BAPTISMS 1597 - 1607

BAPTISMS 1597 - 1607


Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535


These are full transcriptions and all parts of the entry has been transcribed.

The early years have many blank spaces but I wish to make this a complete and accurate transcription so have included every entry no matter how small.

Please note that where there are blank spaces this indicates entry unreadable.

1597 Hudd Marie dau of Samuel 19 Apr  
  Vinsant Vinsant son of John 24 Apr  
  Geare Margarit dau of John 1 May  
  Wils John son of Magaret 1 May  
  Oliver Ann dau of Nicles 4 May  
  Rogger Alles dau of Willm 22 May  
  Greiber Chesten dau of William 24 May  
Page 6 Dunn Allexander son of Paskaw 3 July  
  Hockin Francis son of James 20 Aug  
  Sandry Francis son of Benat 17 Sept  
  Braye Jonson son of William 9  
  Bach Mychaell son of Ane 19 Nov Illegitimate
  Victer   of Anthonie 12 Feb  
  [G]rinwell Ann dau of Peter 2 Apr 1598  
  Harry Anne dau of Henry 14 Apr Interpolation in later & different handwriting
  Foster Jane dau of Trestrm 23 Apr  
  Tonckine George son of Allexander 23 Apr  
  Vinsant Christian dau of Henrie 30 Apr  
  Denis Margaret dau of Ferdinando 1 July Illegitimate
  Willm Thomas son of John 31 July  
  Roswarne Aves dau of Richard 27 Sept  
    Jane dau of Jenie - servant to John Humfrye 29 Sept Illegitimate
  Samson Willm son of Edward 4 Dec  
  Dunckin Christopher son of John 11 Dec  
  Stricke Robart son of Peter 9 Jan  
  Dun John son of Paskawe 25 Feb  
  Avrie Willm son of John 28 Feb  
  Trewarrian Peternell dau of Jo. 8 Mar  
  Vinsant Peter son of Nycholas 13 Mar  
  Victer Harri son of Anthonie 23 Mar  
1599 James Jone dau of Thomas 26 Mar  
  Raw Annes dau of Sampson 4 Apr  
    Elyzabeth dau of Henrie 30 Apr  
    P[hi]llip son of   Upper third of column missing
  Bryand Margaret dau of Jonson    
    William   1  
  Harri Blanch dau of 11  
    John son of Will 18  
  Hudd Allexander son of    
  Tonckin Florence dau of Allex    
  Hockin Jone dau of 22 Feb  
Page 7 Wadde Jane dau of Wi.... 10  
  Ricke Mihell son of Oli.... 17  
  Holman Marie dau of    
[1600]     dau of 24 Dec Upper third of colum missing
    ....e dau of John 28 Dec  
      son of Anthonie 17 Jan  
  Geare   son of James 8 Feb  
  Dyare [?]   son of John 13 Feb  
  [Rosewa]rne   dau of Richard 21 Mar  
1601     dau of Anthonie 25 Mar  
  Hoki[n]   dau of James 3 May  
      of G....    
      dau of Robart 28 June  
  Sandry   dau of   Illegitimate
      dau of John 15 Aug  
      son of 1  
    Richard son of 2 Nov  
  Treworrian Alles dau of John 2 Nov  
  Peirce Christian dau of Richard 16 Nov  
  Vincent Marie dau of John 22 Nov  
  Braye Cheston dau of Ge[orge] 29 Nov  
    John son of Gawen, the myller 13 Dec  
  Riscroggan Florence dau of John 13 Dec  
  Davye Wollm son of John 22 Jan  
  Hockin John son of 2 Mar  
  Harrie Richard son of Richard 3 Mar  
  Hodge Margerie dau of George 13 Mar  
  Hick Allex son of Henrie 13 Mar  
1602 Harrie Wm son of Henrie 3 Jan Contemporary Interpolation
  Wade Nycholas son of William 2 Apr  
  John [?] Nychles son of Rychard 20 May  
  Hudd Richard son of S..... May  
Page 8   Richard son of    
  Vincent Thomas son of Nicholas 1 Aug  
  Steephens Marie dau of John Aug  
    William son of Richard 23 Aug  
1603         Upper quarter of page missing
  Pauley John son of Humphrie 20 Jan  
  James N....n son of Thomas 30 Jan  
  Hockin Richard son of Michaell 13 Apr  
  Foster Rebecka dau of Anthonie 1 May  
  Vivian Morvathe dau of Marie 1 May Illegitimate
  Robart Ane dau of William 6 May  
  Rowe Sampson son of Sampson 7 May  
  Gilbert Ellyzab dau of Gorge 7 May  
  Ellis Ann dau of Tho. 19 June  
  Sandrye   son of Ric. 17 July  
    Margerie dau of Robart 21 Aug  
  Homfry John son of Allexander 13 Oct  
  Rogger Grace dau of William 13 Oct  
  Kescees [?]   son of James 22 Oct  
  Tonckin Anne dau of Allex 20 Sept The name James Bode occurs after this entry
  Vera[nt]     23  
  Wade Christian   27  
    Ann   2  
    Willm son of    
    Jane   20 Feb  
    Alles dau of John 11 Mar  
    Annes dau of John 23 Mar  
  Maynord Blenche dau of    
    Richard son of 7  
  Boose Ellysabeth dau of    
  Napeane Aunstes dau of    
    John son of William 6  
    Aly.... son of Will....    
Page 9   Ann dau of 20 May  
          unreadable entries
          inreadable entries
      son of    
      dau of 1   son of W.... 3 Feb  
  [Ho]ckyn [Ma]rie dau of Vincent 6 Feb  
    .....e dau of Richard 10 Feb  
    [C]hristiane dau of Raffe 26 May  
1605 [Hoc]kin dau of James 13 July  
  Williams Richard son of Raphe 18 July  
  Badge Marget dau of James 10 Aug  
  Roswarne Katherine dau of Richard 1 Sept  
  [S]aundry Alice dau of Richard 16 Sept  
  Rod   dau of Mor..... 27 Dec Illegitimate
  Gilbert Richard son of George 11 Jan  
  Farmer Gar[tr]ed dau of Henry 8 Feb  
  Davye David son of John 11 Feb  
  Harry Thomas son of John 2 Feb Below is the following note: " A remembrence to be wtiirn like [t]o ye forenamed now written."
  Dennys Christen dau of John 19 Feb  
    Mary dau of Anthony 23 Feb  
  James Ane dau of Alexander 10 Mar  
1606 Knight     13 July  
  Elis Margery dau of Thomas 13 July  
  Robert Maria dau of Willm 13 July  
  Boas Richard son of Robert 27 July  
  Glazon Christopher son of Ralph 15 Sept  
  Glazon William son of Ralph 15 Sept  
  Vincent Edward son of John 9 Oct  
  Crane Richard son of Richard 26 Oct  
  Grosse Elizabeth dau of David 3 Nov  
Page 10 Ellis [1] Henry   8 Feb Preceded by the words ac etiam
  Oats Robert son of Richard 15 Feb  
  Sharran Millesena dau of John 3 Mar  
  Rowe Samson son of Samson 11 Mar  
  Vivian Christopher son of John 13  
1607 Ginkin Thomas & Christopher sons of John [?] 24 Feb  
    Nicholes son of 24 Feb Illegitimate
    [Christian] dau of Willm