BAPTISMS 1681-1685

BAPTISMS 1681- 1685



Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535

Page 53 Williams Elizabeth dau of John 9 Apr  
  Tabb[?] John son of John 17 Apr  
  Trevailer Peter son of Peter 17 Apr  
  Edwards Edward son of Haniball 25 Apr  
  Nicholas John son of James 30 Apr  
  Bryant Mary dau of Robert 1 May  
  Bennett Clarendo dau of Henry 11 June  
  Elles Charles son of Thomas 26 June  
  Bennett Jane dau of Francis 24 Aug  
  Edmonds[?] Matthew son of Nicholas 4 Sept  
  Eva Zachevs[?] son of Christopher 11 Sept  
  Crase Thomas [?] son of Emanuell of Illogan 11 Sept  
  Sandry [?] Elinor dau of Charls 21 Sept  
  Bennett Ann dau of John 2 Oct  
  Stoddan Florence dau of Wm. 2 Oct  
  Stevens Ann [?] dau of Thomas 18 Oct  
  [Tea]ge Elizabeth [?] dau of John 5 Oct  
  Terrell William son of George 4 Dec  
  George Elizabeth dau of John 1 Jan  
  Predeax Ann dau of Edward 1 Jan  
  Tom [Thomas] James son of James 8 Jan  
  Chaple John son of Charles 8 Jan  
  Bryant Richard son of John of Illogan 15 Jan  
  Michell Alce dau of Ezechiell of Ilogan 22 Jan  
  Teoman Mary dau of William 29 Jan  
  Jeffery John son of Mary 18 Feb Ilegitimate
  Jeffrey William son of John 25 Feb  
1682 Grebell Beniamen son of Wm. 26 Mar  
  Eva Ann dau of Thomas 18 Apr  
  Andrew Elizabeth dau of John 30 Apr  
  Eva Ann dau of Christo. 7 May  
  Verant Arthur son of Arthur 21 May  
  Sanders Katherine dau of Allex 28 May  
  Bellman luce dau of John 29 May  
  Sampxon William son of Wm. 4 June  
Page 54 Butcher Joan dau of Wm. 8 July  
  Fox Joan dau of Francis 17 Sept  
  Teage Thomas son of Richard 24 Sept  
  Paull George son of Thomas 9 Oct  
  Vivian Honer dau of John Jnr 14 Oct  
  Richards Susana dau of Thomas 29 Oct  
  Newten Beniamen son of Stephen 12 Nov  
  Trevarthen William son of Wm. 2 Dec  
  Carnsew Jane dau of John 2 Dec  
  Waters John son of William 26 Dec  
  Bray Joanna dau of John 31 Dec  
  Hocking alias Post John son of John 27 Jan  
  Wibster Elizabeth dau of Thomas 30 Jan  
  Williams Thomas son of Richard Senr 25 Feb  
  Jackson William son of Richard 4 Mar  
  Edwards Elizabeth dau of Haniball 4 Mar  
  Knucky Jane dau of Sampson 4 Mar  
  Treweeke Charles son of Richard 7 Mar  
  Verant Joan dau of John 7 Mar  
  Williams Phillepp dau of Samll. 11 Mar  
  Nicholas Margeret dau of James 11 Mar  
  Rogers Elizabeth dau of Edward 18 Mar  
1683 Nutle [Nuttell] James son of Edward 25 Mar  
  Angove John son of John 9 Apr  
  Trenwith Constance dau of Thomas 9 Apr  
  Bray Elizabeth dau of William 28 May  
  Williams Richard son of Christophr. 10 June  
  Trenwith Henry son of Henry 11 June  
  Tregiddion Ann dau of Peter 17 June  
  Jeffery Phillip dau of Francis 30 June  
  Ferry Hannah dau of Francis 1 July  
  Geils John son of Wm. 8 July  
  Williams Allex son of John 28 July  
  Bennett Thomas son of Anthony 29 July  
  Williams Dorcas dau of Ralph 4 Aug  
  Jeffery Marke son of Marke 12 Aug  
  Trevayler Thomas son of Peter 25 Aug  
Page 56 Tom Joseph son of James 13 July  
  Nott Mary dau of John 13 July  
  Belman Thomas son of John 19 July  
  Butcher John son of William 26 July  
  Hocking alias Post Grace dau of John 26 July  
  Eva William son of Thomas 18 Oct  
  Eva Anna dau of Christopher Senr 18 Oct  
  Vine Dorcas dau of James 26 Oct  
  Row Mary dau of Edward 1 Nov  
  Hooper [1] Elizabeth dau of John of the pish of Gwinier 30 Nov Hooper written over an erasure
  Row James son of John Jnr 7 Dec  
  Jackson Mary dau of Andrew 21 Dec  
  Pryor Elizabeth dau of christopher 27 Dec  
  George Mary dau ofJohn 27 Dec  
  Utfull Richard son of James 1 Jan  
  Hosken Elizabeth dau of Thomas of the pish of Illogan 18 Jan  
  Knucky Elizabeth dau of Samson 24 Feb  
  Chapell [M]ary dau of Charles 8 Mar  
  Stoddan Dorithy & Elinor twin daus of William 15 Mar  
          There are no entries for 1684
1685 Sandry Grace dau of Charles, deceased. 5 Apr  
  Scues Richard son of Robert 8 Apr  
  Stevens Thomas son of Thomas 20 Apr  
  Williams William son of Samuell 25 Apr  
  Paul Mary dau of Degory 3 May  
  Bray [J]ohan dau of Wm. 3 May  
  Bluart [G]eorge son of Trestrem 9 June  
  Pearce Mary dau of John 20 June  
  Bennett Jane dau of Francis 23 June  
  Carnsew Margarett dau of John 5 July  
  Ward Kathern dau of Nicholas 12 July  
  William Margery dau of Henry 19 July  
  Tom Ann dau of James 26 July  
  Edwards James son of Haniball 2 Aug  
  Richards Blanch dau of Thomas 9 Aug  
  Treweeke Thomas son of Richard 15 Aug  
  Rogers Mary dau of Edward 16 Aug  
  Roberts James son of James 23 Aug  
Page 57 Rule Johan dau of John 17 Oct  
  Avery William son of John 18 Oct  
  Glasson John son of John of Gwinnier 1 Nov  
  Vincent Thomas son of John 10 Nov  
  Bray Elizabeth dau of John 13 Dec  
  Andrew John son of John 3 Jan  
  Tabb John son of John 3 Jan  
  Williams Stephen son of Richard Senr 6 Jan  
  Vivian Elinor dau of Rebert 9 Jan  
  Luke Bridgett dau of Laurence 30 Jan  
  Glanvile [1] Oliver son of Beniamen 7 Feb The name of this family is indiscriminately rendered as Glanvile, Glanfield, Glanfull.
  Jeffery Margarett dau of Francis 13 Feb  
  Hodge John son of Margery 17 Feb Illegitimate
  Sampson Zenobia dau of Wm. 28 Feb  
  Butcher Dorithy dau of Wm. 3 Mar  
  Trevailer John son of Peter 6 Mar  
  Battrell John son of John 13 Mar