BAPTISMS 1671-1675

BAPTISMS 1671 - 1675


Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535

Please note that where there are blank spaces this indicates entry unreadable.


1671 Snell Margery dau of William 9 Apr  
  Verante Katheryn dau of John 10 Apr  
  Grebell John son of William 15 Apr  
  Verante Alce dau of Arthur 20 Apr  
  Bawden William son of Laurence 24 Apr  
  Watty Joseph son of John 20 May  
  Achem Alce dau of Laurence 29 May  
  Rule Katheryn dau of Jonson 12 June  
  Jackson William son of Zacharias 2 July  
  Tregeare [blank] son of Thomas 3 July  
  Lemon Agnes[?] dau of George    
  Rule Ann dau of Christopher 19 Aug Confused owing to ink from William on opposite page having stuck here.
  Bennett Henry son of Henry 3 Sept  
  Eastlake James son of John 4 Sept  
  Dane Margery dau of Alex 16 Sept  
  Angear Reynolds son of John 18 Oct  
  Hockin James son of Hawten 28 Oct  
  Williams Ralph son of Ralph 4 Nov  
  Bennett Gilbert son of Jonson 13 Nov  
  Stevens John son of Thomas 26 Nov  
  Bryant Christian dau of Christopher 12 Dec  
  Rowe Jane dau of George 1 Jan  
  Bowes James son of James 7 Jan  
  Williams Mary dau of Rich. 9 Jan  
Page 45 Hancocke Stephen son of Stephen 28 Jan  
  Rule Honor dau of Robert 11 Feb  
  Stevens John son of James 18 Feb  
  Mill Elizabeth dau of James 20 Feb  
  Williams Margarett[?] dau of Richard 24 Feb  
  Trery [blank] son of William 2 Mar  
1672 Job Amy dau of John 8 Apr  
  Rodgers Mathew son of Henry 14 Apr  
  Williams Elizabeth dau of Charles 14 Apr  
  Jeffree Mary dau of John 21 Apr  
  Vincent James son of John 22 Apr  
  Hockin Richard son of Francis 25 May  
  Jackson [blank] [blank] of Richard 26 May  
  Prust John son of Edmond - gent 4 June  
  Bennett Edward son of Anthony 22 June  
  Avere William son of Bennett 23 June  
  John John son of William 29 June  
  Vivian Christopher son of William 30 June  
  Scues Henry son of William 21 July  
  Warren William son of George 11 Aug  
  Bryant Salomine dau of Allexander 11 Aug  
  Pawley Wiliam son of William 1 Sept  
  Bennett John son of Christopher 13 Sept  
  Newton Thomas son of John 21 Sept  
  Jackson Margery dau of andrew 22 Sept  
  Verante Jonson son of John 28 Sept  
  Robarte alias Walters Cornelius son of william 6 Oct  
  Angear Mary dau of John 16 Nov  
  Pryer Constance dau of Christopher 17 Nov  
  Thomas Mary dau of John 30 Nov  
  Eles William son of Edward 7 Dec  
  Pedven Henry son of John 5 Jan  
  Lethlean Margery dau of Beranrd 5 Jan  
  Bryant Katheryn dau of John Jnr 4 Jan  
  Rosewarne Mary dau of John Jnr - gent 21 Jan  
  Bawden Richard son of Laurence 8 Feb  
  Timby Richard son of John 8 Feb  
Page 46 Bennett Francis son of Francis 15 Feb  
  Trery Richard son of William 22 Feb  
  Williams Katheryn dau of John 24 Feb  
  Paule Constance dau of Richard 20 Mar  
1673 Eva George son of Laurence 22 Mar  
  Rule Rebecka dau of Jonson 15 Apr  
  Davy John son of John 27 Apr  
  Bennett William son of Henry 27 Apr  
  Quintrell John son of Cullan 11 May  
  Richard Elizabeth dau of Edward 18 May  
  Eva Elizabeth dau of Thomas 19 May  
  Tregeare Charity dau of Thomas 8 June  
  Achem Grace dau of Laurence 15 June  
  Rule Roberte son of Roberte 24 June  
  Hance Francis son of John 19 July  
  Frenches Mary dau of Thomas 24 Aug  
  Sanudry Prudence dau of Charles 30 Aug  
  Gribell Katheryn dau of William 31 Aug  
  Bayly James son of William 6 Sept This entry is omitted in the Bishop's Transcripts.
  Vivian Mary dau of John 11 Oct  
  Tearle Jonson son of George 2 Oct  
  Hockin John son of John 10 Nov  
  Dane Thomas son of Allexander 15 Nov  
  Carnesew Synobia dau of John 30 Nov  
  Glanfell Jonson son of Jonson 14 Dec  
  Jeffree Mary dau of Marke 1 Jan  
  Lethlean Blanch dau of Bernard 3 Jan  
  Newton Mary dau of Stephen 13 Jan  
  Bellman Mary dau of John 24 Jan  
  Nickles John son of Nicholas 1 Feb  
  Williams Elinor & Ann twin daus of Charles 2 Feb  
  Bennett Jane dau of Anthony 16 Feb  
  Williams Admonition dau of Ralph 24 Feb  
  Jackson Richard son of Zacharias 28 Feb  
  Bayly Amy dau of John 1 Mar  
  Rodgers Henry son of Henry 7 Mar  
Page 47 John George son of William 20 Mar  
  Michell John & Joane Twin son & dau of Richard 22 Mar  
1674 Prideaux Prudence dau of Edward 5 Apr  
  Stephens Thomas son of Thomas 12 Apr  
  Bryante Susanna dau of John 18 Apr  
  Hockin Benedicke son of Francis 20 Apr  
  Williams Richard son of Richard Jnr 9 May  
  Hockin Honor dau of Hawtten 23 May  
  Williams Jane dau of Richard Jnr 25 May  
  Hockin Henry son of Vincent 1 Aug  
  Snell John son of William 9 Aug  
  Bennett Samuell son of Christopher 10 Aug  
  Pedven Anthony son of John 17 Aug  
  Richard John son of Edward 13 Sept  
  Angear Katheryn dau of Jhn 15 Sept  
  Pryer Christopher son of Christr 4 Oct  
  Treweeke Richard son of Richard 26 Oct  
  Rowe Richard son of John 1 Nov  
  Bryant Margery dau of Richard 13 Dec  
  Reynold Thomas son of John 17 Jan  
  Avere John son of John 17 Jan  
  Bryant James son of Christopher 2 Feb  
  Millett Clorendo dau of Mr.James - Minister 9 Feb  
  Rodgers William son of Henry 21 Feb  
  Eva Renatus son of Laurence 28 Feb  
  Verante Elizabeth dau of John 23 Mar  
1675 Bellman John son of John 2 May  
  Hancocke Richard son of Stephen 2 May  
  Bryant Honor dau of Allex 12 June  
  Trenwith Joane dau of Thomas 12 June  
  Scues Prudence dau of William 18 July  
  Bayley Grace dau of Stephen 25 July  
  Williams Jane dau of John Jnr 31 July  
  Hidden Mary dau of Sampson 31 July  
  Jackson Richard son of Richard 1 Aug  
  Bayley Henry son of William 7 Aug  
Page 48 Paule Andrew son of Richard 31 Aug  
  Tabb Thomas son of John 5 Sept  
  Achem Charity dau of Lawrence 5 Sept  
  Bryante Euseus dau of Robarte 11 Sept  
  Bennett Grace dau of Henry 11 Sept  
  John Margarett dau of William 23 Oct  
  Mill Katheryn dau of James 6 Nov  
  Trery Tamson dau of William 8 Nov  
  Vincent Richard son of John 14 Nov  
  Prust William son of William 16 Nov  
  Hearle Mary dau of John - gent 16 Nov  
  Stevens Allexandr son of Allexanr of Illogan 11 Dec  
  Honychurch Anthony son of Anthony - gent 12 Dec  
  Dewens Thomas son of Richard 29 Dec  
  Vivian Henry son of John of Illogan 11 Jan  
  Terell Charles son of George 9 Jan  
  Browne John son of John of Illogan 11 Jan  
  Williams Ann dau of Richard 15 Jan  
  Sampson John son of William 18 Jan  
  Carnesew John son of John    
  Rowe George son of George    
  Rowe Ann dau of John 12 Mar  
  Retale[ck] Samuell son of Thomas 23 Mar