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Calumet County Land Patent Records

Patentee NameSignature DateDocument Nr.Accession Nr.
Waffle, Lowell H.02/22/185820975WI1520__.229
Waicott, Dorothea 10/02/185417144WI1440__.459
Waite, Carlos A.11/15/18411869WI1170__.040
Waller, Reuben D.10/02/185415746WI1430__.173
Watson, Oliver U.02/01/18486417WI1250__.379
Weber, Christopher 10/02/185415997WI1430__.215
Weeks, Thomas 03/01/185014229WI1400__.407
West, Henry C.09/01/184912323WI1370__.224
West, Henry C.09/01/184912875WI1380__.273
Westcot, George P.02/22/185819403WI1510__.013
Westfall, Simon 02/01/18431899WI1170__.110
White, Peter 11/07/18371751WI1160__.105
White, William 11/07/18371752WI1160__.106
Whitney, Daniel 08/10/1837262WI1130__.205
Whitney, Daniel 08/10/1837282WI1140__.014
Whitney, Daniel 08/10/1837283WI1130__.219
Whitney, Daniel 08/10/1837284WI1130__.220
Whitney, Daniel 08/10/1837288WI1130__.223
Whitney, Daniel 08/10/1837339WI1130__.271
Wolfe, Jacob 10/02/185416797WI1440__.160
Wunderow, John 02/22/185820964WI1520__.218
Yates, Henry 02/01/1843204WI1170__.047
Yates, Henry 08/10/1837263WI1130__.206
Yates, Henry 08/10/1837267WI1130__.209
Yates, Henry 08/10/1837269WI1130__.210
Yates, Henry 08/10/1837270WI1130__.211
York, Benjamin 05/02/185919939WI1590__.167
York, Jesse B.11/02/185417300WI1450__.078
Zungling, Hubert 08/01/184910324WI1330__.274

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