Canvey Village
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Canvey Island Essex

Rounded Rectangle:

Canvey Village

Early Postcard of Canvey Village showing the pump and J.Woods Stores and PO c1910s.
The building now listed is still there today but the thatched pump was demolished in 1937.
The horse trough after being placed on the grounds of the Red Cow PH for many years was eventually taken to the grounds of the Dutch Cottage Museum.

Looking towards the village from the west with the Red Cow PH on the left,
the pump on the right

Red Cow on the left Post Office in the middle and the pump on the right

Centre of the village looking North. Red Cow on the left and PO on the right.
Part of Cooks Farm at the back

A village gathering c1909

The Village looking South down Haven Road c1909