BAPTISMS 1646 -1657

BAPTISMS 1646 - 1657


Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535

The early years have many blank spaces but I wish to make this a complete and accurate transcription so have included every entry no matter how small.

On this page there are some entries out of order datewise and a number are recorded as births

Please note that where there are blank spaces this indicates entry unreadable.

1646 Vinsent Nicholas son of Rich 16 Apr  
  Battrell Mary dau of Jo. 18 Apr  
  Ellis Edward son of Wm. 7 May  
Page 29 Jeffery John son of Willm 9 May  
  Geare Ann dau of Willm 27 May  
  Hoskine John son of George 7 June  
  Symons Phillipp son of John 16 June  
  Jeffrey [J]ohn son of John 12 July  
  Vensent Millisent dau of Edward 19 July  
    [G]artred dau of` 19 July  
  Pendarves James son of Richard - gent 25 July 1648  
  Eva   dau of John 26 Mar  
  Hockin Alce dau of Geo. 25 Apr  
  Coswine Anthony son of John - gent 22 Oct  
    Beniamin son of    
  Menegidge Alexander son of John 5 Nov  
  Pendar Beniamin son of Rich. - gent 27 Oct 1648  
  Galnfill James son of Amos 1 Aug  
1650 Trenwith Georg son of Thomas 28 Oct  
  Hockin Benedicke son of Geo. 2 Nov  
  Try Arthur son of Arthur 2 Nov  
  Bray Margery dau of John 10 Nov  
  Arundell Robarte son of Robert - gent 28 Dec  
  Glasson Honor [3] dau of John 25 Apr 1650 Written over an erasure
  Glanfell Oliver son of Amos 11 Jan  
  Harrys Benedicke son of Robartte 11 Jan  
  Teage John son of John 3 Feb  
  Luke Alce dau of Mathew 15 Mar  
1651 Paule Richard son of John 30 Mar  
  Vivian John son of John 5 Apr  
  Michell Mary dau of Richard 11 May  
  Browne Joseph & Beniamin sons of Renfree 22 June  
  Bryant George son of Jonsone 13 July  
  Treweek Isabella dau of Christopher 24 July  
Page 30 Jeffree Thomas son of John 27 July  
  Franches Jane dau of thomas 23 Aug  
  Battrell Nicholas son of John 24 Aug  
  Williams Laurence son of John 24 Aug  
  Williams Samuell son of Richard 10 Nov  
  Cater Nowell son of Richard 7 Dec  
  Horne Dorithy dau of Lewes 14 Dec  
  Sanders Joane dau of John 27 Dec  
  Cocke Jane dau of Richard 27 Dec  
  Bray William son of John 29 Dec  
  Paule Degory son of Richard 20 Jan  
  Watty Amy dau of John 8 Feb  
  Symons Mary dau of John 7 Mar  
  Luke Jane dau of John 7 Mar  
  Thomas Rebecka dau of Richard 6 Mar  
  Bryant Jane dau of John Jnr 22 Mar  
1652 Jeffree Edward son of Ezechiell 25 Mar  
  Jeffree Margery dau of William 4 Apr  
  Dennis Rafe son of Ralph 5 Apr  
  Trery Arthur son of Arthur - gent 2 May  
  Libby Catherin dau of Robarte 13 June  
  Williams Katherin dau of Jo. 13 July  
  Menegesse [1] Alles   13 July Different ink.
  Richard Jane dau of Henry 15 July Henry written above another name erased.
  Humphrie Henry son of Richard 4 Sept  
  Michell Susana dau of Henry 5 Dec  
  Sacrely William son of Sampson 17 Dec  
  Paule Richard son of John 21 Feb An entry crossed out between this one and that of William Sacrely; it was a confused one by the scribe who had mixed up the two succeeding entries.
  Harry Blanch dau of Oliver 21 Feb  
1653 Scewes Robart son of Remfree 26 Mar  
  Humpry Richard son of Alexander 5 May  
  Trenwith Anne dau of Thomas 7 May  
  Vivian Robarte son of John 7 May  
Page 31 Teage Richard son of John 14 May  
  Jiles John son of John 21 May  
  Battrell Ane dau of John 21 May  
  Williams Mary dau of John 18 June  
    Richard son of Richard Aug  
  Paule George son of John 25 Apr 1647  
  ......on Stephen son of John 2 Aug 1648  
165- Sellegan alias Richards William son of Henry of Illogan 25 Mar 1659  
  Elles Catteryn dau of Humphry born 2 Apr 1666  
  Benaten John son of John bap. 1651  
  Edmonds Jane dau of Mathew born 21 Oct 1646  
  Humphrys Loveday dau of Richard born 25 Apr 1650  
  Humphrys Elizabeth dau of Richard born 30 Mar 1665  
  Glason Honor dau of John bap. 25 Apr 1653  
  John Joseph son of William bap. 1666 Baptised in the Parish of Illogan
  Carnesew John son of William bap.17 Oct 1647  
  Michell Richard son of Richard bap. 8 Apr 1648  
  Jeffree Francis son of Thomas born 28 June 1651  
  Thomas Richard son of John bap. 1 Nov 1646  
  Bryant Arthur Bryant son of John bap. 164-  
  Coces Margery dau of Richard born 2 Feb 1655  
  Carnesew Peter son of William born 25 July 1653  
  Dennis John son of Ralph bap 1 July 1655  
  John       Erased ans smudged entry.
1653 Paynter Elinor dau of Edward born 9 Nov  
  Thomas Thomas son of John born 21 Nov  
  Harrys Robarte son of robarte 13 Dec  
  Sandry Margery dau of John born 1 Jan  
  Sanders John son of John born 23 Jan  
  Bray Charles son of John born 1 Feb  
  Thomas Richard son of Richard born 5 Feb  
  Cocke Richard son of Richard born 18 Feb  
1654 Denys   of William   Crossed out entry
Page 33          
1655 Humphrys Richard son of Richard born 29 Oct  
  Richard Edward son of Gilbert born 3 Nov  
  Paynter John son of Edward born 23 Nov  
  Meane Margery dau of Peter born 21 Dec  
  Harrys [blank] [blank] of robarte born 22 Dec  
  Wade James son of Sampson born 30 Dec  
  Battrell John son of John born 31 Jan  
  Trothen Margery dau of George born 5 Feb  
  Andrew Rebecka dau of Will born 21 Feb  
  Bray Oliver son of John born 21 Mar  
  Richards William son of Gilbert bap 1655 Marginal entry
1656 Humphrys Elizabeth dau of Richard born 30 Mar  
  Symons Honor dau of Jo. born 4 Apr  
  Jeffree [blank] dau of Will born 6 Apr  
  Paulle Ann dau of Jo. born 11 Apr  
  Richard Henry son of Henry born 16 Apr  
    John son of   Erased or, rather, a smudged entry
  Saundry Mary dau of Jo. born 19 Apr  
  Treweeke Robarte son of John born 31 May  
  Frenches George son of Thomas born 4 July  
  Rule Alc dau of James Jnr born 7 July  
  Glanfell Peternell dau of Rodger born 11 Oct  
  Try Katherin dau of arthur born 14 Oct  
  Michell John son of George born 22 Nov  
  Humphry Jane dau of Oliver born 26 Nov  
  Sanders Elizabeth dau of Jo. born 24 Oct  
  Thomas Emblem dau of Rich. born 19 Dec  
  Paynter [blank] dau of Edwd. born 2 Jan [3] [3] Here follows a contemporary erasure and crossing out.
  Eastlake [blank] dau of John born 16 Jan  
  Dunkin Elizabeth dau of John born 19 Jan  
  Glasson Elizabeth dau of John born 30 Jan  
  Williams Henry son of Charles born 2 Feb  
  Bryant Abigall dau of John Jnr born 9 Jan  
  Treweeke [4]   dau of Christopher - gent born Mar [4] Crossed out.
Page 34          
  Treweeke Ann dau of Christopher - gent born 6 Mar  
  Humhrys Mary dau of Alex born 11 Mar  
1657 Humphrs Richard son of Richard born 2 Apr  
  Bryant Phillip son of Walter born 21 Apr  
  Wade Nicholas son of Sampson born 27 May  
  Teage Elizabeth dau of John born 29 June  
  Richard Thomas son of Henry born 25 Aug  
  Eva Elizabeth dau of Mr. John born 1 Sept  
  Hearle Ann dau of John - gent born 5 Sept  
  Watty Joane dau of John born 11 July  
  Hockin John son of Vincentt born 26 Sept  
  Treweeke Margery dau of John born 20 Oct  
  Rule Henry son of Johnson born 17 Nov  
  Vivian Frances s [sic] of John born 13 Feb  
  William alias Paskow Christopher son of John born 25 Feb  
  Richard John son of Gollbert born 1 Mar  
  Bryant John son of Walter born 8 Mar