek, Andrew 18 Feb 1871Austria 
Andreas, Paul 3 Nov 1874Germany 
Andres, Peter 30 Oct 1876Luxemburg, Germany 
Andrew, AbrahamNew York, Ny28 Oct 1846England19 Dec 1877
Arens, Henry 5 Apr 1852Holstein19 Nov 1856
Arens, JohnFond Du Lac29 Jun 1849Holstein21 Jun 1870
Arens, Otto   21 Nov 1855
Armstrong, James 13 Mar 1880Ireland 
Arndt, Herman 30 Oct 1884Germany 
Arps, John  Holstein19 Nov 1855
Azutskie, Joseph 4 Nov 1876Prussia 
Bach, Alexander P. 13 Jun 1871Germany13 Jun 1871
Backers, Christ 30 Oct 1876Prussia 
Baecher, Michael 6 Feb 1873Bavaria 
Baer, Michael Waukesha4 Nov 1872Prussia 
Baer, Nicholas 23 Oct 1868Prussia 
Bahar/Bader, Martin 27 Oct 1855Prussia 
Bahman/Berchan, John 27 Oct 1855Prussia 
Baier, CasperCook Co., Ill28 Oct 1873Germany 
Baiver, Joachim 19 Oct 1859Belgium13 Dec 1863
Baker, George 2 Nov 1857Germany 
Banderob, Friederick 18 Jun 1859Holstein20 Jun 1864
Banderob, Max 8 Nov 1870Holstein 
Bargenquest, John 3 Nov 1884Germany 
Barit, Thomas 3 Nov 1863Ireland 
Barrett, James 6 Apr 1868Ireland 
Bartel, August 31 Oct 1872Germany 
Barth, DonatusBrown7 Aug 1849Bavaria13 Dec 1876
Barth, Ernst 7 Nov 1870Prussia 
Barz, August 4 Nov 1871Prussia 
Bass, MartinWinnebago7 Oct 1876Switzerland14 Dec 1880
Baster, Friedrich 4 Nov 1867Germany 
Bastian, Friedrich 2 Nov 1878Prussia 
Bauer, George 25 Oct 1860Prussia16 Nov 1859
Bauer/Bower, Joseph  Germany15 Nov 1859
Bauer, Wolf 3 Nov 1859Germany 
Baumgarten, Fritz 2 Nov 1880Mechlenburg, Germany 
Bech, Alexander 24 Oct 1859Bavaria 
Bechlem, Willi 2 Nov 1860Prussia 
Bechmann, Peter 17 Jul 1851Holstein 
Becker, Carl W. 5 Nov 1892Germany 
Becker, JacobManitowoc12 Oct 1868Prussia 
Becker, Nicholas 27 Oct 1876Bavaria 
Becker, PhillipFond Du Lac2 Apr 1874Bavaria20 May 1878
Becker, Wm.Sheboygan5 Nov 1870Prussia 
Beer, JohnOzaukee3 Apr 1888Bavaria 
Beerbaum, TheodoreMilwaukee4 Nov 1876Germany 
Befort, Wm.Buffalo, Erie Co., Ny17 Apr 1861Luxemburg15 Dec 1863
Behnke, Christian 8 Nov 1870Prussia 
Behrend, Martin 4 Nov 1876Mechlenburg-Schwerin 
Behrend, Martin 4 Nov 1876Mechlenburg-Schwerin 
Beil, ErnestSangamon Co, Ill1 Oct 1874Germany 
Beiland, Julius 12 Oct 1868Germany 
Bell, Anton 8 Nov 1870Prussia12 Dec 1881
Bell, John Joseph 4 May 1858Prussia 
Bellows, Caleb 30 Oct 1872Canada 
Below, Albert 31 Oct 1892Germany 
Berg, August 31 Mar 1877Prussia 
Berg, Daniel 1 Nov 1873Germany 
Berg, Ernest 31 Mar 1877Prussia 
Berg, John 1 Nov 1873Germany 
Berger, John 4 Nov 1876Prussia 
Berndt, Mike 1 Nov 1880Prussia 
Berner, Claus Thiessen 8 Nov 1870Prussia*Filed Under Thiessenberner
Bessert, Robert 10 Oct 1890Germany 
Beyerstadt, F. 18 Jun 1860Schleswig-Holstein 
Beyerstedt, Johann F. 4 May 1868Prussia-Germany21 Jun 1870
Biedenbender, John 23 Oct 1868Hesse-Darmstadt22 May 1878
Bielenberg, Heinrich 17 Oct 1850Hamburg 
Bielenberg, Henry 23 Mar 1867Holstein 
Bimbel/Pinzl, Raimond  Germany17 Dec 1860
Bink, Nic 12 Apr 1888Germany 
Birk, Lorenz 2 Nov 1872Germany 
Birkle, Wm. 23 Oct 1868Prussia 
Bittner, Franz 6 Nov 1877Prussia 
Blackie, Anton 1 Nov 1869Germany 
Blank, Carl 7 Jun 1872Prussia 
Blank, Heinrich 2 Nov 1870Prussia 
Blau, Nicholas 23 Oct 1868Prussia 
Blount, Stephen 21 Oct 1851Canada 
Bloy, Friedrich 5 Nov 1876Germany 
Bloy, Julius 7 Nov 1892Germany 
Bluhm, Carl 8 Dec 1856Prussia18 Dec 1860
Bock, Charles  Mecklenburg, Germany21 Nov 1855
Bock, Charles 31 Mar 1870Hamburg, Germany 
Bock, John Jurgen 6 Dec 1852Schleswig 
Boden, Peter 1 Nov 1870Prussia 
Boelter, Fred 25 Mar 1878Germany 
Boendel, Chr 30 Oct 1880Brunswick, Germany 
Boendel, H.F.  Germany9 May 1881
Boetov, August 2 Nov 1888Germany 
Boge, Jacob 9 Sept 1854Holstein 
Bohlander, Martin  Bavaria19 Nov 1856
Bohnlein, Joseph 31 Mar 1858Bavaria 
Bohns, Joseph 5 Apr 1858Prussia 
Boie, Nicklaus 21 Jun 1856Holstein 
Boje, Heinrich 17 Feb 1851Holstein 
Boland, Mathew 30 Oct 1869Ireland 
Boland, Mathew 1 Nov 1858Ireland 
Boland, Patrick 16 Dec 1852Ireland 
Bolton, James 4 Nov 878Canada 
Boockmeier, Jurgen 10 Aug 1852Schleswig 
Borck, Christian 2 Nov 1868Mechlenberg, Germany 
Borck, Fritz 5 Nov 1878Mechlenberg, Schwerin 
Borman, Heinrich 3 Nov 1859Brunswick 
Borman, Heinrich 3 Nov 1859Brunswick 
Bosma, Dirk 3 Jan 1874Holstein 
Bosma, Johannes 3 Nov 1888Holland 
Bosshardt, John R. 7 Nov 1870Switzerland 
Bottcher, Franz 5 Nov 1870Prussia 
Boyle, OwenLewis Co., Ny17 Dec 1846Ireland22 May 1877
Brahn, Julius 14 Sept 1854Holstein 
Brandes, Ernest 2 Nov 1888Germany 
Brandt, Eden 26 Oct 1874Denmark 
Brandt, Hermann 9 Nov 1875Prussia 
Brannecher, Florian 28 Oct 1858Austria 
Breisinger, Max 26 Oct 1868Prussia 
Breisinger, Richard 26 Oct 1868Prussia 
Breit, Matthias 4 Nov 1876Prussia 
Brennan, Thomas J. 12 Nov 1872Ireland 
Breuer, Gottfried 22 May 1876Germany 
Briett, Henry 12 Oct 1868Prussia 
Britt, Otto 16 Feb 1871Holstein 
Britten, Johann 30 Oct 1865Prussia 
Britten, Mathias 1 Nov 1870Prussia 
Britten, Mathias 23 Oct 1868Prussia 
Britten, Nicklaus 1 Nov 1870Prussia 
Britten, Peter 1 Nov 1865Prussia 
Brochert, L. Henry 10 Feb 1877Schleswig 
Broechert, Wm. 9 Oct 1873Holstein 
Broecker, Henry 16 Oct 1851Prussia 
Broekert, Friedrich 12 Oct 1868Prussia 
Broekert, John David 22 Oct 1870Holstein8 Jun 1874
Brose, Alwin 31 Mar 1877Prussia 
Brose, Max 17 May 1876Germany 
Brown, August 26 Mar 1866Prussia13 Aug 1869
Brown, Carl 4 Nov 1867Prussia 
Brown, Engelbert 6 Nov 1888Germany 
Brown, Wenzel 5 Nov 1888Germany 
Bruckner, John 3 Nov 1863Bavaria 
Brugmann, Christian 5 Aug 1871Schleswig 
Bruhnholz, Peter 15 May 1872Holstein 
Bubbers, Henry 30 Oct 1876Holstein, Germany 
Buboltz, Carl 1 May 1867Prussia 
Buboltz, Gottfried 5 Nov 1870Prussia 
Bucher, Conrad 31 Oct 1855Switzerland 
Bucher, Jacob 31 Oct 1855Switzerland 
Bucher, Rudolf 6 Nov 1860Switzerland 
Buechel, John 24 Oct 1871Prussia 
Buending, Reiner 2 Nov 1868Prussia 
Buettner, Nicholas 29 Oct 1867Holstein, Germany 
Buhl, Bnernhard 7 Nov 1854Silesia 
Buhl, Frank 7 Nov 1854Silesia 
Buhl, JosephSheboygan Prussia18 Jun 1861
Buhrchts/Bichrahts, Teidrick 30 Oct 1855France 
Bullen, Edward 17 Aug 1857England 
Bulthaupt, Heinrich 1 Nov 1858Hanover 
Burg, John 3 Sept 1872Prussia 
Burger, FidelSheboygan7 Mar 1856Bavaria17 Jun 1863
Burger, MichaelFond Du Lac12 Nov 1853Bavaria16 Dec 1862
Burk, James 6 Nov 1882Ireland 
Burk, John J. 2 Nov 1868Denmark 
Burkhardt, Christopher 5 Aug 1871Wirtemburg 
Burmahler, Henry 10 Feb 1871Germany 
Busch, Henry 17 Oct 1872Germany 
Buttner, Hans 5 Nov 1866Holstein 
Buttner, Heinrich 27 Oct 1868Prussia 
Caelis, Patric 2 Nov 1857Ireland 
Callaghan, Bartholomew 3 Nov 1856Ireland 
Callaghan, John 30 Oct 1860Ireland 
Callaghan, Michael 19 Jun 1860Ireland 
Cannon, Mannis 3 Nov 1868Ireland 
Carr, John 31 Oct 1860New Brunswick 
Carroll, Michael 2 Nov 1857Ireland 
Carroll, Thomas 2 Nov 1857Ireland 
Carstens, Herman 10 Oct 1865Germany/Denmark 
Carstens, JohnDodge Co.28 Oct 1865Schleswig-Holstein17 Dec 1877
Carstensen, Hans Andrew 4 Nov 1856Schleswig-Holstein 
Carstensen, Hans Mueller 3 Nov 1873Germany 
Carstensen, Hans Peter 4 Nov 1856Schleswig-Holstein, Denmark 
Cautz/Kautz, Johann 4 Nov 1872Germany 
Caydel/Seydel, ? 27 Aug 1857Prussia 
Charland, Moses 2 Apr 1867Canada 
Christiansen, Chriseian D. 1 Nov 1858Germany 
Christoph, Frank 4 Nov 1873Germany 
Clausen, Asmus 20 Jan. 1853Schleswig, Denmark 
Clausen, Hans A.C. 29 Oct 1869Holstein, Germany 
Clausen, John 7 Nov 1881Holstein, Germany 
Clifford, Cephas 4 Nov 1850England 
Cock, Michael 7 Nov 1876Prussia 
Cohn/Coon, CharlesManitowoc Prussia18 Dec 1860
Collin, Christian 5 Aug 1871Prussia 
Colmorgen, John F. 5 Nov 1860Holstein, Denmark 
Connelly, Arthur 15 Aug 1865Ireland12 Jan 1869
Connelly, DennisFond Du Lac IrelandNov 1858
Connelly, James 30 Sept 1880Ireland 
Connelly, Michael 27 Mar 1856Ireland19 Jun 1860
Connelly, Patrick 5 Nov 1855Ireland 
Connley, Michael 27 Mar 1856Ireland 
Connol, John 3 Aug 1871Austria 
Connor, Timothy 4 Nov 1856Ireland 
Conus/Cernie, Jacob L. 2 Nov 1858Canada 
Cook, Wm. 30 Mar 1858Canada 
Coon, William 30 May 1865Prussia 
Cooper, Robert 3 Apr 1855Ireland 
Cornell, Seth 26 Oct 1868Canada 
Coyle, Bernard 9 Feb 1871Ireland 
Crossley, Chas. Walton 2 Nov 1874England 
Crowder, Francis James 3 Oct 1855Canada 
Curtin, JamesCuyahoga, Ohio5 Jul 1852Ireland12 Jan 1869
Dahlmann, August 12 Oct 1868Mechlenburg, Germany 
Dallendoerfer, Andrew 30 Oct 1880Austria 
Dallendoerfer, Joseph 6 Sept 1872Austria 
Dallman, Albert 3 Nov 1873Germany 
Dalndoerfer, Jos. 27 Oct 1880Austria 
Dammann, Claus 6 Mar 1865Holstein, Germany 
Dansel, Fidel 3 Nov 1859Germany 
Dau, Eggert 28 Oct 1867Holstein, Denmark 
Daum, JohnFond Du Lac Germany18 Dec 1860
Daun, John 12 Oct 1868Prussia 
David, Wenzel 23 Feb 1858Austira 
Deburh, Klaas F. 28 Mar 1879Hanover, Germany 
Deckfoss, Addrew 1 Nov 1867Prussia 
Deerwachter, Wm. 5 Aug 1871Wirtemburg 
Delzer, AugustWaukeshaNov 1858Prussia12 Jan 1869
Deroy, Joh. Peter Hans ChristianOneida Co., Ny2 Jul 1849Denmark19 Nov 1856
Detjens, Claus 1 Apr 1870Holstein, Germany3 Jan 1883
Dettman, John 27 Oct 1868Prussia 
Deviller, Seraphine 20 Dec 1921Belgium 
Devoss, Otto  Germany10 Jun 1873
Dicken, Egbertus 15 Jun 1868Prussia 
Dickfoss, Christian 2 Nov 1870Prussia 
Dickrel, Nicholas 26 Oct 1859Belgium 
Diedrich, Georg 1 Nov 1865Prussia 
Diedrich, Georg 1 Nov 1865Prussia 
Diedrich, Jacob 2 Nov 1865Prussia 
Diedrich, Peter 2 Nov 1870Prussia 
Diehl, PeterRacine23 Oct 1855Germany13 Jan 1868
Dietel, John George 17 Oct 1870Bavaria 
Dimler, Gottlieb 27 Oct 1868Bavaria22 May 1877
Dimler, Johann 25 Aug 1856BavariaDimler, Gottlieb
Dix, ChristopherMilwaukee Co.20 Dec 1843Prussia6 Nov 1857
Dix, George 4 Nov 1857Prussia6 Nov 1857
Dix, Mathias 4 Apr 1859Prussia 
Dixon, John 4 Nov 1854England12 Jan 1869
Doern, Jacob 12 Apr 1861Nassau, Germany 
Doffing, Peter 29 Oct 1852Prussia 
Dogge, Otto H. 23 Oct 1877Prussia 
Dohr, Nicholas 1 Nov 1869Germany 
Dohr, Peter 1 Nov 1869Germany 
Dooley, Michael 16 Dec 1852Ireland 
Dorn, August T. 14 Oct 1889Germany 
Dorschel, L.D. 4 Nov 1878Canada 
Downe, See Towne    
Downer, Carl  Mechlenburg15 Nov 1859
Doyle, Peter 3 Nov 1856Ireland20 Dec 1876
Drack, Ferdinand 5 Nov 1870Prussia 
Drews, Hans 5 Nov 1860Schleswig 
Druehl, Louis 22 Oct 1867Mechlenburg-Schwerin 
Duchow, Ludwig 30 Oct 1858Prussia 
Ducker, ClausMilwaukee Co. Holstein19 Nov 1856
Ducker, Peter 18 Dec 1852Holstein 
Duffy, Martin 26 Oct 1858Ireland16 Dec 1862
Duffy, PhilipR.I.19 Aug 1851Ireland11 Nov 1858
Dukelow, Francis 3 Nov 1863Ireland 
Dukelow, Richard 6 Nov 1855Ireland 
Dunker, Fritz 2 Nov 1876Prussia 
Durban, Peter 5 Apr 1858Prussia 
Dusterhoeft, Frederick 7 Nov 1876Prussia 
Dutz, Wilhelm(Facts...)6 Aug 1925Holstein 
Duysen, Momme Johann 23 Oct 1877Schleswig 
Eberhard, Friedrich 31 Mar 1856Holstein13 Jun 1871
Eberhard, Simon 13 Dec 1880Holstein13 Dec 1880
Edens, Claus 29 Oct 1867Holstein 
Edens, Claus Peter 4 Oct 1854Holstein 
Edens, Johann 4 Nov 1868Holstein 
Edens, Reimer 11 Dec 1863  
Effertz, Heinrich 5 Nov 1859Prussia 
Effertz, Peter 5 Nov 1859Prussia 
Egerer, Raimond  Austria19 Jun 1860
Ehlers, Hans Jacob 3 Nov 1873Germany 
Ehlers, John 10 Oct 1868Germany 
Ehrp, Jacob 3 Aug 1871Prussia 
Ehrp, Peter 3 Aug 1871Prussia 
Eichhorst, Max Hugo(Facts...)12 Feb 1927Germany 
Eichmann, AdolphFond Du Lac4 Nov 1856Germany17 Dec 1861
Eichmann, Henry 26 Oct 1876Prussia 
Eichmann, Hermann 28 Oct 1858Holstein 
Eichorn, Christian 2 Apr 1858Holstein 
Eikert, John 6 Nov 1871Mechlenburg 
Elmegreen, August 25 Feb 1861Schleswig 
Emmel, Christian 15 Dec 1880Prussia15 Dec 1880
Emmers, Theodore 26 Oct 1874Holland 
Endres, Nickolas 30 Oct 1865Prussia 
Engel, Albert 29 Oct 1878Prussia 
Engel, Ferdinand 16 Feb 1871Holstein 
Engel, Henry 27 Oct 1876Germany 
Engel, John Joseph 5 Apr 1858Prussia 
Engeler, Michael 30 Oct 1876Prussia 
Engling, Andreas 30 Oct 1876Prussia 
Erback, Carl Philip Walte 13 Feb 1873Prussia 
Erback, Charles Jr. 6 Nov 1888Germany 
Erhardt, Jacob 3 Nov 1884Austria 
Esser, Frederick 2 Nov 1868Prussia15 Dec 1870
Ester, Wm. 10 Dec 1879Prussia10 Dec 1879
Fahrbach, JohnWaukesha2 Nov 1852Baden 
Faldhausen, Detlef 30 Oct 1867Prussia 
Falk, Edward 1 Nov 1880Prussia 
Falk, Julian 21 Apr 1873Germany 
Fegger, Frederick 3 Nov 1866Hanover 
Feind, Edward 24 Jul 1871Hanover 
Feldt, AdolphBrown?7 Apr 1874Denmark14 Dec 1880
Feller, John 1 Nov 1878Prussia 
Feller, Peter 26 Oct 1876Germany 
Feltes, Jacob 4 Nov 1876Prussia 
Felzer/Zelzer, LouisOuta.26 Oct. 1888Germany 
Fenk, John 7 Jun 1880Switzerland 
Fenske, Martin 4 Nov 1876Prussia 
Ficher, Charles 3 Nov 1888Germany 
Fick/Zick, John 5 Nov 1876Germany 
Fieck, George H. 8 Nov 1870Hanover 
Fiedler, Augustus 22 Oct 1855Saxony 
Fiedler, John HenryWashington Co.20 Nov 1856Saxe-Altenburgh20 Nov 1856
Fiedler, Julius  Prussia18 Dec 1860
Finkenfloyd, HenryOuta Co.27 Oct 1852Prussia12 May 1857
Finneane, AndrewRensselaer Co., Ny14 Jun 1853Ireland16 Jun 1858
Finnegan, Patrick 30 Oct 1860Ireland 
Finnerty, Michael 27 Feb 1856Ireland 
Finucane, James ? 2 Apr 1859Ireland 
Firk, Wm. 7 Nov 1876Prussia 
Fisch, John 1 Nov 1865Prussia 
Fisch, Mathias 9 Jun 1862Prussia18 Jun 1867
Fisch, Michael 30 Oct 1865Prussia 
Fisch, Michael 9 Jun 1862Prussia 
Fischer, Anton 26 Oct 1864Austria 
Fitchner, Wester Henry 11 Jun 1850Holstein 
Fitzgerald, Bernard 9 Oct 1880Ireland 
Flack, Gottlieb 1 Nov 1873Prussia 
Flaherty, MichaelSheboygan Ireland9 Nov 1858
Flamang, Henry 3 Oct 1864Prussia 
Flemming, John 5 Nov 1860Luxemburg 
Flieger, Ernst 8 Nov 1870Prussia 
Flinn, John 7 Nov 1876Ireland 
Flood, James 21 Dec 1854Ireland 
Fluhr, Frederick 23 Mar 1878Germany 
Fluhr, Philipp 23 Mar 1878Germany 
Flynn, Edward 25 Oct 1872Canada 
Fochs, Anton 1 Nov 1892Germany 
Foelske, Leopold 21 Nov 1870Prussia 
Foertsch, George 16 Jan 1856Bavaria 
Forkin, JohnKent Co., Ri Ireland19 Jun 1860
Frahm, Hans 23 Oct 1868Prussia 
Frahm, John Peter 11 Apr 1881Holstein 
Frank, Nicholas 4 Nov 1859Prussia11 Dec 1865
Franzen, Hans 22 Mar 1870Holstein 
Franzen, Jacob 25 Jun 1852Prussia12 May 1857
Franzl, Robert 29 Mar 1879Prussia 
Frase, Michael 26 Oct 1868Prussia 
Freckels, Philip 4 Apr 1859Prussia 
Freeland, Frederick 4 Nov 1859Prussia 
Frels, Aug. F. 25 Oct 1880Schleswig 
Frenck/Freuck, Christian 12 Oct 1868Mechlenburg 
Frese, Bernard 29 Oct 1867Holstein 
Freund, John 6 Nov 1882Germany 
Freyer, Albert O.Saginaw, Mich.19 Feb 1887Germany 
Freyer, Daniel 8 Nov 1892Germany 
Friederichsen, D.R. 11 Jan 1856Schleswig-Holstein 
Frienzel, CarlOzaukee, Wi Prussia18 Jun 1860
Fritschka, JohnPrelim. D. Of I.16 Jun 1928Hungary 
Fuchs, Leopold 3 Nov 1856Prussia 
Fuchs, PeterFond Du Lac2 Oct 1868Prussia 
Fuessenick, Wm. 28 Mar 1854Prussia 
Fuhrmann, Robert D. 12 Oct 1868Prussia 
Funke, I.A. ErnestDodge Co.23 Oct 1867Schleswig-Holstein 
Furstenburg, John 3 Nov 1860Prussia 
Furstenburg, Lorenz 3 Nov 1860Prussia 
Galo, August 2 Nov 1876Prussia 
Gantenbein, HenryWashington Co. Switzerland9 Nov 1858
Gaubatz, Reinhard 10 Oct 1891Germany 
Gauche, James (Rev.) 6 Nov 1888Belgium 
Gebhart, Adam 4 Nov 1876Germany 
Geiger, Franz 1 Nov 1880Bavaria 
Gensmann, Carl C.F. 4 Apr 1881Germany 
Geppart, John 8 Nov 1892Germany 
Gercke, Henry 1 Nov 1880Holstein 
Gerhards, Petrus JohnMilwaukee1 Apr 1884Holland 
Gerhart, John 31 Mar 1879Germany 
Gerlach, Samuel 20 Oct 1874Germany 
Geshtes/Gesocte, August 13 Mar 1875Prussia 
Geupel, George(Facts...)24 Apr 1926Germany 
Gibson, JamesCalumet2 Nov 1856Ireland19 Jun 1860
Giesen, Crestian 12 Jan 1857Prussia 
Giesen, LorenzoCalumet3 NovPrussia9 May 1881
Gimalke, Johann
See Also Simalke
 1 Nov 1880Prussia 
Godor, Henry 17 Oct 1888Germany 
Goetsch, Carl Frederick Wm. 29 Oct 1872Germany 
Goffinet, John B. 30 Oct 1878Belgium 
Goggins, John 17 Mar 1854Ireland 
Goos, Claus 17 Feb 1899Germany 
Gosler/Kosler, Goerge 2 Nov 1872Austria 
Gottwald, August 2 Nov 1880Prussia 
Gramall, Ferdinand 1 Nov 1873Germany 
Grandy, DennisMilwaukee25 Mar 1850Ireland14 Nov 1859
Grantz, Peter 2 Nov 1872Holstein 
Gray, JamesRacine14 Oct 1856Scotland 
Gremmer, Henry(Facts...)30 Jun 1921Holland 
Grenzer, Robert 3 Nov 1876Prussia 
Greve, Claus  Schleswig19 Nov 1856
Greve, FrederickFond Du Lac15 Dec 1848Schleswig11 Dec 1877
Greve, Hans 2 Nov 1852Schleswig11 Dec 1877
Greve, Hans 5 Nov 1872Germany 
Greve, Henry 2 Nov 1868Germany9 May 1881
Greverus, Wm. 8 Nov 1870Oldenburg 
Griem, Wm.Fond Du Lac4 Jul 1848Hamburg12 Jan 1869
Grimm, John Jacob 5 Nov 1878Switzerland 
Gros, PeterFond Du Lac6 Aug 1848Prussia12 May 1857
Grothe, Carl 3 Apr 1877Germany 
Gruber, Conrad 1 Nov 1886Germany7 Jan 1884
Gruber, Michael 5 Nov 1881Germany 
Gruning, CharlesFond Du Lac15 Dec 1848Schleswig20 Nov 1855
Grutt, HenryMilwaukee3 Nov 1857Prussia28 May 1885
Gubka, Charles 9 Feb 1878Austria 
Gubke, Joseph 6 Apr 1869Austria19 Dec 1877
Guelff, Michael 2 Nov 1872Belgium 
Guldan, Joseph 2 Nov 1888Bohemia 
Gwiski, Wm. 5 Nov 1888Germany 
Haalck, JohnFond Du Lac1 Apr 1862Holstein13 Dec 1870
Haas, Henry 23 Oct 1868Prussia 
Haberland, Karl 4 Nov 1867Prussia 
Haberlin, Edward 23 Oct 1874Ireland 
Hack, Ferdinand 5 Aug 1871Prussia 
Hackbarth, Henry 23 Oct 1868Prussia 
Hackbarth, John 31 Oct 1873Prussia 
Hacker, Ferdinand 16 Sept 1854Hanover 
Hacker/Haker, John 23 Oct 1868Prussia 
Haerigs, Stephan 2 Nov 1872Germany 
Hage/Hoge, August 5 Nov 1872Germany 
Hageman, ChristianNiagara, Ny9 Apr 1858Hanover9 Nov 1875
Hahn, Robert 9 Jul 1890Germany 
Hahnel, Wilhelm 30 Jan 1884Germany 
Hahnemann, FrangettOzaukee Co.20 Oct 1856Saxony18 Dec 1860
Hahnert, Nicholas 18 Feb 1871Belgium 
Hajenga, Rudolph M. 2 Nov 1874Germany 
Haker/Hacker, Wm. 3 Nov 1884Germany 
Halbach, Jakob 3 Nov 1856Prussia 
Hale, August 1 Nov 1867Prussia 
Hambe, John 28 Oct 1876England 
Hammer, Franz Joseph 20 Mar 1858Austria 
Hammer, Mathias 4 Nov 1876Austria 
Hanel, Paul Wm. 10 Feb 1871Germany 
Hanert, Joseph 26 Oct 1859Belgium 
Hanke, Franz 5 Nov 1888Germany 
Hanke, Joseph 1 Nov 1880Prussia 
Hansen, AndrewWinnebago31 Oct 1874Denmark 
Hansen, August 28 Oct 1858Holstein 
Hansen, Johan Heinrich 26 Oct 1868Prussia 
Hansen, Johann Frederick 12 Oct 1868Prussia 
Hansen, John 3 Apr 1854Prussia 
Hansen, John H.G. 26 Oct 1870Schleswig 
Hansen, Jurgen 5 Oct 1868Prussia 
Hansen, Normen 6 Nov 1855Schleswig 
Hansgen/Hansfed, John 7 Nov 1854Holstein 
Hanske, Ernest Henry 3 Apr 1877Prussia 
Hanske, Ernst 5 Aug 1871Prussia 
Hanssen, Andr.Fond Do Lac15 Jan 1850Holstein10 Nov 1858
Harder, Claus 27 Jul 1852Schleswig 
Harder, Leonhard 10 Feb 1871Baden 
Harlow, James  Ireland10 Nov 1858
Harlow, James 7 Nov 1854Ireland12 Dec 1877
Hart, David P. 1 Nov 1859Canada 
Hart, George Alexander 3 Nov 1857Canada 
Hart, George W. 3 Nov 1857Canada 
Hart, Wm. D. 1 Nov 1859Canada 
Hartz, Thomas 3 Nov 1884Canada 
Harvee, Wm. 18 Nov 1865England 
Harvey, JohnMilwaukee31 Mar 1856England19 Jun 1861
Haselbauer, AntonSheboygan1 Nov 1870Austria15 May 1882
Haselbauer, Lorenz 2 Aug 1871BohemiaHaas, Henry
Hassmann, Claus I. 20 Jul 1854Holstein 
Haubrich, Martin 1 Oct 1888Prussia 
Hauler, John 8 Nov 1870Bavaria 
Hauptmand, Joseph 5 Aug 1871Austria 
Hauser, Mathias 4 Nov 1876Prussia 
Hauser, Michael 3 Oct 1876Austria 
Hauser, Michael 4 Nov 1876Prussia 
Hauser, Peter 4 Nov 1876Prussia 
Hausler, Christian5 Nov 1876Germany  
Hayenga, Peter 23 Oct 1868Germany 
Hayn, Julius 4 Apr 1881Germany 
Heap, John 22 Oct 1868England 
Heckel, Franz 9 Nov 1875Prussia 
Hederer, Wenzel 4 Nov 1870Austria 
Hedrich, Herman 4 Nov 1871Saxony22 May 1878
Hedrich, Oscar 8 Oct 1889Germany 
Hegman, Arno 4 Nov 1876Germany 
Heidle, Johan 2 Nov 1868Wirtenberg 
Heidtke, Herman 6 Nov 18882Germany 
Heilmann, ValentineFond Du Lac31 Jan 1854Prussia9 Nov 1874
Heiman, Constant 3 Nov 1873Prussia19 Dec 1876
Heiman, Constant 3 Nov 1863Prussia 
Heimann, Joseph 7 Nov 1854Silesia 
Heimermann, John Peter 2 Nov 1872Germany 
Heimlich, Charles 26 Oct 1874Germany 
Heimmermann, Anton 5 Apr 1858Prussia 
Hein, Peter 23 Sept 1865Prussia 
Heins, Charles D.G. 29 Aug 1855Holstein 
Heintze, John 30 Oct 1876Prussia 
Heiting, Barney 7 Nov 1892Holland 
Heiting, Henry 7 Nov 1892Holland 
Helgard/Hilgart, JacobJodaviess, Ill. Prussia19 Jun 1860
Heller, George 15 Feb 1871Saxony 
Helmer, Franz 28 Oct 1874Germany 
Helmke, Louis 2 Nov 1870Brunswick, Germany 
Helms, John 1 Nov 1873Prussia 
Helms, William 7 Nov 1876Oldenburg 
Hendricks, Math 7 Nov 1892Holland 
Henlar/Heular/Hanel, August 5 Aug 1871Holstein 
Henning, Claus JohannRacine Co. Holstein9 Nov 1858
Henning, John 17 Feb 1871Holstein 
Hennings, Marx 2 Aug 1871Holstein 
Hensen, Heinrich L. 7 Aug 1852Schleswig 
Henze, Ernest 29 Oct 1869Prussia 
Herber, Charles 2 Apr 1878Saxony 
Herberg, Hermann 4 Apr 1870Holstein10 Nov 1875
Herberg, John 22 Mar 1869Holstein 
Herker, August 7 Nov 1859Prussia 
Hermsen, Arnold 5 Nov 1876Germany 
Hertel, JohnSheboygan2 Nov 1872France 
Heus/Haus, Conrad 31 Oct 1864Prussia 
Heus, Winand 2 Nov 1872Germany 
Heuting/Huitink, John 26 Oct 1874Holland 
Heymer, Arno 4 Nov 1876Germany 
Hicken, George 29 May 1866England 
Hickey, John 30 Oct 1866Ireland 
Hiederer, MaxmilianSheboygan26 Feb 1859Austria12 Dec 1878
Hieman, Joseph 3 Nov 1863Germany 
Hierath, Joseph 1 Nov 1880Austria 
Higgins, Thomas  9 Aug 1851Ireland20 Nov 1856
Hilgers, MatthiasRacine26 Aug 1854Germany12 Jan 1869
Hill, Reinhard 10 Feb 1871Germany 
Hillmann, Charles D. 30 Oct 1858Prussia 
Hintz, August 24 Oct 1870Prussia 
Hintz, Joseph See Winz, Jos.    
Hintzmann, Frederick 2 Nov 1870Prussia 
Hinz, Richard 26 Mar 1887Germany 
Hipke, Charles Ludwig 6 Mar 1862Schleswig 
Hipke, Jacob 31 Mar 1856Holstein 
Hipke, Johann G. 29 Nov 1856Schleswig 
Hodorff, John 8 Nov 1870Holstein 
Hoekstra, Egbert 27 Oct 1902Holland 
Hoekstra, WilliamPrelim. D Of I.28 May 1927Germany 
Hoerth, Carl 30 Oct 1876Baden 
Hoffman, Henry 16 Apr 1855Switzerland22 Jun 1860
Hoffmann, Bernard 8 Oct 1900Germany 
Hoffmann, Johann Jacob 8 Mar 1852Switzerland 
Holick, Michael(Facts...)21 Feb 1925Czechoslovakia 
Hollaender, Johann 12 Oct 1868Germany 
Hollan, Barney M. 27 Dec 1854Ireland 
Hollan, Francis M. 27 Dec 1854Ireland 
Hollan, Lantz M. 27 Dec 1854Ireland 
Hollan, Thomas M. 27 Dec 1854Ireland 
Holst, Claus 18 Dec 1852Holstein 
Holst, EugenePrelim. D Of I14 May 1927Germany 
Holst, John Henry 5 Nov 1866Holstein 
Holst, Ludwig 4 Apr 1870Prussia 
Holthiesen, John F. 8 Nov 1853Germany 
Holtz, Charles 29 Aug 1855Prussia10 May 1859
Holz, Wm. 12 Apr 1873Germany 
Holznagel, August 26 Oct 1876Prussia 
Horn, ChristianPa, East Dist.21 Oct 1850Germany21 Jun 1869
Horn, Peter 3 Nov 1889Germany 
Hornhauer, Henry 2 Nov 1868Prussia 
Horst, Henry 4 Nov 1856Hesse-Darmstadt11 Nov 1865
Horst, John 5 Nov 1864Darmstadt11 Nov 1865
Hossett, Denis 3 Nov 1856Ireland 
Hostetter, Gottlieb 31 Oct 1876Prussia 
Hous, Franz 6 Nov 1855Schleswig-Holstein 
Huber, Peter 4 Nov 1876Wirtemburg, Germany 
Hubner, Julius 7 Nov 1892Germany 
Huebner, AugustOutagamie12 Oct 1867Prussia 
Huggins, Josiah 7 Oct 1863Is. Of Nevis, W.I.17 Dec 1877
Hughes, JohnFond Du Lac3 Nov 1856Ireland18 Dec 1860
Hughes, MichaelAlbany, Ny3 Jun 1851Ireland18 Dec 1860
Hughes, Patrick 3 Nov 1856Ireland18 Dec 1860
Hughs, George 3 Nov 1856Ireland 
Hugo, C.M. 26 Oct 1882Germany 
Huls, Heinrich 31 Oct 1872Holland 
Ivers, Jurgen 6 Nov 1896Holstein 
Iverson, Peter Christian 24 Oct 1874Schleswig 
Jackel/Jagels, Mathias 1 Nov 1850Prussia 
Jackson, John 3 Aug 1860England 
Jacobs, Charles 23 Oct 1872Sweden 
Jacobs, Frank 4 Nov 1876Prussia 
Jacobs, Franz/French 28 Oct 1868Austria 
Jacobs, John 15 Jun 1869Prussia 
Jacobs, Mathias 11 Jun 1868Prussia 
Jacobsen, Detlef 5 Nov 1859Holstein 
Jacobsen, FerdinandHudson Co., Ny9 Oct 1876Germany 
Jacobsen, Paul Julius 6 Nov 1876Schleswig 
Jaeger, Franz 8 Jan 1872Austria 
Jaekels/Jakels, Jacob 1 Nov 1865Germany11 Nov 1874
Jaekels/Jekels, Mathias 1 Nov 1870Prussia 
Jaekels, Nicholas 4 Nov 1876Prussia 
Jahnke, Ernst 1 Nov 1873Germany 
Jahr, Paulus 6 Nov 1865Prussia 
Jakels, John 4 Nov 1865Prussia 
Jakels, Peter 23 Oct 1868Prussia 
Janke, Frederick 1 Nov 1873Germany 
Jebe, Hans H. 2 Nov 1867Prussia 
Jens, Claus 29 Jun 1853Holstein 
Jens, Claus 2 Nov 1874Holstein 
Jens/Jans, Carsten 12 Oct 1868Prussia 
Jens, John 10 Oct 1868Denmark 
Jens, Karsten John 2 Nov 1868Prussia 
Jensen, August ChristianFond Do LacNov 1871Holstein17 Dec 1878
Jensen, Christopher 2 Nov 1876Denmark 
Jensen, Claus Detlef 30 Oct 1867Prussia 
Jensen, H.W. 5 Nov 1870Holstein 
Jensen, Hans Peter 23 Jul 1853Schleswig8 Nov 1858
Jensen, Hans Peter 18 Feb 1871Holstein 
Jensen, Jens 2 Nov 1876Denmark 
Jensen, Jens, Jr. 1 Oct 1873Denmark 
Jensen, John 7 Nov 1876Denmark 
Jensen, John Henry 17 Dec 1878Schleswig 
Jensen, John Henry 3 Nov 1873Germany 
Jensen, Otto 17 Dec 1878Holstein 
Jensen, Paul Chr. 11 Feb 1871Denmark 
Jenss, Adolph 26 Oct 1877Prussia 
Jess/Jehs, John 30 Apr 1852Holstein12 Dec 1864
Jesse, JohnWaukesha Co.3 Nov 1877Germany 
Jochimsen, Hans 10 Nov 1857Schleswig13 Dec 1878
Jodar, August 7 Oct 1870Germany 
Johansen, John August 3 Apr 1885Sweden 
Johnson, John 2 Nov 1868Denmark 
Johnson, Samuel 7 Nov 1876Denmark 
Jooss, Martin 4 Nov 1892Germany 
Joppe, August 7 Nov 1876Prussia 
Joppe, Franz 7 Nov 1876Prussia 
Joyce, James 3 Nov 1856Ireland 
Juergens, Henry Andreas 25 Sept 1871Holstein 
Julius, Peter H. 28 Mar 1879Hanover 
Julka, Franz 15 Dec 1874Bohemia 
Jurgen, Monds A. 10 Nov 1854Holstein 
Kabs/Kebs, Frederick 6 Nov 1871Prussia 
Kalwitz, Charles 17 Feb 1871Germany 
Kaminski, Fr. 1 Nov 1873Prussia 
Kamms, Charles 7 Nov 1865Mecklenburg 
Kamper, WilbertBrown1 Nov 1852Holland 
Kanter, PeterWaukesha6 Oct 1856Prussia13 Jan 1869
Kantz, August 10 Oct 1868Prussia 
Kaping, Christian 24 July 1854Mechlinburg 
Kargel, George H. 6 Nov 1860Holstein 
Karsten, Peter 12 Oct 1868Prussia 
Kartz/Kortz, Jacob 2 Nov 1854Holstein 
Kasten, Fred 6 Nov 1876Prussia 
Kastenholz, John 4 Apr 1859Prussia 
Kauffmann, Adolph 25 Oct 1851Hamburg 
Kautza, MathauMilwaukee Co.5 Apr 1859Prussia21 May 1877
Kees, Mathias 1 Nov 1865Prussia 
Kees, Mathias Sic. 1 Nov 1865Prussia 
Kell, August W.F. 28 Aug 1900Germany 
Keller, Henry 4 Apr 1859Switzerland 
Kelly, Michael 2 Nov 1863Ireland 
Kelly, Thomas 23 Oct 1874Ireland 
Kembes, Henry 9 Nov 1875Holland 
Kempf, Frank 26 Oct 1869Baden 
Kennedy, PatrickOneida Co., Ny27 Feb 1850Ireland14 Nov 1859
Keopf, Joseph 26 Sept 1888Germany 
Kepherd, Conrad 4 Nov 1856Barian 
Kersten, Henry 25 Sept 1871Prussia10 Nov 1874
Kersten, MathewOutagamie26 Oct 1868Prussia14 Dec 1870
Kersten, Peter 31 Dec 1867Prussia22 Jun 1870
Ketelsen, Nicholas V 22 Jul 1854Holstein 
Keuer, Charles 1 Nov 1876Mechlinburg-Schwerin 
Keuer, Henry 2 Nov 1870Prussia 
Keuler, Michael 5 Apr 1858Prussia 
Keuler, Peter 4 Dec 1870Prussia 
Keuntjes, John 31 Oct 1872Holland 
Key, Albert 4 Apr 1859Saxe Weimar15 Jun 1863
Kiel, Augustus 5 Nov 1859Holstein 
Kielgas, BernhardOutagmie10 Oct 1868Germany 
Kiesner, Ignatz 3 Nov 1874Germany 
Killeen, John 5 Nov 1855Ireland20 Jun 1865
Kilsool, John 10 Nov 1873Ireland 
Kima, Joseph 31 Oct 1892Germany 
Kind, Gottlieb 4 Nov 1872Germany 
Kircher, MichaelSheboygan16 Jun 1848Germany18 Dec 1860
Kirwan, John 31 Oct 1857Ireland 
Klassen/Classen, Claus Henry 6 Apr 1874Holstein 
Klassen, Peter 4 Oct 1892Germany 
Klauwitter, Michael 13 Nov 1865Prussia 
Klein, CharlesWyoming Co., Ny7 Mar 1854Belgium17 Dec 1860
Klein, GottlobFacts Of D Of I25 Jul 1925Germany 
Klein, Jacob 21 May 1852Prussia 
Klein, Peter Joseph 7 Nov 1864Prussia 
Kleinhanz, Franz 17 Feb 1871Germany 
Kleinous, Gottfried 4 Nov 1876Prussia 
Kleist, Claus 3 Nov 1860Holstein9 Nov 1874
Kleist, Henry Detlef 4 Apr 1861Holstein13 Dec 1865
Klemmer/Kleiman, Wm. 2 Nov 1876Germany 
Kleuk/Klauk, John 3 Nov 1884Germany 
Kloehn, Christian 26 Oct 1874Germany 
Kloking, John 7 Nov 1876Mechlinburg-Schwerin 
Kloppel, Joseph 21 Oct 1889Prussia12 Dec 1877
Kloppel, Peter 6 Apr 1859Prussia 
Kloppel, Stephen 21 Oct 1859Prussia 
Kloth, John 12 Apr 1856Holstein 
Kloth, John 16 Feb 1871Holstein 
Klotsch, Jacob 2 Jun 1871Prussia 
Klug, August 2 Nov 1870Prussia 
Klug, Edward 2 Nov 1870Prussia 
Knaak, Kazmierz 5 Nov 1874Germany 
Knabe, Friedrich 6 Nov 1855Saxe-Weimar 
Knecht, Carl Leiv 17 Feb 1871Germany 
Knitter, Louis 7 Nov 1892Germany 
Kobriger/Kobackel, Lorenz 13 Jun 1856Bavaria 
Kobriger, Lorenz 4 Apr 1859Bavaria 
Kobriger, Philipp 5 Nov 1860Bavaria 
Kocher, Anton 15 Apr 1858Austria 
Koehler, Frank Joseph 28 Oct 1892Austria 
Koehler, Franz 4 Nov 1876Prussia 
Koehler, Joseph 7 Nov 1876Germany 
Koehler, Wenzel 4 Nov 1876Austria 
Koehn, Otto(Facts...)27 Jan 1927Germany 
Koenke, August 5 Aug 1871Prussia 
Kohl, John 3 Nov 1868Prussia, Germany 
Kohler, Joseph 7 Nov 1854Silesia11 Dec 1865
Kolbe, Joseph 3 Nov 1863Prussia 
Kolbe, Robert 3 Nov 1865Germany19 Dec 1876
Kolbeck, Wolfgang 4 Apr 1881Austria 
Koltermann, August(Facts...)10 Feb 1928Germany 
Korn, Michael 5 Aug 1871Austria 
Kornstaed, Hermann 3 Nov 1884Germany 
Korten, Wm. 8 Jan 1851Prussia 
Kose, Henry 6 Nov 1860Mecklenburg 
Kosler, George 2 Nov 1872Austria 
Kotter, Johann 23 Oct 1868Prussia 
Kouer, John 5 Aug 1871Mechlinburg 
Kovacs, Lojos(Facts...)24 Jun 1926  
Krainke, Carl 30 Jul 1870Prussia 
Kramer, Hans J. 5 Apr 1870Holstein 
Kramer, John 23 Feb 1865Holstein 
Kramer, William 8 Oct 1890Germany 
Kratz, Leopold 1 Sept 1871Germany 
Kraus, Franz Joseph 22 Oct 1880Austria 
Kraus, HubertFond Du Lac18 Jun 1849Prussia21 May 1877
Krause, Herman 6 Aug 1877Austria 
Krause/Kreuze, Carl 22 Oct 1857Prussia 
Krause, MatthiasBrown1 Feb 1849Prussia12 May 1857
Krause, Theodore 2 Apr 1867Prussia 
Krautkremer, Peter 3 Nov 1859Prussia 
Krebsbach, Anton 12 Oct 1868Prussia 
Krebsbach, John Joseph 5 Apr 1858Prussia 
Krebser, Heinrich 20 Feb 1855Switzerland18 Dec 1860
Krebser, Jacob 20 Feb 1855Switzerland 
Kreimann, Heinrich 12 Oct 1868Mecklenburg 
Kreimann, John 4 Feb 1860Mecklenburg 
Kreimann, Wm. 5 Aug 1871Mecklenburg 
Kreimin, Fritz 4 Feb 1860Mecklenburg 
Krempin, Charles 30 Oct 1866Schwerin 
Kreshglier, Anton 19 Jul 1852Prussia 
Krespien, Rudolph 28 Oct 1850Holstein 
Kroenke, Claus J. 4 Nov 1870Holstein 
Krohnke, Henry C. 7 Nov 1854Holstein10 Nov 1873
Kroll, Henry 6 Nov 1888Germany 
Kronke, Peter 6 Apr 1868Prussia 
Kros, Peter 1 Jun 1859Prussia 
Krostag, August 10 Feb 1871Germany 
Krueger, Frederick 2 Nov 1870Prussia 
Krueger, Johann 29 Oct 1869Mecklenburg 
Kruger, Carl 30 Aug 1875Prussia 
Krupp, John 6 Nov 1876Prussia 
Krupp, JohnMilwaukee Co.24 Mar 1847Prussia18 Jun 1860
Kruse, Bace John 17 Jul 1852Holstein 
Kruse, Frederick 2 Nov 1870Prussia7 Oct 1890
Kuchel, Adolph 23 Oct 1890Austria 
Kuchenbecker, Carl 8 Nov 1870Prussia 
Kuehn, Hermann 13 Mar 1894Germany 
Kuetz, Albert 26 Oct 1876Brunswick 
Kuhl, Christian F. 18 Jul 1852Holstein 
Kuhl, John 1 Nov 1874Prussia 
Kuhlmann, John Henry Nicholas 4 Nov 1873Germany 
Kuhr, Claus 23 Oct 1868Prussia 
Kuloski, JohnWinnebago5 Nov 1867Prussia9 Nov 1875
Kunz, LouisMilwaukee Co.8 Oct 1868Prussia 
Kurtz, George Wm., Jr. 10 Oct 1868Prussia 
Kuster, Wm. 2 Nov 1888Switzerland 
Kutzer, Anton 2 Nov 1860Austria 
Kutzer, Norbert 5 Apr 1858Austria 
Labetzke, Paul See Sabetzke    
Labitsky, David 2 Nov 1874Germany 
Labonte, Anton 20 Oct 1850Prussia 
Lackerman, AndrewSheboygan16 Apr 1859Bavaria15 Dec 1863
Lacroix, Henry 26 Oct 1859Belgium 
Lacroix, John N. 4 Nov 1892France 
Lacroix, Peter 4 Nov 1892France 
Lacroix, Peter 19 Oct 1859Belgium 
Ladding, August 30 Oct 1876Germany 
Ladenschlager, August 7 Nov 1870Saxe-Weimar 
Lafrentz, F.H. 1 Mar 1859Holstein 
Lahrsen, Jurgen 12 Jan 1853Holstein 
Laman, Peter 5 Apr 1858Prussia 
Lamberg/Lemburg, Fred. 3 Nov 1870Schleswig 
Lamm, Ernest 7 Nov 1876Germany 
Lammel, Andrew 3 Nov 1859Bavaria 
Lange, Henry 23 Oct 1855Prussia 
Lange, John 23 Oct 1855Prussia19 Jun 1860
Lange, Wm. 9 Apr 1889Germany 
Langemak, Peter 12 Oct 1868Prussia 
Langemak, Peter 20 Jul 1854Holstein 
Langemann, August Frederick(Facts...)18 Aug 1925Germany 
Langendorf/Levensdorf, Geo. Frank 3 Nov 1874Germany 
Lapland, John B. 30 Sept 1858Canada 
Larsen, Christ 1 Nov 1884Denmark 
Larson, C.F. 6 Nov 1888Sweden 
Larson, L.P. 6 Nov 1888Sweden 
Lattler/Lettler, Joseph 1 Nov 1880Baden 
Lau, ClausFond Du Lac11 Feb 1850Denmark19 Nov 1856
Lau/Law, Hans Jacob 24 Oct 1867Prussia 
Lauer, Mathias 4 Nov 1876Prussia 
Lauer, Peter 28 Oct 1865Prussia 
Lausen, Claus 16 Feb 1871Schleswig 
Lausen, Detleff 28 Oct 1867Schleswig 
Lausen, Detleff 10 Oct 1868Prussia 
Lausen, Felix 8 Nov 1859Canada 
Lausen, George 10 Oct 1868Denmark 
Lausen, H.A. 30 Oct 1880Germany 
Lausen, Peter 28 Oct 1867Schleswig 
Lehner, Jacob 24 Mar 1852Wurtemburg 
Leipzig, Peter 4 Nov 1882Germany 
Leitner, Engelbert 23 Feb 1858Austria 
Leitner, Martin 26 Oct 1864Austria 
Leitner, Wenzel 30 Oct 1855Austria 
Lemetz, John 23 Oct 1868Mecklenburg 
Lemke, Charles 8 Nov 1859Mecklenburg 
Lenkel, Jacob 2 Nov 1870Bavaria 
Lenz, Anton 21 Jun 1880Bohemia 
Lenz, Joseph 14 Nov 1856Prussia 
Lenz, Lambert 21 Jun 1880Bohemia 
Lenz, Raimond 4 Nov 1873Germany 
Lenz, Wenzel 4 Nov 1873Germany 
Leske, Joseph 4 Nov 1876Germany 
Leviseur, Otto 27 Oct 1868Prussia 
Levknecht, Christian 3 Nov 1868Germany13 Dec 1880
Ley, John 3 Nov 1860Bavaria 
Leybold/Seibelt, Joseph 20 Oct 1858Prussia 
Licenger, Jacob 5 Nov 1872Switzerland 
Limber, George Ludwig 11 Oct 1871Prussia 
Lindblom, OscarDavis Co., Kan18 Apr 1870Sweden21 May 1878
Lindemann, August 4 Oct 1854Prussia 
Lindemann, Martin 31 Mar 1856Prussia 
Lindemann, William 8 Nov 1870Prussia 
Lindemuth, WilhelmManitowoc Co.7 Nov 1854Sachsen-Altenburg19 Jun 1865
Linden, Peter JosephFond Du Lac12 Jun 1848Prussia12 May 1857
Lindner, Max 5 Nov 1888Germany 
Lindner, Michael 13 May 1873Germany 
Lindow, August 1 Nov 1870Prussia 
Lindow, Gustav 26 Oct 1874Germany 
Lindow/Lunds, FredrickFond Du Lac1 Nov 1856Prussia13 Jan 1869
Lindow, Wilhelm 5 Nov 1876Germany 
Lintz/Linz, RaymondFond Du Lac3 Jan 1855Germany19 Jun 1860
Lippold, NicholausManitowoc1 May 1856Prussia19 Jun 1860
Lisowe/Lischewe, Jacob 4 May 1858Prussia 
Lisowe, StephenSiskiyou, Cal.22 May 1862Germany12 Dec 1865
Lissack, Johann 12 Oct 1868Prussia 
Lithge, Robert 18 Mar 1861Prussia 
Locher, Johann JosephMilwaukee Co.30 Apr 1855Prussia17 Dec 1860
Lodes, RaymondFond Du Lac3 Jan 1855Germany19 Jun 1860
Loerke, Lorenz 1 Nov 1880Prussia28 May 1883
Lofer, CarlMilwaukee Co.23 Oct 1856Prussia12 Jan 1869
Lohse, Henry 29 Oct 1867Holstein 
Lohse, Jurgen 12 Oct 1868Prussia 
Longworth, JohnBrown Co.13 Aug 1855England 
Loos, John 12 Oct 1868Hesse, Germany 
Loose, Henry 1868Germany9 Nov 1874
Lorentzen, Christian H. 5 Nov 1860Schleswick 
Lorentzen, HansWinnebago2 Apr 1856Germany9 Nov 1874
Lorenz, Leonhard 21 Mar 1866Luxemburg, Germany 
Loscher, John G. 2 Sept 1852Prussia 
Lotes/Lodes, Anton 1 Apr 1871Austria 
Lowenhagen. Lorenz 3 Dec 1855Holstein 
Luchow, ChristianWaukesha5 Nov 1859Prussia12 Jan 1869
Luchow, HermanWaukesha7 Nov 1859Prussia12 Jan 1869
Luchow, WilliamWaukesha1 Nov 1878Prussia12 Jan 1869
Ludtke, Carl 1 Nov 1870Germany 
Ludwig, Albert 10 Oct 1890Germany 
Luebbe, John H. 24 Oct 1884Germany 
Luecker, George 4 Apr 1881Germany 
Luecker, Jacob 4 Apr 1881Germany 
Luedeke, Charles 26 Oct 1876Hanover 
Luethge, August 25 Oct 1876Holstein 
Luethge, August 1 Nov 1870Prussia 
Luethge, Jacob 1 Nov 1870Prussia 
Luethge, Paul 10 Feb 1871Germany 
Luettner, Albert 3 Nov 1888Holland 
Luhn, Adam 7 Nov 1854Saxe-Weimar20 Jun 1860
Luhn, John 18 Sept 1860Saxe-Weimar 
Luhn, John Adam 5 May 1855Prussia 
Luhr, John Nichlaus 26 Mar 1861Holstein 
Luhr/Liehr, John Niklaus 26 Mar 1861Holstein15 Dec 1870
Luhr, Peter Henry 5 Nov 1859Holstein 
Luneburg, Fritz 2 Nov 1874Germany 
Luneburg, Henry 28 Oct 1867Mechlinburg-Schwerin 
Luniak, Wenzel 3 Nov 1876Austria 
Lutge, Ferdinand F.A. 6 Mar 1885Prussia 

Indez A-Z 1851-92+ compiled in 1982 by Marian Gould, Assistant Reference Librarian, ARC, UW-Green Bay from loose papers deposited in that library. Other records in bound volumes are not included in this index.

Transcribed by: Amy Kistner

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