MARRIAGES 1883 - 1888

Source: LDS Film No: 1596289

Note: Some of the entries are faded, smudged or unreadable, I have indicated these entries with a question mark [?].


Year/Page Entry No Date Groom/Bride Age Status Occ: Residence Father Fathers Occ: Signed Witnesses Notes
Page 246 491 Mar 27 Alfred YEO 21 bach Tailor Tuckingmill James Tailor Yes John Jackson Banns
      Louie JACKSON 21 spins   Camborne John Grocer Yes Annie Jackson  
  492 Apr 7 Josiah SOLOMON f.a. Wid Sawyer Tuckingmill James Swayer x James Mackman Banns
      Catharine MACKMAN f.a. spins   Tuckingmill John Miner x Elizabeth Mary Mackman  
Page 247 493 Oct 27 John ROGERS 33 Wid Miner Edward St David Miner Yes Archilaus Thomas Banns
      Mary Jane NANCE 33 Wid St.Just in Penwith St.Just in Penwith Archilaus Omnibus Proprietor Yes William H. Treglown  
  494 Dec 22 James RODDA 25 bach Miner Condurrow James Miner Yes James Rodda Banns
      Grace RICHARDS 27 spins Drapers Assistant Condurrow William Miner Yes Jeremiah Burgess  


Year/Page Entry No Date Groom/Bride Age Status Occ: Residence Father Fathers Occ: Signed Witnesses Notes
Page 248 495 Jan 5 Thomas ANGOVE 25 bach Tin Dresser Church Row John[dec'd] Miner Yes Jeremiah Burgess Banns
      Sarah HILL 21 spins   Church Row James Tin Dresser x Susan Madren  
  496 Mar 27 James ROWE 26 bach Mechanic Roskear Villas Almond Mechanic Yes John Jackson Banns
      Annie Priscilla JACKSON 21 spins   Trelowarren St, Camborne John Tinner Yes Elizabeth Jenkins  
Page 249 497 Sept 16 Benjamin COLLINS 34 Wid Miner Edward St Abraham[dec'd] Miner Yes John Trevithick Banns
      Fanny TREVITHICK 39 spins   Illogan Thomas[dec'd] Miner Yes Elizth. Ann Trevithick  
  498 Nov 4 Peter RICHARDS 32 Wid Miner Tuckingmill Edward[dec'd] Miner Yes Samuel Eustic Banns
      Mary Hannah BENNETTS 34 spins   Tuckingmill Matthew Miner Yes Jeremiah Burgess  
Page 250 499 Dec 24 John *PENGILLY 22 bach Miner Rosewarne Downs John Miner Yes [*Pengelly] W.T.Ja? Banns
      Eliza Ann PROUT 24 spins Domestic Servant Roscroggan William Miner Yes Elizabeth Prout  


Year/Page Entry No Date Groom/Bride Age Status Occ: Residence Father Fathers Occ: Signed Witnesses Notes
Page 250 500 Jan 19 Frederick BOND 22 bach Tailor Pendarves St William Tailor Yes James Tyack Banns
      Mary Jane Petherick TYACK 22 spins   Pendarves St James Gardener Yes William Bond  
NEW BOOK No.2                        
Page 1 1 Feb 28 James UREN 21 bach Miner Pendarves St James Labourer x Edmund Pasmore Banns
      Elizabeth Jane Tucker PASSMORE 24 spins   Pendarves St Edmund Labourer Yes Annie Passmore [x]  
  2 Aug 3 Thomas LAITY 20 bach Miner Roskear Row, Camborne Thomas[dec'd] Farmer Yes William Bawden Banns
      Florence Elizabeth RICHARDS 22 spins   Pendarves St Edwin Miner Yes Maria Bawden  
Page 2 3 Aug 18 John DAWSON 24 bach Joiner Chagford, Devon James Builder Yes Thomas Jolly Banns
      Mary Ann JOLLY 28 spins Domestic Servant Edward St Giles[dec'd] Miner Yes Ellen Blight  
  4 Sept 5 Thomas Henry LAWRENCE 30 bach Tin Dresser Roscroggan Thomas[dec'd] Farmer x John Glanville Banns
      Mary Ann DAVEY 30 spins   Tolvadden downs William[dec'd] Engine Driver Yes Catherine Glanville  
Page 3 5 Sept 19 James RULE 21 bach Miner Wheal Gerry William Miner x James Venning Banns
      Mary VENNING 22 spins   Wheal Gerry James Engine Driver x Louisa Johns  
  6 Oct 17 John Henry ROWE 27 bach Tin Dresser Bartles Row John Miner Yes Matthew Luke Banns
      Mary Ann BECKERLEG 21 spins   Bartles Row William[dec'd] Miner x Susan Downing [x]  
Page 4 7 Oct 27 Thomas LITTLEJOHN 21 bach Miner Trelowarren St, Camborne David[dec'd] Miner Yes Jeremiah Burgess Banns
      Alice Ann BENNETTS 22 spins   Pendarves St Matthew Miner Yes Matilda Tonkin  
  8 Nov 7 Hiram Thomas BARNARD 20 bach Miner Dolcoath Road Hiram Thomas BARNARD Agent Yes James Davies Banns
      Mary DAVIES 22 spins   Edward St James Palmer? DAVIES Smith Yes Sarah A. Roberts  


Year/Page Entry No Date Groom/Bride Age Status Occ: Residence Father Fathers Occ: Signed Witnesses Notes
Page 5 9 Feb 11 Charles CLYMO 23 bach Miner Dolcoath Road Charles Miner Yes Fanie? Rawlings Banns
      Carrie RAWLINGS 23 spins Dressmaker Dolcoath Road Nicholas Butcher Yes Jeremiah Burgess  
  10 Feb 28 John ROWE 22 bach Shoemaker West Charles St, Camborne George Miner Yes George Rowe [x] Banns
      Bessie PENHALLURICK 21 spins   North Roskear Road Benjamin[dec'd] Iron Chipper Yes Sarah Ann Rowe [x]  
Page 6 11 Mar 20 William Henry HAWTON 23 bach Miner Beacon John Shoemaker Yes Jeremiah Burgess, Matilda Tonkin Banns
      *Mary Ann OLIVER 21 spins   Beacon John Engineer Yes [*Mary Ann Minnie? Oliver] William Henry Oliver  
  12 Apr 12 James SANDERS 22 bach Tin Streamer Camborne James[dec'd] Miner x Selina Jane Richards [x] Banns
      Elizabeth Ann RICHARDS 26 spins   North Roskear Road John Miner x Jeremiah Burgess  
Page 7 13 May 11 William Blettisoe COULES 21 bach Carpenter Edward St William Grocer Yes James Palmer Davies Banns
      Annie DAVIES 18 spins Dressmaker Edward St james Palmer DAVIES Smith Yes Joanna Williams  
  14 June 28 James Dupen? WEST 34 Wid Merchants Clerk St.Mary, Leyton, Essex James[dec'd] Engineer Yes John W. Crocker, Susan -?- Matthews? Banns
      Louisa Jane CROCKER 30 spins   Pendarves St William Blacksmith Yes James -?- Tyack  
Page 8 15 Aug 24 Thomas WILLIAMS 24 bach Miner Tuckingmill John[dec'd] Miner Yes Jeremiah Burgess Banns
      Susan Ann JAMES 24 spins   Camborne William[dec'd] Miner Yes Matilda Tonkin  
  16 Sept 4 William UREN 44 Wid Miner Camborne John Miner Yes Jeremiah Burgess Banns
      Susan JOHNS 33 spins   Brea Walter[dec'd] Miner Yes Matilda Tonkin  
Page 9 17 Oct 16 Aaron MITCHELL 20 bach Farm Labourer North Roskear William Henry Farmer x Jeremiah Burgess Banns
      Elizabeth Jane BROWN 19 spins   Dolcoath Road James[dec'd] Miner Yes Matilda Tonkin  
  18 Oct 25 James BENNETTS 27 bach Miner Camborne James[dec'd] Miner Yes W.H.Bennetts Licence
      Elizabeth Ann IVEY 25 spins   Brea John[dec'd] Miner Yes Honor Ivey  
Page 10 19 Dec 23 Stephen EVA 22 bach Miner Troon Parish of Treslothan Thomas[dec'd] Miner Yes James Harris [x] Banns
      Eliza Ellen HARRIS 19 spins   North Roskear James Miner Yes Susan Ann Harris [x]  
  20 Christmas Day Samuel James MERRETT 22 bach Miner Chapel Square William Miner Yes Thomas Richards [x] Banns
      Jane RICHARDS 23 spins   North Roskear Road John Miner Yes Mary Tilty?  


Year/Page Entry No Date Groom/Bride Age Status Occ: Residence Father Fathers Occ: Signed Witnesses Notes
Page 11 21 Mar 21 John Jacob BERINGER 30 bach Science Lecturer Camborne Fidelis Watchmaker Yes W.V.H.Tonking Licence
      Ada TONKING 27 spins   Roskear Villas Charles Harvey TONKING Chemist Yes Maud B. Tonking  
  22 May 8 John Lyne HOSKING 26 bach Miner Camborne Hugh Lyne HOSKING[dec'd] Shoemaker Yes Henry Goldsworthy Banns
      Annie GOLDSWORTHY 29 spins   Pendarves St Henry Miner Yes Jeremiah Burgess  
Page 12 23 May 21 Richard NICHOLAS 23 bach Tin Dresser North Roskear Road Thomas Miner x Jeremiah Burgess Banns
      Frances Mary TREDINNICK 23 spins   Scowbridge Joseph[dec'd] Chain Maker x Matilda Tonkin  
  24 Aug 29 Andrew HART 20 bach Miner South Roskear William Miner x John Hart Banns
      Ann Selina KNAPP 22 spins   Carn Entral William Miner Yes Rebecca Matthews [x]  
Page 13 25 Oct 6 Francis Leonard FORD 28 bach Coastguard Cairn Castle, Ireland Peter Coastguard Yes Jas. Jenkyns Banns
      Clara JENKYNS 22 spins   Pendarves St James Coach Builder Yes Peter Ford  
  26 Dec 15 John BRENTON 60 Wid Mine Agent Roskear Row Thomas Farmer Yes John Hendra Licence
      Mary COTTON 60 Wid   Chacewater Joseph GEACH Smith Yes Emma L. Vivian  


Year/Page Entry No Date Groom/Bride Age Status Occ: Residence Father Fathers Occ: Signed Witnesses Notes
Page 14 27 Jan 29 John WILLIAMS 27 bach Smith Roskear Villas John Farmer Yes Jeremiah Burgess Banns
      Mary Jane KEVERNE 25 spins Dressmaker Roskear Villas Richard Miner Yes Matilda Tonkin  
  28 Mar 29 James Gribble FLOYD 24 bach Miner Beacon Richard Smith Yes William Symons Harris Banns
      Annie Jane HARRIS 20 spins   Beacon William Symons HARRIS Miner Yes Alfred Floyd  
Page 15 29 Sept 22 Henry Uren WILLIAMS 24 bach Miner Penponds Thomas Henry Miner Yes Harry Libby Banns
      Mary Ann PASCOE 25 spins   Pengegon William[dec'd] Miner Yes Minnie Williams  
  30 Oct 4 William James LOAM 26 bach Tin Dresser Davies Row [blank] [blank] Yes William Sherman [x] Banns
      Annie SHERMAN 29 spins Domestic Servant Tuckingmill Hill William Labourer Yes Sarah Jane Collins [x]  
Page 16 31 Nov 6 John BISHOP 28 bach Farmer Perranworthal James[dec'd] Farmer Yes -?- Oliver Banns
      Jane OLIVER 29 spins Shop Assistant *Pendarves St [* Newquay crossed out] William[dec'd] Carpenter Yes Emma Bishop  
  32 Dec 8 James Henry HOLMAN 24 bach   Dolcoath Row James[dec'd] Miner x George Hugh Victor Banns
      Mary Rhoda VICTOR 22 spins   Brea Hugh Miner Yes Eliza Jane Chegwin[x]  
Page 17 33 Dec 12 Solomon CARTER 30 bach Engine Driver Troon -?- Solomon[dec'd] Miner Yes Benjamin Johns [x] Banns
      Elizabeth Ann JOHNS 27 spins   Pengegon Benjamin Miner x Louisa Johns