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I started this page while researching my the family name(s), and found many others who have a similar interest and family tree. If anyone has genealogical information on the names Cantrall, Cantral, Cantrell, Cantrel, Cantrill, Cantril, Cantrelle, and Chantrell (various spelling of the name), we would appreciate it and will make it available to others.

Genealogy Database Web Pages

I have used Gene Stark's Ged2Html program to convert GEDCOM's to HTML (really it was easy!). Remember to pay your shareware fee so great shareware like this can continue.

The surname list is useful if you want to find a particular last name. Index of persons is a guide to the longer indexes of all names. Sources will show all the references included in the database, whether they're referenced in the individual files or not.

Corrections or additions to the database information would be appreciated.


Other Resources

Where the name appears in history, on streets, towns, etc.


Thanks to all the cousins who have found this page useful, offered suggestions, GEDCOMS, and other helpful info.

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