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This marriage was donated

January 13, 1866

In this village, at the residence of Hon. James Robinson, on Thursday the 11th inst., Rosswell P. Dart, Esq., of Rock Island Ill., and Miss Mary V. Potter, daughter of Capt. O. R. Potter, of this county.
Thus, one by one, our forest flowers are being transplanted from the inhospitable chilliness of single-blessedness, to the genial warmth and glorious sunshine of matrimony. The lovely bride was one of our fairest buds and, in her new relations, she carries the good wishes of a host of friends and personal admirers.
May they glide smoothly down life's turbulent stream, freighted with all the happiness ever vouchsafed to any of Adam;s degenerate progeny; and may Time, that insatiable despoiler of loveliness, deal gently with them, and the shafts of evil Dart by and leave them unscathed.
The happy pair started immediately after the ceremony for their home in Rock Island, Illinois.

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