Campion Family Genealogy

Campion Family Genealogy


  Bill's Photo Album


Photo No. 1


  Circa 1929/30    

If you know any of the family or friends names, please e-mail me?

The Granger Family & Friends

On the front row, starting from left to right. Rosalie Lydia Granger, to her left in the shadow is Grace Simmons holding son Richard Lawrence Granger(about 6 months old), next with high boots is Adalor Theodore Granger, holding the dog is Rosalie LaPanne Granger, next the lady with the white hair is a friend of the family, that we called Aunt Anna, 2nd. row behind Rosalie LaPanne is her husband Adalor Camille Granger, next siting in the chair unknown. Last row young man unkown, the man in the suit is only known to me as the Judge and his wife standing next to him,(they were friends of the family too), the man in the back with the flat hat is Aunt Anna's husband Uncle Joe (his left arm was missing), The teenager standing in the back with her arms behind her is Mary Lorraine Granger ( my mother).


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Photo No. 2

Adalor Camille Granger and Family

This photografe was taken in Springfield, Massachusetts Adalor Camille Granger and his wife Rosalle Lydainne LaPanne Granger. On the front row, from the left to the right, Adalor Theodore (went by the name of Ed), Rosalie Lydia, and Mary Lorraine (my mother at the age of two).

Any family members that may have Granger family photo's, please scan and send them and I will place them in the Family Photo Album..

William A. Campion, Sr.. 


The Granger Family, Circa. 1911  

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Photo No. 3


  Circa 1912 

The Young Grangers

This is a picture of my mother at about the age of two years.She is the one with her finger in her mouth! On her right is her older sister Rosalie and on her left is her brother Edward

The photograph was taken about 1912 in Springfield, Massachusetts, where all three were born.


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Photo No. 4 & 5

Adalor Theodore Granger (went by the name of Ed) and his wife Grace Simmons

Circa 1950/54


  23 September 1948 Left to right: Anna Slezenski Granger, George Granger and Mary Lorraine Granger Campion


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Photo No. 6

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We Went Fishing

I went fishing with bill and "boy was it cold". I caught a few fish about 12'' to 14" long and my son
used them for bait! To my surprise he caught a 35 lb. rockfish, in a lake

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Photo No. 7


Bill out did himself again: This time the fish came in at 38 lbs.+ But he had to wait untill I went home before he could catch another rock fish!

This fish will not go into the food chain, but will hang on his club room wall. Congratulations on your catch.  


 38 lbs+ Rockfish  

Click on the  photo to see the BIG FISH


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