Cantrell Cousin Project

Cantrell Cousin Project


The Cantrell Cousin Project is a research partnership, a database of shared family information. In combining our efforts Cantrell descendants are locating cousins and completing our family tree. Contributors receive a combined Descendant Report with their family included. The Report contains documentation of our oldest known ancestors as well as recent family lineage.

The project functions as an equal partnership. Thus, all members have the opportunity to present their theories, speculative facts, as well as share documents discovered in their own research. Each member then considers the data and constructs their own conclusions.

Primary sources of data contributed to the Project are linked to the contributor of those documents. Members are at various stages of accomplishment in researching their own Cantrell lines. Some have been researching the family history for many years, some only a few months. We have in common a desire to document our ancestors as completely, and as accurately, as is reasonably possible.

Citation of the source of facts and information shared follow National Genealogical Society Standards.

How to join the partnership: by sharing your own research. The Cantrell Cousin Project will not buy, nor sell family information. Many thanks to both the beginning researchers and the experienced genealogists for your support and additions to this project.

Cantrell descendants are invited to contact project coordinator Carol Cantrell for more information at Cantrell Cousin Project.