BAPTISMS 1704 -1706

BAPTISMS 1704 - 1706

Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535


Page 71          
1704 Terrel {Teroll] Elenyer [Enoner] dau of George 2 Apr  
  Canarten Jane dau of John 2 Apr  
Page 72 Harris John son of John 13 Apr  
  Hocking Richard son of Fransis 13 Apr  
  Jeffery John son of John 15 Apr  
  Petiven [Petven] Mary dau of Mary 25 Apr born in Illuggan was Xtned in Camborn
  Nuttell Elizabeth dau of Christopher 30 Apr  
  Semones Phillipa dau of Phillip 14 May  
  Hocking Thomas son of Edward 15 May  
  Perkyn John son of John 10 June  
  Werin [Warren] George son of George 24 June  
  Goulsery Ralf son of Richard 24 Sept  
  Bray Prudence dau of Edmond 24 Sept  
  Hocking Nicholas son of Nicholas 1 Nov  
  Davey Elizabeth dau of John 2 Dec  
  Harris John son of Thomas 27 Dec  
  Eva George son of George 9 Jan  
  Benatts Jane dau of Geo[rge] 14 Jan  
  Hocking James son of Francis of Kellowe [or Hollow] 27 Jan  
  [2] Benats John son of Henry [sic] 1 Nov Omitted on Bishop's Transcripts
  Tembey Petter son of John 17 Feb  
  Ostler Robart son of Reynold 24 Feb  
  John Hinery son of Hen[ery] 10 Mar  
  Glanfull [Glanfield] Kathrein dau of Beniman 17 Mar  
          Jos. Vigurs - Curate
1705 Hocking Jane dau of Fra. Apr  
  Jaxson Flarines dau of Pter 14 Apr  
  Glanfull Johnson son of John[son] 2 May  
  Hocking Richard son of Willia[m] 4 May  
  Vivian Margaryet dau of Johnsun 6 May  
  Madren Jane dau of Marten 13 May  
  Arndel John son of William - gent 14 May  
  Trevarthen Benimin son of Thomas 16 May  
  Bryant William son of Elicksander 19 May  
  Prust Ann dau of William 2 June  
  Robenes James son of William 23 June  
  Verant Elizabeath dau of Francis 24 June  
Page 73 Crase Mary dau of Andrew 6 July  
  Samsun John son of William 28 July  
  Nettel Mary dau of Christepher 18 Aug  
  Michell Grace dau of Tristrem 18 Aug  
  Teage Kathren dau of John 25 Aug  
  Chapel John son of John 22 Sept  
  Williames Thomas son of John 22 Sept  
  Samsn Ann dau of Hewh 29 Sept  
  Tembey Richard son of Richard 13 Oct  
  Bryant Ann dau of Johnsun 13 Oct  
  Hocking Hauton son of Nicholas 8 Feb  
  Scuis William son of Hinery 1 Nov  
  Rowe Phelep son of Gorge 10 Nov  
  Danell John son of William 11 Nov  
  Thomas Mary dau of John of the arish of ye Lugan Bapt. in Camborn 18 Nov  
  Bennatts John son of Henry 24 Nov  
  Hunt Amey dau of Roger 3 Dec  
  Boden Larance son of Richard 25 Dec  
  Willyeabe Marey dau of Thomas 25 Dec  
  Samsun William son of William of yea Lugan 1 Jan  
  Haris Prudence dau of Thomas 1 Jan  
  Knight Phebe dau of Gabryel 5 Feb  
  Hares Charles son of John 9 Feb  
  Rogres John son of John of yea Lugan 27 Feb  
1706 Bra[y] Charles son of Charles 27 Apr  
  Hocking Elizabeath dau of Edward 27 Apr  
  Samso[n] James son of John 5 May  
  Verant Alice dau of Richard 11 May  
  Netell Jane dau of John of ill Lugan 11 May  
  Benats John son of Francis 13 May  
  Ginkin Grace dau of James of illugan 18 May  
  Quenetrell Seusana of this parish 18 May  
  [1] Boden James & Jane twin s & d of Manewell of Illugan 16 June An erasure of two or more entries occurs here. Remains of the first entry seem to refer to Th. s. of Th. Trevarthen which occurs close to it on the adjoining column, which is blank but for this and another entry.
Page 74 [1] Trevarthen Thomas son of Thomas 14 July This entry occurs at the end of the Burials for 1706.
  E[dw]ards Mark son of Edward 25 July  
  Hocking Francise son of Francis, Parish Clerk 3 Aug  
  Bryant Richard son of John 4 Aug  
  Haris An dau of Benat 15 Aug  
  Paule Andrew son of Andrew 31 Aug  
  Ostler James son of Runald 7 Sept  
  Rule Elizabeath dau of James 22 Sept  
  Hocking Vincent son of Vencen 19 Oct  
          End of Baptisms in Volume 1