History of Calumet County
Calumet County, Wisconsin Genealogy & History

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History of Northern Wisconsin

History of Northern Wisconsin
Publisher Chicago The Western Historical Company, A.T. Andreas, Proprietor
1881 Copyright The Western Historical Co.
Reprint The Ralph Secord Press Iron Mountain MI. 1988

Calumet County

Early Occupants

There are numerous evidence of prehistoric occupation of this region. In common with many regions contignous to large bodies of water, and which possess natural advantages for the easy preservation of human life, this county contains mounds which were the work of a race long since extinct.

Under the more modern divisions of men's ownership. The county formed a part of the Winnebago Territory, although no Indians, other than civilized bands, have occupied the land since the advent of the white man, with the exception of a few wandering bands of the Winnebagoes, Chippewas, I'ottawatomies and Menomonees, who occasionally passed through, remaining only a few days. The last band of any considerable size who remained in the county was "Littleway's band" of fifty Menomonee warriors, who, with their woman and children, has their winter camp, for a number of years prior to 1848, on the Manitowoc River near the site of the present railroad depot at Chilton.

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