Louis B. Hazelton Memorial Cemetery

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Lewis Brook Hazelton
Born:  December 26, 1890
Died:  July 28, 1918
World War I, France


The cemetery in Buckeye, Arizona was dedicated as a memorial to my grandfather, my daughter's great grandfather Charles Evan Hazelton's nephew who died on July 28, 1918 in France fighting for his beloved country the USA.


In 1937 the following resolution was passed: "The Louis B. Hazelton Post and its Auxiliary of the American Legion Department of Arizona has undertaken the problem of providing a cemetery for this community..." A committee of five members was appointed to "...select, negotiate for and acquire a suitable site for the said cemetery..."

The Chairman of the committee, S. Carl Miller, gave several acres to the Post to be used for a cemetery. In 1938, a cemetery was established and named the Louis B. Hazelton Memorial Cemetery. It is located four miles north and east of Buckeye at 23100 West Broadway, between Watson and Rainbow Roads.

Because of the length of its name the cemetery is usally called the "Buckeye Cemetery", but that is not to say that the townspeople do not appreciate the name and the purpose of its meaning. The Legion Post and the Cemetery are named in memory of the first young man from Buckeye who lost his life in World War I.

The cemetery is divided into four sections, which are rapidly being filled, except section A, which has only three graves and two stones. In 1968 a little more than nine acres was bought from Mr. and Mrs. Willis C. Chatham for only ten dollars. This land is to the north and will assure the cemetery of adequate space for some years.

To find a grave, please consult with the Town of Buckeye for information or for a pictured drawing of the cemetery plat. The names on stones are listed alphabetically. Each name has the Section letter, the Block number, the Lot number and the Grave number. The inset picture showing Block No. 20 of Section C will be very helpful. Blocks No. 1-7 and 50-56 have not been used in any of the Sections. One caution: ALL BLOCK NO 8's start in the North, continue south through BLOCK NO 14, then TURN NORTH through Block No 21. Small arrows have been drawn to show this information.

Space does not permit the listing of all the interesting stones but at least two are for people over 100 years of age. Many graves of Veterans have been specially marked. Edwin P. Wetzler, 1878-1966 and John Richard Merritt, 1876-1959, both served in the infantry during the SPANISH AMERICAN WAR.

In 1947 the Legion transferred the Cemetery to the Town of Buckeye. For many years a most impressive ceremony has been held on Memorial Day each year by the American Legion Hazelton Post No. 53 and its Auxiliary, assisted by the Joseph D. Faust Post, Veterans of Foreign Wars, No 1826 and its Ladies Auxiliary.

The cemetery is well cared for and is one that the community can be proud to visit.


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