Introducing New York Indian Genealogy
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Introducing New York Indian Genealogy

Our New York Indian email database

I can send you (on a disk or as an attachment) our New York (Oneida, Stockbridge-Munsee, Brothertown and their predecessor tribes) Indian database, which contains 26,600 (and rapidly containing more) Indians and spouses. Our New York Indians database includes Indians with Oneida, Stockbridge-Munsee and Brothertown affiliations and their ancestors from Mohican, Delaware, Mohegan, Tunxis, Pequot, Niantic, Narragansett and Montaukett tribes. As I remember, there are over 500 from the 1700s in New England.

The information for this database has been found by various New York Indian genealogists (including Caroline Andler, Dennis Gramentz, Tom Straw, Harland Anderson, Joan Waldvogel, Bill Quistorf, Judy Jourdan, Susan Daniels, Susan Iverson, and Stacy Kreuser), from Rudi and Will Ottery's book "A Man Called Sampson, and interviews with several hundred people about their close relatives. This database is for the use of and only made available to New York Indians and others seriously interested in our Indian heritage. Several dozen copies have been and more are being distributed, with many of the recipients just beginning to use genealogy software. It should not be posted on the web where just any stranger can access it, without reciprocating with information about their close relatives. Nor should it be available to companies that would use it to make money.

Our New York Indian Email List

We also have an email list which assists communication among 75 (and more all the time) people who are enthusiastic about New York Indian genealogy, history and current activities. Each of us members (technically called subscribers) can send one email, which goes to everybody, and each can similarly respond, such that questions are answered and conversations result. No cost. No spam. Not too many messages. Carolyn Andler ( and David Thomas (technically called owners) manage our email list. Topica (technically called the host) provides the email list hardware and software.

To join, both you and the managers must approve. You can initiate the process by sending a blank email to Unless they know you, one of the owners will email you to find your relation to or interest in the New York Indians and then approve your membership. Alternatively, one of the managers can initiate the process by arranging for Topica to send you an invitation, which you approve by replying with a blank email. We eagerly anticipate your joining us and sharing your wisdom.

Dave Thomas

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