Eteliin and Lemgo, Lippe, Grermany

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On this map of Germany you can see the areas in gray are Prussia in 1815, including Westfalia/Rhenish Prussia, to the west of the main part of Prussia, and separated from it. The western area is the area where Lemgo is located. It is here in this town of Lemgo that the Bolzau Family came in the 1700's.

After their arrival in Lemgo they became a great part of the history of this town. The Bolzau's were the first to open a Photographisches Atelier in the year 1866 in the Ostertorwall.  Unfortunately the house which hosted the Atelier is no longer in existence. In the early times of Lemgo Bolzau became a great name.

We have done a lot of research in attempting to find the roots of our great grandfather and great great grandfather Theodor Franz Carl Mohle Bolzau who was born in Etteliin, Germany. After our great grandfather and great great grandfather left Germany and came to America he was known as Charles Bolzau. After arriving in America he went westward and finally arrived in Tempe, Maricopa, Arizona in the year 1870. It was here that he met and married Jennie Gatke on September 13, 1882 in Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona. Jennie's family too had come from Germany, in the year 1855, and after going through Canada and then to Iowa, they finally arrived in Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona.

Charles and Jennie Bolzau after settling in Tempe, Arizona purchased 320 acres of land. It was here that three children were born to them, Moritz Bolzau in July 1883, Henrietta Bolzau in February of 1885 and our grandmother and great grandmother Meta Louise Bolzau on May 24, 1887. Charles and Jennie Bolzau were among the first settlers in Tempe, Arizona. Charles had been there for almost twenty years prior to both of their deaths in September 1889. They were respected and honored by all that knew them.

Any information on our ancestors with the surnames of Bolzau, Mohle, Rossmann and also any information on the Gatke Family of Germany or their descendents with the surnames Gatke, Warnke, Zimmerman, Messenger or Stover would be greatly appreciated.


To learn about this wonderful town of Lemgo that was such a great part of the Bolzau Family and view some wonderful pictures click on the link below:

The Old Hansestadt Lemgo 

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