Calumet County, Wisconsin Genealogy & History

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Calumet County Naturalizations - Declarations of Intent
of Intent
Country of OriginPetition/
Maas, Carl 1 Nov 1876Prussia 
Maas, Frank 7 Oct 1889Germany 
Maas, Wm. 3 Nov 1874Germany 
Machlett, Henry 31 Oct 1876Saxe-Coburg-Gotha 
Madler, Frederick 2 Apr 1858Hesse Darmstadt 
Madler, John 2 Apr 1858Hesse-Darmstadt 
Maenz, Nicholas 1 Nov 1876Prussia 
Maenz, Peter 1 Nov 1876Prussia 
Magalski, Jan 1 Nov 1880Poland 
Mahlberg, Joseph 1 Nov 1869Prussia 
Mahlich, Franz 7 Nov 1854Silesia 
Mahneke, Chas. A. 1 Apr 1878Germany15 May 1882
Maier, Franz JosefWinnebago22 Oct 1856Germany15 Nov 1859
Maile, George 23 Oct 1868Prussia 
Mainz, John 2 Nov 1870Prussia 
Mainz, NicholasCalumet1 Nov 1876Germany21 May 1878
Makoske, John 7 Nov 1876Prussia 
Makosky, Martin 1 Nov 1873Prussia 
Mangan, Patrick 21 Oct 1868Ireland 
Mangan, RichardMilwaukee11 May 1850Ireland10 Nov 1858
Mangan, William 4 Nov 1862Ireland14 Nov 1871
Manke, Friedrich 11 Nov 1875Prussia 
Markwardt, John 31 Mar 1877Prussia 
Martin, Louis 31 Mar 1873Germany 
Martin, William 30 Oct 1876Saxe-Gotha 
Martini, Christian Fr.Milwaukee7 Mar 1894Germany 
Marx, Jacob 5 Oct 1868Prussia11 Dec 1878
Marx, Jakob 25 Oct 1869Prussia 
Marx, Joseph 1 Nov 1870Prussia19 Dec 1876
Marx, NicholasCalumet Germany22 May 1878
Marx, Nicolas 23 Oct 1868Prussia 
Marx, Nicolaus 1 Nov 1870Prussia21 Dec 1877
Marx, Philip 26 Oct 1876Germany 
Marygold, JohnSheboygan9 Jan 1858England9 Nov 1858
Mass, Herman 1 Nov 1880Prussia 
Mass/Maass, C.F.W. 16 May 1876Prussia 
Masser, John 28 Oct 1858Austria 
Massman, John 30 Jun 1880Holstein 
Massmann, Claus I/J 20 Jul 1854Holstein20 Jun 1864
Matsen, Frederic 25 Aug 1852Schleswig 
Matthiesen, Claus 29 Oct 1866Schleswig21 Jun 1870
Matthiesen, Heinrich 1 Nov 1867Prussia7 Jan 1884
Maurer, Matthias 1 Nov 1865Prussia 
Maurer, Nicholas 13 Dec 1876Germany 
Mayda, See Woyda    
Mayer, Joseph 2 Nov 1888Austria 
Mayer, Michael 7 Nov 1864Prussia 
Mccoale, John 27 Oct 1868Ireland 
Mcdonough, JohnWatertown10 Mar 1856Ireland19 Dec 1860
Mcfadden, PateickMass.18 Dec 1854Ireland19 Jun 1860
Mchugh, Patrick 15 Aug 1865Ireland 
Mckenny, James 1 Apr 1869Ireland 
Mckenny, John 20 Jun 1865Ireland 
Mckenny, Patrick 25 Oct 1876Ireland 
Mcmahon, Hugh 4 Nov 1862Ireland 
Mcmahon, John 2 Apr 1859Ireland 
Mcmanamin, Bernard 31 Oct 1876Ireland 
Mcmullen, William V. 4 Nov 1857Canada 
Mcmullen, Wm. V. 4 Nov 1867Canada 
Meeler, John 19 May 1879Holstein19 May 1879
Meetz, August 2 Nov 1888Germany 
Meggers, Andreas 18 Dec 1852Schleswig 
Mehlberg, See Muhlberg    
Mehn, MatthiasWaukesha27 Oct 1868Prussia 
Meiburg, John 29 Oct 1867Holstein 
Meier, Charles 25 Oct 1876Baden, Germany 
Meier, Henrich 4 Nov 1856Holstein 
Meier, Johan 13 Nov 1865Prussia 
Meier, Johann 13 Nov 1861Prussia 
Meier, Johann J. 1 Dec 1853Prussia 
Meier, Karl 25 Oct 1876Baden16 May 1882
Meinert, Claus 10 Oct 1856Holstein 
Meinert, Peter 10 Oct 1868Denmark 
Meisel, Karl 5 Nov 1866Baden 
Meiselwitz, Gottfried 5 Aug 1871Prussia 
Melchoir, Math 24 Oct 1884Germany 
Meldau, Ernst 22 Oct 1879Hanover 
Menig, Charles 27 Oct 1874Germany 
Menke, ClausSheboygan10 Apr 1852Oldenburg14 Dec 1869
Menke, Fred 4 Aug 1876Oldenburg 
Menke, Henrich 19 Oct 1869Oldenburg 
Merz, Louis 4 Nov 1876Prussia 
Metge, August 1 Oct 1900Germany 
Mettge, Charles 22 Oct 1870Brunswick 
Metz, Johann 28 Oct 1873Bavaria 
Metzger, JohnTerr. Wis.28 Jan 1848Hesse-Darmstadt15 Nov 1859
Meyer, Charles 10 Nov 1880Prussia 
Meyer, Christian 12 Oct 1868Mecklenburg 
Meyer, Christian 10 Feb 1871Germany 
Meyer, Friedrich 5 Nov 1878Bavaria 
Meyer, John 1 Nov 1865Prussia 
Meyer, Louis 26 Sept 1868Mecklenburg-Schwerin 
Meyers, Frederick 7 Nov 1859Hanover 
Michake, John 7 Nov 1876Prussia 
Michalske, John 1 Dec 1878Prussia 
Michalske, Stephen 1 Nov 1878Prussia 
Mick, Ernst Frederick 3 Nov 1874Germany 
Mielke, Michael 26 Oct 1868Prussia 
Mielke, Michael 26 Oct 1868Prussia 
Miesen, Anton 9 Dec 1879Prussia9 Dec 1879
Miesen, Joseph 7 Nov 1876Prussia 
Milke, John 23 Oct 1868Prussia 
Miller, Benjamin 5 Nov 1872Germany 
Miller, Blasius 1 Nov 1869Prussia 
Miller, John 10 Oct 1868Denmark 
Miller, Mathias 13 Jun 1861France 
Minaghan, John 7 Nov 1865Ireland 
Minaghan, Wm. B.Fond Du Lac3 Nov 1860Ireland 
Minke, Henry 3 Nov 1859Prussia 
Minten, NicholasOutagamie16 Mar 1872Holland 
Mirs, JohnWatertown16 Mar 1854Hamburg13 Dec 1864
Mitchell, Wm. 28 Jan. 1868Ireland 
Moehrke, Gustav 3 Nov 1873Germany 
Moehrke, Wilhelm 26 Oct 1880Prussia 
Moeldner, Paul R.(Facts...)19 Dec 1925Hamburg, Germany 
Moeller, Claus 29 Oct 1869Prussia 
Moeller, Hans 16 Feb 1871Prussia 
Moeller, Henry A.Sheboygan4 Jun 1851Holstein19 Nov 1856
Moeller, Peter 4 Nov 1870Holstein 
Moesker, T.G. 4 Apr 1870Prussia 
Mohr, Claus 2 Nov 1874Holstein 
Mohrhusen, HenryOzaukee5 Apr 1859Oldenburg, Germany21 July 1869
Mohrwinkel, John 5 Nov 1866Holstein 
Mohrwinkel, Michael 7 Nov 1854Holstein 
Molitor, Nicholas 9 July 1880Prussia 
Moller, John H.M. 19 July 1858Denmark16 Jun 1863
Moloney, Patrick 7 Oct 1865Ireland 
Mooney, EdwardOzaukee5 Nov 1867Canada21 Jun 1870
Mortimer, EmanuelDodge6 Jun 1848England13 Jan 1868
Moser, John 28 Oct 1858Austria 
Moser, Joseph 5 Nov 1859Hungary 
Moulton, Robert 13 May 1856Ireland 
Moyda, See Woyda    
Mueller, Anton 3 Nov 1874Germany 
Mueller, Henry Germany16 May 1881 
Mueller, Henry 1 Nov 1880Prussia 
Mueller, John 7 Nov 1888Germany 
Mueller, John 5 Nov 1888Germany 
Mueller, John P. 4 Mar 1876Prussia 
Mueller, Josef(Facts...)11 Dec 1925Germany 
Mueller/Moller, Andreas 5 Aug 1871Schleswig 
Mueller/Moller, Hans 5 Aug 1871Schleswig 
Mueller, Sigmund 1 Nov 1876Prussia 
Mueller, StephenNassau29 Oct 1872Germany 
Muenster, Adolph 8 Apr 1889Germany 
Muhdel, Henry 4 Nov 1873Holstein 
Muhdel, John 10 Nov 1875Holstein 
Muhlberg, Joseph 1 Nov 1869Prussia 
Muhlcahy, Wm. 1 Nov 1852Ireland11 Nov 1858
Mulcahy, TimothyMilwaukeeNov 1850Ireland9 Nov 1858
Mullenbach, Mathias 10 Oct 1850Prussia 
Muller, August 2 Apr 1859Prussia 
Muller, Charles 2 Apr 1859Prussia 
Muller, JohannMilwaukee7 Dec 1850Germany15 Nov 1859
Muller, Josef 1 Nov 1880Prussia 
Muller, Joseph 22 Nov 1879Austria 
Muller, Joseph 5 Oct 1892Germany 
Muller, Karl 4 Nov 1876Austria 
Muller, Peter 5 Apr 1858Prussia 
Muller, Wendelin 3 Nov 1876Bohemia 
Multerr, Alexander 2 Nov 1867Bavaria 
Mumm, Peter 2 Apr 1859Prussia 
Mumm, Wm. 10 Nov 1872Germany 
Munker, Frederick 1 Nov 1869Germany 
Munker, Hyronimus 1 Nov 1869Germany 
Munster, Johann 7 May 1859Holstein 
Murphy, John 2 Nov 1863Ireland 
Nadler, Andreas 8 Nov 1870Austria 
Nadler, Joseph 5 Apr 1858Austria 
Nagele, John G.Sheboygan19 Apr 1873Germany22 May 1878
Nanns, John 5 Nov 1859Holstein 
Napper, AbelCauyga Co., Ny7 Oct 1850Gt. Britain16 Dec 1861
Naubaur, Raymond 30 Oct 1855Austria 
Neiwirth, Gregor 28 Oct 1858Austria 
Nellessen, EgidiusTerr. Wis.22 Feb 1847Prussia20 Nov 1856
Nelsen, Hans 3 Nov 1884Denmark 
Nelsen, Hans/Claus 3 Nov 1884Denmark 
Nett, Philip 2 Nov 1872Germany 
Nettekoven, John 1 Nov 1880Prussia13 Dec 1880
Neubert, Paulus 2 Nov 1868Biren (Bayern?), Germany 
Neugabauer, LeoPortage6 Apr 1875Austria 
Neuhaus, Heinrich 26 Oct 1874Germany 
Neumann, August 3 Nov 1884Germany 
Neumann, Friedrich 12 Oct 1868Prussia 
Neumann, Michael Carl 8 Nov 1892Germany 
Nicholas, JacobBuffalo, Ny17 Apr 1861Luxemburg21 Jun 1870
Nicholson, GeorgeLivingston Co., Ky28 Aug 1849Ireland13 Dec 1876
Nickalson, Thomas 6 Nov 1855Ireland 
Nickel, JohnFond Du Lac1 Nov 1872Prussia 
Nickelson, Wm. 1 Nov 1855Ireland13 Dec 1876
Nickolai, Nicholas 15 Dec 1863Belgium 
Nicolai, StephanOntonagon, Mi13 Apr 1855Prussia12 Dec 1877
Nieding, CharlesNew York City13 Oct 1863Prussia13 Jan 1869
Nielsen, Hans F. 3 Nov 1884Denmakr 
Nielsen, Poul 7 Nov 1876Denmark 
Niemockl, Englbert 5 Nov 1866Austria 
Nierle, Anton 7 Nov 1876Prussia 
Nilles, Joseph 4 Nov 1876Prussia 
Nisler, August 7 Nov 1854Prussia 
Noack, Charles 2 Nov 1870Prussia 
Nolan, JamesSheboygan10 Jun 1852IrelandUndated (Incomplete?)
Nolan, Wm. 5 Nov 1855Ireland9 Nov 1858
Nommensen, Bernhard 16 Feb 1871Schleswig 
Noon, John 30 Oct 1858Ireland 
Nootnagel, Jacob Chas. Fred. 6 Mar 1865Brunswick 
Noss, Henry 6 Nov 1888Germany 
Noth, Albert 3 Nov 1884Germany 
Noworatsky, Franz 7 May 1877Bohemia 
Noworatsky, Joseph 21 May 1877Bohemia 
Nuber, Charles 26 May 1865Prussia 
Nugent, Edward H. 4 Nov 1857Canada 
Nunnier, Matthias 26 Oct 1876Canada 
O'brien, PatrickMassachusetts28 Feb 1852Ireland11 Dec 1877
O'brien, Patrick 3 Apr 1877Ireland 
O'donnell, James 3 Apr 1869Ireland 
O'hern, Owen 17 Mar 1860Ireland20 Jun 1865
O'neill, John 1 Dec 1852Ireland18 Dec 1877
Oberg, Dierk 6 Nov 1852Holstein 
Obermeyer, ConradFond Du Lac15 Dec 1848Germany22 Jun 1860
Obermeyer, John 28 Oct 1874Germany17 Dec 1878
Obermeyer, Wm.Fond Du Lac15 Dec 1848Hanover22 Jun 1860
Oelerich, John Fred. 5 Oct 1868Prussia 
Oesan, ClausFond Du Lac15 Dec 1858Holstein20 Nov 1855
Oesir, John Jacob 13 Nov 1874Germany 
Ohlsen, Peter 4 Apr 1881Denmark 
Olbrick, Frank 1 Nov 1880Prussia 
Olbrick, John 1 Nov 1880Prussia 
Olbrick, Julius 1 Nov 1880Prussia 
Oldenburg, Peter 23 Oct 1868Denmark 
Oldenburg, Wilhelm 18 Feb 1871Holstein 
Olivier, John 12 Nov 1875Alsace, Germany
(Formerly France)
21 May 1877
Olm, August 2 Apr 1859Prussia 
Opper, Peter 29 Oct 1869Hesse-Darmstadt 
Ortlieb, MatthiasWis. Terr.31 Jul 1847Baden19 Nov 1856
Ostenberg, HenryWinnebago2 Nov 1876Prussia 
Ostenfeldt, Ferdinand 15 Jun 1853Holstein1 Jun 1860
Ostermann, John 29 Oct 1869Holstein 
Ott, Johann 27 Oct 1868Prussia 
Ott, John 3 Nov 1874Germany 
Owens, James 5 Nov 1855Ireland 
Padlowski, Jan 4 Nov 1876Prussia 
Pagel, Charles 31 Oct 1872Germany 
Pagel, Friedrick 31 Oct 1872Germany 
Pagel, John 4 Nov 1872Germany 
Pantenburg, Leonard 5 Nov 1855Prussia 
Parmann, George 6 Nov 1882Germany 
Parmer, Charles 26 Oct 1874Germany 
Passehl, Henry 2 Nov 1880Germany 
Paul, Christian 5 Oct 1870Prussia 
Paulsen, AugustFond Du Lac15 Dec 1848Holstein17 Dec 1860
Paulsen, Ebe/Aba 16 Feb 1871Schleswig 
Paulsen, Ernest 16 Oct 1850Holstein 
Paulsen, Herman 2 Nov 1868Prussia 
Paulsen, John Jacob 12 Oct 1868Prussia 
Paulsen, John 4 Apr 1874Schleswig 
Paulsen, Wm.Fond Du Lac15 Dec 1855Holstein21 Nov 1855
Pauly, John JosephFond Du Lac15 Dec 1855Holstein21 Nov 1855
Pergande, Wm. 23 Oct 1868Prussia 
Persohn, KarlWaukesha3 Nov 1857Prussia13 Dec 1876
Persohn, Wm. 1 Nov 1867Prussia10 Dec 1878
Peter, Ferdinand 6 Nov 1882Germany 
Peters, Gerhard 26 Oct 1874Germany 
Peters, Henry 7 Oct 1889Germany 
Peters, Herman 13 Oct 1856Holstein 
Peters, John 17 July 1852Holstein 
Peters, Mathias Oct 1872Germany 
Peters, Rudolph 10 Apr 1893Germany 
Petersen, Casper H.M.Milwaukee29 Dec 1851Denmark20 Jun 1870
Petersen, Christian 29 Oct 1866Schleswig 
Petersen, Henry A.C. 4 Apr 1870Holstein12 Dec 1878
Petersen, Henry 25 Feb 1885Germany 
Petersen, Peter 2 Nov 1874Schleswig 
Peterson, Christian 3 Nov 1876Denmark 
Pethan, Johann E. 4 Nov 1876Hanover 
Petherick, Gladys Mary(Prelim.)10 Jan. 1928England 
Petherick, Wm. B.(Prelim.)27 May 1927England 
Pfeffer, Lorenz 18 Feb 1852Prussia 
Pfister, AndrewMilwaukee25 Mar 1847Bavaria11 Dec 1865
Pfister, John 3 Nov 1863Bavaria27 Dec 1876
Pfund, Wm.Dodge Co.27 Nov 1860Wurtemberg9 Nov 1874
Philipp, Peter 2 Nov 1876Germany 
Philippi, Peter 1 Nov 1870Prussia 
Philippi, Peter 1 Nov 1865Prussia 
Phillips, John 4 Nov 1865Prussia 
Pickel, Cornelius 1 Nov 1872Germany 
Pickel, John Christoph 17 Jul 1852Schleswig 
Piehl, Frederick 26 Oct 1874Germany 
Piehl, Henry 6 Nov 1882Germany 
Piehl, Wm. 26 Oct 1874Germany 
Pilling, John G.F.Washington26 Oct 1849Prussia18 Dec 1860
Pingel, Christian 25 Mar 1867Mecklenburg 
Pingel, Friedrich 4 Nov 1856Mecklenburg27 Dec 1876
Pinkert, Adolph 4 Nov 1865Saxony 
Piper, HenryFond Du Lac15 Dec 1848Germany19 Nov 1856
Pirsig, Karl 2 Aug 1871Prussia 
Planz, JohnOutagamie12 Jul 1860Hesse Darmstadt21 May 1877
Plapper, Henry 26 Mar 1872Germany 
Plate, Albert 5 Nov 1876Germany 
Plate, Daniel 3 Nov 1871Prussia 
Plathner, Otto 4 Nov 1876Hanover 
Platzke, Wm. 3 Nov 1870Prussia 
Plett, Claus F. 27 Jul 1852Schleswig 
Plewe, Wm. A.E.(Facts...)17 Jul 1926Germany 
Ploenk, Wm. 5 Aug 1871Prussia 
Plunkett, Peter L. 7 May 1859Ireland10 May 1859
Plutz, Joseph 7 Nov 1892Germany 
Pohl, Emil 20 Oct 1870Prussia 
Pohl, George 14 Nov 1856Prussia 
Pohley, John 2 Apr 1867Saxony 
Polege, Juius 6 Nov 1882Germany 
Ponath, Hermann 20 Apr 1881Prussia 
Poole, Wm. 6 Nov 1860England 
Popp, Claus 8 Nov 1853Holstein 
Popp, Engelbert 30 Oct 1855Austria 
Popp, John 5 Nov 1870Prussia 
Portman, Joseph 5 Nov 1859Switzerland 
Portz, Christian 5 Nov 1859Prussia 
Powell, Abram 6 Feb 1871Canada13 Dec 1876
Powell, Jacob 6 Feb 1871Canada 
Prager, Ludwig 2 Nov 1870Prussia 
Prahl, Albert 24 Oct 1868Prussia 
Preisner, George 31 Oct 1855Prussia18 Dec 1860
Presig, Karl 2 Aug 1871Prussia10 Nov 1873
Probsen, Mathias 30 Oct 1880Prussia 
Probst, Jacob 1 Oct 1888Bavaria 
Probst, John 30 Oct 1876Alsace, Germany9 May 1881
Prosch, Carl 2 Nov 1874Germany 
Prull, Alfred(Facts...)11 May 1925Germany 
Pruss, Friedrich 29 Oct 1869Holstein8 Jan 1884
Prust, August 5 Nov 1876Germany 
Puchner, Julius 17 Oct 1850Wirtemburg 
Puchner, RudolphErie Co., Ny7 Sept 1849Wurtemburg19 Nov 1856
Puetz, John 1 Nov 1872Germany 
Pufahl, Julius 4 Nov 1876Prussia 
Pung, Jacob 26 Oct 1869Prussia 
Pung, John Joseph 26 Oct 1869Prussia 
Pung, Peter 3 Nov 1879Prussia 
Rach, Nicholas 21 Oct 1859Belgium 
Raddatz, Julius 26 Oct 1872Germany 
Radtke, Edward 26 Oct 1874Germahy 
Radtke, Wm. 26 Oct 1874Germany 
Rahn, Claus Friedrich 30 Oct 1867Prussia 
Rahn, Hans 14 Aug 1856Holstein 
Ramike, Jurgen Dittmer 27 Oct 1874Holstein 
Ramm, Asmus 1 Apr 1861Schleswig-Holstein 
Raschke, Wm. 31 Oct. 1892Germany 
Reamer, Frederick 24 Oct 1868Prussia 
Reblitz, George 24 Mar 1851Bavaria 
Reckling, J.F. 5 Nov 1878Germany 
Redl, JosephMilwaukee25 Oct 1855Bavaria15 Nov 1859
Ree, Ferdinand 6 Sept 1854Denmark18 Jun 1860
Reed, James 31 Mar 1873Ireland21 Dec 1876
Rehfeldt, Charles 4 Nov 1867Prussia 
Rehm, John 6 Oct 1902Germany 
Reich, Charles G. 30 Oct 1866Prussia12 Jan 1869
Reich, Gottlob 23 Oct 1855Prussia 
Reichwald, Frederick 12 Oct 1868Prussia 
Reid, Michael 18 Oct 1880Ireland 
Reiland, John 24 Sept 1875France 
Reim, Reinhold 4 Nov 1867Prussia 
Reimer, George 29 Oct 1867Holstein 
Reimer, Wm. 2 Nov 1874Germany 
Reimers, Hans 29 Oct 1867Holstein 
Reimers, Hans 20 Mar 1856Holstein 
Reinhard, John W. 8 Jan 1851Prussia 
Reinhold, Claus 7 Aug 1852Holstein 
Reinholdt, Claus H. 3 Aug 1854Holstein 
Reininger, Banjamin 31 Oct 1884Germany 
Reininger, Remig 30 Oct 1884Germany 
Reinkover, Albert 30 Oct 1851Germany 
Reinl, Anton 30 Oct 1851Austria 
Reinl/Rentl, Joseph 4 Nov 1870Austria 
Reiss, Jacob 31 Oct 1872Germany 
Reiss, Peter 31 Oct 1872Germany13 Dec 1879
Reiter, Johan 4 Nov 1865Prussia 
Reiter, Peter 23 Oct 1868Prussia 
Reiter, Peter 4 Nov 1865Prussia 
Reser/Riser, John 5 Aug 1871Switzerland 
Retzlaff, Frederick 1 Nov 1880Prussia 
Retzlaff, Wm. 7 Nov 1876Prussia 
Retzlaff, Wm. 1 Nov 1880Prussia 
Retzloff, Charles 25 Feb 1879Prussia 
Reuter, John 1 Nov 1870Prussia 
Reuter, John 10 Feb 1871Holstein 
Reuting, NicholasFond Du Lac15 Dec 1848Hesse20 Jun 1860
Richert, Herbert Arthur(Facts...)20 May 1926Poland 
Richert, Otto Rudolph(Facts...)24 May 1926Poland 
Richter, Otto 6 Nov 1882Germany 
Ricker, Jacob 26 Oct 1876Nassau, Germany 
Rieckrih, John 30 Oct 1866Hesse-Darmstadt 
Riedel, F.W. 28 Oct 1890Germany 
Riederl, Fredrick Wm. 5 Nov 1866Saxe-Altenburg 
Rietz, Ernest Leo 25 July 1859Prussia17 Jun 1868
Rikofsky, Joseph 7 Nov 1876Prussia 
Ritter, Franz 4 Nov 1876Prussia 
Ritz, Joyn F. 10 Feb 1871Schleswig 
Ritzke, Albert 4 Oct 1892Germany 
Ritzke, Franz 2 Nov 1857Prussia 
Ritzke, John 3 Nov 1874Germany 
Ritzke, Joseph 4 Oct 1892Germany 
Roach, EdmondCook Co., Ill.1 Apr 1854Ireland18 Dec 1860
Rodenbach, Tjark 23 Mar 1867Holstein 
Roecker,Albert 11 Apr 1895Prussia 
Roecker, Wm. F. 13 Apr 1887Germany 
Roeder, Barthelmy 19 Oct 1859France 
Roeder, Nicolas 19 Oct 1859France 
Roemer, Nicholas 3 Apr 1877Germany 
Roesler, Joseph 4 Nov 1875Germany 
Roevert, Christian 29 Oct 1872Germany 
Roh, Detlef 11 Mar 1859Schleswig 
Rohde, Jacob 4 Nov 1867Prussia 
Rollins, Charles Hill 15 Sept 1874Canada 
Rollins, Charles Hill 15 Sept 1874Indiana21 May 1878
Rollman, Mathias 5 Apr 1858Prussia 
Rollmann, Peter 2 Nov 1872Germany 
Romann, Frederick 27 Oct 1874Germany 
Rooney, MichaelWaukesha29 Oct 1858Ireland10 Jun 1872
Rose, Wilhalm(Facts...)16 Jul 1926Germany 
Rosenwald, George 21 Apr 1925Germany 
Ross, Simon 1 Nov 1873Germany 
Rossmann, Hans Boy 4 Apr 1870Holstein 
Rothans, JosephFond Du Lac18 Aug 1847Prussia18 Dec 1860
Rother, Richard(Facts...)13 Oct 1927Germany 
Rothfock, John Henry 17 Feb 1871Holstein 
Rotig/Retig, AntonWaukesha5 Nov 1856Austria14 Dec 1869
Rott, Anton 5 Nov 1892Austria 
Rott, Jopseh 24 Nov 1874Bohemia 
Rouloff/Rofloff, Joachim 8 Nov 1859Mecklenberg-Schwerin13 Jan 1868
Rowells, Richard 21 Sept 1860Wales 
Ruck, Ludwig 27 Jun 1855Bavaria 
Runsley, Wm. 6 Nov 1882Germany 
Runte, TheoSheboygan Germany19 Dec 1877/1878
Rupperthal, Henry F. 12 Oct 1868Prussia 
Rupperthal, Jacob 12 Oct 1868Prussia 
Rupperthal, Peter 12 Oct 1868Prussia 
Rusch, Andrew 2 Nov 1870Switzerland 
Russen, Matts 2 Nov 1876Denmark 
Ryan, EdwardHamilton Co., Ohio10 Jan 1855Ireland 
Sabetzke, Paul(Prelim.)Dec 1926Germany 
Sabotka/Sobotka, MaxMilwaukee2 Jan 1854Bohemia17 Dec 1860
Saft, Frederick 21 Apr 1860Sachsen Meiningen 
Sage, Michael 16 Dec 1852Ireland 
Sagehorn, Herman 29 JulGermany 
Salterbeck, Hans 6 Jul 1874Germany 
Sanger, Gottlieb 3 Oct 1874Germany 
Sass, Jorgen F. 17 July 1852Holstein 
Schaack, HenryMarquette1 Nov 1856Holland18 May 1880
Schaaf, John 24 Nov 1851Prussia20 Nov 1856
Schaar, Diederich 1 Nov 1880Germany 
Schaar, Henry 5 Nov 1888Germany 
Schaar, John Jacob 4 Apr 1870Holstein 
Schaar, Peter 2 Nov 1874Germany 
Schaar, Peter Henry 16 Feb 1871Holstein 
Schaar, Roie 16 Feb 1871Holstein 
Schabel, JohnSheboygan12 Oct 1866Hesse Cassel20 May 1878
Schader, Herman 31 Mar 1883Germany 
Schaefer, Carl 23 Oct 1900Germany 
Schaefer, John G. 23 Oct 1900Germany 
Schafer, ValentineMilwaukee20 May 1851Bavaria8 Nov 1858
Schaffer, August 6 Mar 1865Prussia 
Schaffer, John M.Ontonagon, Mich.14 Jan 1868Prussia 
Schaffer, Theodore 23 Sept 1870Prussia 
Schartner, Henry 3 Nov 1884Austria 
Schefer, Kaspar 17 Oct 1864Bavaria 
Schicker, Anton 8 Nov 1870Austria 
Schicker, Anton 7 Nov 1876Germany 
Schicker, Michael 18 Feb 1871Austria 
Schidzyk, Adam 4 Nov 1876Prussia 
Schiereck, August 1 Apr 1873Germany 
Schildhauer, Detlef 5 Nov 1859Holstein 
Schildhauer, Peter 13 Jun 1864Schleswig13 Dec 1870
Schildhauer, Peter 13 Jun 1854Schleswig 
Schildthauer, Joachim 20 Nov 1852Schleswig21 Jun 1869
Schilz, Mathias 25 Oct 1869Prussia 
Schinke, Wm. 1 Nov 1873Prussia 
Schippmann, Peter 23 Mar 1867Holstein 
Schizdyk, John 4 Nov 1876Prussia 
Schizdyk/Schidzyk, Albert 4 Nov 1876Prussia 
Schlafcki, John 4 Nov 1876Prussia 
Schleier, August 3 Feb 1872Bavaria 
Schleier, P. August 3 Feb 1872Bavaria13 Dec 1876
Schleip, EugenMilwaukee3 Sept 1884Germany 
Schleyer, GeorgMilwaukee27 Oct 1875Germany10 Dec 1878
Schluchter, Jakob 17 Feb 1871Germany 
Schluchter, Kaspar 17 Feb 1871Germany 
Schmalz, Nicholas 31 Oct 1868Germany10 Nov 1873
Schmeyser, Ferdinand 22 Oct 1855Prussia16 Dec 1862
Schmid, Franz 23 Feb 1858Austria 
Schmidt, Jacob 18 Dec 1854Holstein21 June 1870
Schmidt, Johann 21 Jul 1856Austria 
Schmidt, John 24 Oct 1896Germany 
Schmidt, Louis(Facts...)24 Jun 1926  
Schmidt, Matthias 23 Jan 1855Denmark 
Schmidt, Melchior 3 Nov 1859Hessen 
Schmidt, Willie 4 Oct 1905Germany 
Schmitt, Peter 23 Oct 1868Prussia9 Jun 1874
Schmitz, Joseph 23 Oct 1868Prussia 
Schmitz, Peter 25 Jun 1852Prussia12 May 1857
Schneider, John 7 Oct 1889Germany 
Schneider, Ludwig 4 Apr 1881Germany 
Schneider, Sylvester 4 Apr 1881Germany 
Schnell, Adam 5 Jun 1877Germany 
Schnell, Frederick 30 Oct 1877Holstein 
Schnell, John Fred. Wm. 1 Apr 1873Germany21 May 1877
Schnikarad, Mathias 1 Nov 1876Prussia 
Schnoor, August 2 Nov 1871Schleswig 
Schnur, John 2 Nov 1874Schleswig 
Schnurr, AntonManitowoc28 Oct 1868Bohemia 
Schoen, John 7 Nov 1870Austria 
Scholz, Gottlieb 26 Oct 1874Germany 
Schon, Herman 1 Nov 1878Germany 
Schott, Franz 17 Sept 1868Austria 
Schrader, Fritz 1 Nov 1867Prussia 
Schram, Frank 6 Nov 1879Austria 
Schrankel, Alois 4 Nov 1870Prussia 
Schreck, Michael 26 Oct 1864Austria 
Schreiber, Nikolaus 3 Nov 1859Bavaria 
Schrein/Seiner, Adelbert 20 Mar 1858Austria 
Schreiner, Michael 4 Nov 1876Prussia 
Schreiner, Michael 30 Oct 1865Prussia 
Schreiner, Nicholas 4 Nov 1876Germany 
Schroder, F.M. 1 Nov 1864Schleswig-Holstein 
Schroder, Joh. 8 Oct 1852Holstein 
Schroder, Jurgen H.Milwaukee3 Nov 1857Schleswig-Holstein18 Jun 1860
Schroder, Karsten 20 Aug 1852Holstein 
Schroeder, Christian 5 Nov 1866Mecklenburg-Schwerin 
Schroeder, Claus 1 Nov 1867Prussia 
Schroeder, Ferdinand 31 Mar 1877Prussia 
Schroeder, John 31 Mar 1877Prussia 
Schubert, JohnSheboygan12 Mar 1862Prussia12 Jan 1869
Schubring, August 11 Apr 1893Germany 
Schuch, Jos.(Prelim.)22 Jun 1928Austria 
Schuester, Conrad 23 Oct 1868Prussia 
Schuler, Gottlob 1 Nov 1873Germany 
Schuler, Gottlob 1 Nov 1873Germany 
Schuler, Johan Gottlieb 16 Oct 1872Wirtemburg 
Schuler, John 1 Nov 1873Germany 
Schultz, Frederick 4 Nov 1865Prussia 
Schulz, John Emil 1 Nov 1882Germany 
Schumacher, Charles 30 Oct 1876Belgium 
Schumacher, Jacob 21 Oct 1859Belgium 
Schussen, Bartholomaus 2 Nov 1868Austria 
Schuster, Christian 20 Dec 1862Switzerland 
Schuster, John 4 Nov 1856Switzerland 
Schwalbach, George   18 Jun 1860
Schwalbach, John 3 Nov 1866Hesse-Darmstadt 
Schwalenberg, Anton 4 Nov 1870Hanover 
Schwanke, John 6 Nov 1865Prussia 
Schwarz, Christian F. 23 Jul 1852Holstein18 Jun 1860
Schwarz, John 11 Oct 1884Germany 
Schwarz, Valentin 23 Oct 1868Prussia 
Schwatz, George 1 Nov 1880Germany 
Schweitzrt, Philipp 30 Oct 1876Prussia 
Schwerdt, Nicholas Wm.Fond Du Lac1 Nov 1856Germany18 Jun 1860
Schwerzler, Benedict 27 Oct 1890Germany 
Schydzik, Jan 4 Nov 1876Prussia 
Scott, John 25 Dec 1868England 
Sea, NicholasFond Du Lac24 Sept 1849Prussia12 May 1857
Sebelien, George 23 Oct 1868Denmark 
Sebelien, Hans 22 Oct 1853Holstein 
Sebelien, John Christian 2 Mar 1865Holstein 
Sedlar, Wm. 4 Nov 1876Prussia 
See, John 29 Oct 1872Germany 
Segrist, Jacob 5 Apr 1859Switzerland 
Seichter, Dominicus 7 Nov 1854Silesia 
Seirgring/Seir, August/Albert 6 Nov 1888Germany 
Selk, Christian 31 Mar 1879Mechlenburg 
Selk, Henry 5 Aug 1871Germany 
Sell, Christian F. 7 Aug 1852Denmark, Holstein 
Sell, Jochim Fredrick 19 Dec 1861Holstein 
Sell, Jurgen 20 Dec 1861Holstein 
Severin, Henry 11 Oct 1869Holstein15 Jun 1875
Severin, Jacob 12 Oct 1868Prussia 
Seward, Christian 11 Dec 1877Prussia 
Seybold, LeonhardWaukesha28 Oct 1858Wurtemburg13 Jan 1869
Shanahan, Cornelius 15 Dec 1852Ireland 
Shmitz, Andrew 5 Apr 1858Prussia 
Shulz, JosephMilwaukee23 Oct 1854Prussia 
Shuster, Christen 4 Nov 1856Switzerland 
Shweitzer, Philipp 30 Oct 1876Prussia 
Siebert, Ludwig 2 Apr 1858Hesse-Darmstadt 
Sieling, Anton 10 Feb 1871Germany 
Sieling, Heinrich Wick 18 Feb 1871Germany 
Siemsen, John 8 Nov 1870Holstein 
Siemsen, Martin 4 Nov 1876Holstein 
Siemsen, Martin 4 Nov 1876Holstein12 Dec 1881
Sierks, Martin 1 Aug 1851Schleswig-Holstein18 Jun 1863
Sievers, Claus 5 Aug 1871Schleswig 
Sievers, Jurgen 7 Aug 1852Schleswig 
Sievers, Peter 3 Jun 185318 Jun 1860 
Sievert, August 4 Apr 1859Prussia 
Simalke, John 1 Nov 1880Prussia 
Simon, Aristide 7 Nov 1876Belgium 
Simund, Migel 4 Nov 1876Prussia 
Skahn, PatrickMilwaukee30 Mar 1850Ireland11 Jun 1872
Skinner, David 22 Oct 1852Scotland 
Smit, John 3 Nov 1857Germany 
Smith, Philip 31 Oct 1876Ireland 
Somerhalder, RobertOutagamie Co.30 Oct 1868Switzerland 
Sonnabend, Hans Peters 23 Jul 1852Holstein 
Sonntag, Gottfried 4 Nov 1857Prussia 
Sonntag, Graugott 24 Apr 1861Prussia 
Sontag, Friedrich 23 Apr 1861Prussia 
Sorenzen, Jacob H. 10 Nov 1857Holstein 
Speck, Hans 7 Nov 1854Schleswig 
Speck, Peter Jacob 5 Nov 1860Schleswick 
Spillcke, Caesar 10 Feb 1871Germany 
Sprague, Samuel P. 2 Nov 1857Canada West 
Staab, JohnWaukesha6 Nov 1860Prussia12 Jan 1869
Staegemann, Christoph 7 Nov 1870Prussia 
Stafeldt, Henry 6 Nov 1888Germany 
Stahl, Cyriack 22 May 1877Germany 
Stahl, George 22 May 1877Germany 
Stahrfeld, Claus Friderrig 4 Nov 1871Holstein 
Stanelle, Gottlieb 1 Nov 1867Prussia 
Stanger, Christopf Nov 1878Germany 
Starfeld, John Henry 4 Nov 1871Holstein 
Starr, Lucas F. 3 Apr 1894Canada 
Stecker, Frederick 5 Nov 1870Prussia 
Steinbach, JohnWaukesha3 Apr 1857Hesse Darmstadt11 Dec 1877
Steinback, Hans 11 Apr 1861Holstein 
Steiner, Anton 17 Feb 1871Austria 
Steinko, Michael 10 Oct 1884Germany 
Steinwand, Ignaz 28 Oct 1868Wurtemburg 
Steinward, Ambrose 12 Oct 1868Wurtemburg 
Stelzer, Jacob 24 Jun 1871Darmstadt 
Stenz, Joseph 5 Nov 1860Prussia 
Steudel, GeorgeJefferson6 Nov 1871Germany 
Steuhrik, Theis A. Wm. 26 Oct 1870Holstein 
Stock, Frank 5 Nov 1870Germany 
Stouve/Steudre, Jochim 26 Jul 1852Schleswig 
Strack, Steffan 3 Nov 1864Prussia 
Strasser, Leopold 30 Oct 1869Bohemia15 Jun 1875
Strouck, John 7 Feb 1867Schleswig 
Struck, Jorgen 25 Nov 1852Schleswig 
Struck, Karl E. 28 Feb 1893Germany 
Strucks, John Philip 14 Jun 1869Prussia 
Stuck, Detlef, Jr. 6 Nov 1888Germany 
Stuck, Detlef, Sr. 6 Nov 1888Germany 
Stueber, August 26 Oct 1876Prussia 
Stueven, Henry 7 Nov 1876Holstein 
Stuhrk, Theis A. Wilhelm 26 Oct 1870Holstein 
Stumpenhorst, Anton 11 Feb 1871Germany13 Dec 1880
Styche, Charles 6 Nov 1860England 
Suel, C. Frederick 24 Oct 1884Germany 
Suel, Henry 5 Nov 1870Holstein 
Suh, Philip 23 Oct 1868Prussia 
Suhr, George(Union Army, Civil War) Germany9 May1881
Sundermann, Josef(Prelim.)27 Sept 1926Germany 
Suttner, John 1 Nov 1869Germany 
Swenson, Orren 1 Jun 1877Norway 
Sy, August 1 Apr 1859Prussia 
Sylvester, Hans R.G.(Prelim.)3 Sept 1926Germany 
Syring, Theodor 31 Oct 1884Germany 
Tagge, Hinerick Fr. 17 Mar 1856Holstein 
Tams, Jurgen 9 Dec 1852Schleswig 
Tannessen, John 7 Nov 1892Germany 
Tasch, Nick(Prelim.)18 Jul 1928Jugoslavia 
Taull, Wenzel 8 Nov 1870Bohemia 
Temke, John 22 May 1878Germany22 May 1878
Temming, Gerhard 31 Oct 1872Germany 
Ternes, Peter 4 Nov 1876Germany 
Teuahel, Thomas 4 Nov 1860Ireland 
Teuber, Frank 4 Nov 1856Prussia 
Thade/Thude, Michael 31 Mar 1856Holstein 
Thauser, Gottfreid 31 Oct 1888Germany 
Thedens, Claus 29 Oct 1866Holstein 
Thedens, Frederick 16 Feb 1871Holstein 
Thedens, John 4 Jul 1850Holstein19 Nov 1856
Thedens, Reimer 14 Jul 1854Holstein 
Theierl, Lorenz 4 Nov 1876Austria 
Theisen, JosephDakota Terr.21 Jan 1868Prussia21 May 1877
Ther, Matthias 3 Apr 1854Prussia 
Theyerl, Gregor 4 Nov 1876Austria 
Thiel, Andrew 11 Mar 1887Germany 
Thiel, Claus John 4 Nov 1871Holstein 
Thiel, Hans 12 Oct 1868Prussia 
Thiel, Henry 8 Nov 1870Holstein 
Thiel, John 16 Jun 1862Prussia 
Thiel, John 4 Nov 1876Prussia 
Thiel, Peter 16 Jun 1862Prussia 
Thiel, Peter Henry 4 Nov 1867Prussia 
Thiemel, Franz 1 Nov 1880Prussia 
Thiessen, Claus Henrich 5 Oct 1868Prussia19 May 1879
Thiessen, Mathias 20 Oct 1852Holstein 
Thiessen, Peter 12 Oct 1868Prussia 
Thiessen, Thies 12 Oct 1868Holstein22 May 1878
Thiessenberner, Claus 8 Nov 1870Prussia 
Thill, Peter 8 Oct 1890Belgium 
Thode, Joachim 20 Mar 1856Schleswig10 Dec 1877
Thomas, Henry 1 Apr 1859Prussia14 Dec 1869
Thomas, Joseph 26 Oct 1859Belgium 
Thomas, Nicholas 26 Oct 1869Prussia 
Thomas, PeterErie Co., Ny22 Nov 1850Belgium15 Dec 1863
Thomas, Peter 27 Oct 1863Prussia 
Thomas, Philip 1 Apr 1859Prussia 
Thompson, John 28 Oct 1876Ireland 
Thomsen, Hans Frederick 1 Feb 1860Holstein 
Thomsen, Matthias 26 Feb 1870Prussia16 May 1876
Thomsen, Matthias 26 Feb 1870Prussia 
Thomsen, Thomas 4 Nov 1872Canada 
Thou, Georg 2 Nov 1870Prussia 
Thude, Jorgen 7 Nov 1854Holstein 
Thurkow, Wm. 24 Jul 1854Mecklenburg 
Thurmann, Fred 6 Nov 1876Prussia 
Thyerl, Anton 1 Nov 1876Prussia 
Tiedemann, Christian 28 Oct 1856Holstein 
Tiedemann, Christian 30 Oct 1867Prussia 
Tiedemann, Ehler 28 Oct 1856Holstein 
Tiedgens, John 10 Oct 1867Prussia20 Jun 1870
Tiedjens, Claus 8 Nov 1853Holstein10 May 1859
Tiedjens, John 10 Oct 1867Prussia 
Tiel, MathiasDist., Wis.4 Nov 1856Prussia9 June 1874
Timm, FerdinandWaukesha26 Oct 1858Prussia12 Jan 1869
Timm, GiesbertFond Du Lac15 Dec 1848Schleswig19 Nov 1856
Timm, John HenryWaukesha3 Nov 1856Prussia14 Dec 1869
Timm, Jurgen 23 Oct 1868Prussia 
Timm, Peter H. 4 Aug 1876Prussia 
Tischendorf, Christian 22 Oct 1857Prussia 
Toder, Ludwig 10 Jul 1875Germany 
Toll, J.G.F. 16 May 1876Prussia 
Towne, Christoph 27 Oct 1855Prussia 
Traxler, John 3 Nov 1888Austria 
Trede, Jurgen 3 Aug 1854Holstein 
Tremel, Joseph 23 Oct 1868Bavaria21 Dec 1876
Treptow, Wm. C. 2 Apr 1881Prussia 
Trever, Henry 28 Mar 1874England 
Trever, Joseph 12 Mar 1873England 
Trever, Joseph H. 12 Mar 1873England19 Dec 1876
Trever, Wm. M. 8 Nov 1870England 
Turba, AntonSheboygan7 Apr 1859Austria10 Dec 1878
Turba, Florian 8 Nov 1870Austria 
Turber, Frank Joseph 8 Nov 1870Austria 
Ullenbruch, Ellen(Facts...)20 Jul 1925Germany 
Van Der Loop, William 26 Oct 1874Holland 
Van Der Putten, Theodore Adrianus(Prelim.)30 Apr 1927Netherlands 
Van Der Thannen, ThomasDane25 Jul 1872Austria13 Dec 1876
Van Osten, Henry 4 Nov 1876Holstein 
Van Vorst, HenryMenominee, Mich.15 Aug 1870Germany9 May 1881
Veers, ErnestFond Du Lac15 Dec 1848Holstein15 Jun 1863
Venk/Verk, Stephen 6 Oct 1851Prussia12 May 1857
Verkylen, John 15 Dec 1880Holland 
Vogt, Joseph 5 Nov 1892Germany 
Vollertsen, Charles 30 Mar 1874Schleswig 
Vollman, Frederick 4 Nov 1898Canada 
Vollstedt, Nicolaus 2 Nov 1868Prussia9 May 1881
Volquarts, HenryFond Du Lac26 Jul 1848Schleswig20 Jun 1864
Voss, JohnNew York City13 Jul 1860Holstein19 Jun 1866
Vrocht, Barney 2 Nov 1874Holland 
Wade, Owen 2 Apr 1866Ireland 
Waegan, Otto 29 Jul 1889Austria 
Wagenknecht, August 31 Mar 1877Prussia 
Wagenknecht, Ferdinand 31 Mar 1877Prussia 
Wagner, MichaelSheboygan31 Oct 1868Belgium 
Wagner, NicholasFond Du Lac21 Aug 1849Prussia12 May 1857
Wait, Austin 17 Oct 1851Canada 
Wait, George R.(Civil War Vet.) Canada9 May 1881
Wait, Hiram 3 Nov 1857Canada 
Walch, John AndrewSheboygan17 Jul 1848Germany18 Dec 1860
Waldbillig, NicholasWaukesha2 Nov 1857Prussia12 Dec 1877
Walsh, Gilbert Howard(Prelim.)25 Sept 1926Canada 
Walther, Christopher(Prelim.)18 Jul 1927Germany 
Wanner, Samuel 5 Nov 1859Switzerland 
Warren, MichaelBroome Co., Ny28 May 1852Ireland19 Jun 1860
Warren, ThomasDodge Co.3 Nov 1856Ireland20 Jun 1865
Weber, Albert 26 Oct 1874Germany 
Weber, Christopher 9 Dec 1852Schleswig 
Weber, Johann 22 Dec 1854Mechlenburg 
Weber, John Jos. 19 Jul 1852Prussia 
Weber, P. 2 Nov 1865Prussia 
Weber, P. Jos. 5 Apr 1858Prussia19 Jun 1860
Webster, John F. 4 Nov 1892England 
Weeks, Arthur 3 Oct 1855England21 Jun 1870
Weeks, ThomasCayuga Co., Ny8 Feb 1850England21 Jun 1870
Weeks, Wm.Outagamie27 Oct 1854England18 Jun 1860
Weiburg, Reimer 6 Nov 1876Holstein 
Weick, Frederick 1 Nov 1876Germany 
Weigert, Wm. 5 Nov 1876Germany 
Weins, Johann 24 Oct 1872Germany 
Weins, John 24 Oct 1872Germany22 Dec 1876
Weins, John P. 31 Oct 1874Germany22 Dec 1876
Weissgerber, Robert 23 Oct 1877Germany 
Welker, Henry 10 Feb 1871Germany 
Wellhofer, Juhn(Facts...)23 Apr 1925Germany 
Wendell, Frederick 3 Nov 1896Prussia 
Wendiger, John 26 Oct 1876Prussia 
Wendler, Ferdinand 1 Nov 1880Prussia 
Wenig, Wenzel(Prelim. Form Missing)   
Wenn, Richard 4 Oct 1865Canada 
Westefeld, GustavOutagamie6 Nov 1871Prussia 
Westphalen, Hans Jacob 3 Nov 1856Holstein 
Westphalen, John 13 Jan 1855Denmark, Holstein 
Westphalen, Theis 3 Nov 1860Holstein 
Wettstein, Carl 11 Apr 1888Austria 
Wettstein, Frank 15 Apr 1891Austria 
Wettstein, Joseph 7 Oct 1890Germany 
Wettstein, JosephFond Du Lac22 Sept. 1855Austria18 Dec 1860
Wettstein, Steph. 2 Nov 1892Germany 
Wetzel, ConradAllen Co., In22 Mar 1869Baden 
Whalen, Michael 28 Oct 1858Ireland 
Whitby, Richard 20 Mar 1866England 
Whitby, Wm. 8 Dec 1879England9 Dec 1879
Wichmann, Frederick 2 Oct 1858Prussia 
Wichmann, John 8 Oct 1889Germany 
Wick, JohnMilwaukee20 Apr 1848Baden20 Nov 1856
Wick, Mathias 6 Nov 1882Germany 
Wickmann, Christoph 25 Nov 1861Prussia 
Wiegand, Frederick 3 Nov 1884Germany 
Wiegert, Julius 30 Mar 1874Germany 
Wiesbretah, Jacob 22 Oct 1855Prussia18 Dec 1860
Wiesbretah, Jacob, Jr. 18 Dec 1860Prussia18 Dec 1860
Wiese, JohnFond Du Lac1 Nov 1872Switzerland9 Jan 1884
Wieting, Carl 4 Nov 1876Mechlenburg 
Wieting, JohnNiagara, Ny28 Apr 1855Mechlenburg20 May 1879
Wiggers, Henry 4 Apr 1870Holstein 
Wiggers, Michael 4 Nov 1872Holstein 
Wiley, Wm. H. 1 Nov 1880Canada 
Wilkens, Fredrick 1 Nov 1858Germany 
Windermeister, Jacob 20 Feb 1855Switzerland 
Wingers, Mathias 31 Mar 1858Prussia16 Jun 1863
Winkel, Mathias Jos. 6 Nov 1851Prussia 
Winkler, AugustBrown1 Mar 1889Prussia 
Winkler, Jacob 27 Feb 1861Prussia 
Winkler, Robert 3 Nov 1890Germany 
Winter, Ardavan J. 29 Aug 1855Canada 
Winter, Gustav 12 Apr 1892Germany 
Winter, PeterFond Du Lac25 Mar 1850Holland 
Winter, Thomas 12 Oct 1859England18 May 1880
Winter, Valentine 21 Oct 1859Luxemburg 
Winz/Hintz, Joseph 1 Apr 1872Prussia 
Wirth, Jacob 28 Oct 1874Germany 
Wismer, Emil Henry(Prelim. Form Missing)   
Witt, NicholasFond Du Lac15 Dec 1848Holstein19 Dec 1860
Woelfel, JohannMilwaukee16 Dec 1859Bavaria26 Dec 1876
Wohlenberg, Hans 6 Nov 1876Holstein 
Wojejcinski, Martin 4 Nov 1876Prussia 
Wolff, August 24 Apr 1880Prussia 
Woyda/Mayda, John 1 Mar 1873Prussia 
Wriedt, Franz 5 Nov 1859Holstein 
Wriedt, John 4 Oct 1854Holstein 
Wurdinger, Engelbert 7 Jul 1874Austria 
Yerichow, Gustav 6 Nov 1876Prussia 
Zahn, Carl 18 May 1876Germany 
Zapp, Henry 11 Oct 1850Mecklenburg21 Jun 1870
Zenk, Wm. 29 Dec 1892Germany 
Zepnick, Joseph 25 Feb 1882Austria 
Zick, Charles 16 Jan 1873Germany 
Zick, Henry 4 Nov 1876Prussia 
Zick, Wm. 26 Oct 1874Germany 
Ziegan, Joseph 3 Nov 1876Prussia 
Zietlow, August 5 Sept 1870Prussia 
Zimmer, Carl 3 Apr 1894Canada 
Zimmer, JohnWinnebago22 Oct 1856Prussia15 Nov 1859
Zimmerman, Christof 1 Nov 1880Prussia 
Zitherbart, Lorenz 2 Nov 1872Austria 

Indez A-Z 1851-92+ compiled in 1982 by Marian Gould, Assistant Reference Librarian, ARC, UW-Green Bay from loose papers deposited in that library. Other records in bound volumes are not included in this index.

Transcribed by: Amy Kistner

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