Canvey at War

Canvey Island Essex

Canvey Island WW2



There must be lots of stories about Canvey during the war. If anyone can tell me some I would be very grateful. Canvey was bombed and people killed.


An American Flying Fortress crashed on Canvey Island after a mid air collision with another Flying Fortress in 1944. Read about it here.













Canvey’s Memorial Plaque to the crew.



War Ship Week 1942

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HM ML115

Adopted by the people of Canvey Island.



Exchange of Plaques 1943























The Plaque

Presented to the people of Canvey Island.


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Text Box: Three Canvey Sailors Lost - A Naval Blunder?

On the Memorial plaque above the first three names are the sailors that lost their lives in 1914.


In the early hours of 22 September 1914, about forty miles off the Hook of Holland; three Royal Navy cruisers H.M.S. Aboukir, H.M.S. Hogue and H.M.S. Cressy were torpedoed and sunk by a German Submarine. There were only 837 survivors and of the 1459 drowned (62 of which were officers) many were cadets and reservists. There was a public outcry at these losses and a court of inquiry was held. The senior officers of all three ships were censured.


Deemed by many sea going officers to have been avoidable, the incident eroded confidence in the government and damaged the reputation of the Royal Navy.


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