'A Warm Corner - Wild Duck Shooting About Canvey Island, In The Thames Estuary'

Published in The Illustrated Sporting & Dramatic News, October 1903 drawn by H.C.Seppings Wright

































Canvey Island Essex

Rounded Rectangle:

H.C.Seppings Wright

Henry Charles Sepping Wright, or H C Sepping Wright as he is known in the art world was born in Cornwall in 1850 to Francis H Wright and his wife Martha.


Henry's father was a vicar and Henry and his siblings were well educated, with a brother a solicitor and sisters were teachers.


In 1891 he is in Potsea with his wife and two children, with his occupation stated as 'Black and White, and Colour Artist' but by the 1901 census he was a 'War Correspondent'.


He is very well known for his paintings of WW1 and his book 'Two years under the Crescent'.



Sepping Wright's picture shows life on Canvey at a time before the development of the Island when it was not unusual to have shooting parties.


Is that the Chapman Lighthouse I can see in the background of the picture on the right?