Canvey Island Essex


Canvey Drawings and Paintings


Round about Canvey

1914 by W Edward Wigfall

Lobster Smack

1910-1914 by Charles Pears

A Warm Corner - Wild Duck Shooting

by H.C.Seppings Wright

The Lobster Smack

1909 by the artist Fred Roe

'The History of Canvey Island'

Tom Merry aka William Mecham 1902

The History of Canvey Island

JJ Proctor 1902

Hole Haven and the Estuary

by William Lionel Wyllie

The Thames from Source to sea

Illustrated by W W May (1891)

The Canvey Lady          

by Charles Pears 1926

M.V. 'Royal Daffodil', the Chapman Light 

by K C Lockwood

A Miniature Holland

by Charlie W Wyllie 1893

The Chapman Lighthouse

by Charles Joseph Staniland

Sluice Farm

by William Henry Caffyn

Southwick Farm

by Vera Kemp


Artist unknown c1900

Furtherwick Farm

by Peter Paul Hubner 1909

Canvey Chronicle Cartoons

by Phil Blanchard 1933