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1.    Obedience Harer Hazelton
2.    James Joseph Harer
3.    Norris Harer
4.    David Boyer Harer
5.    David and Nancy Emmaline Jones
       Boyer with Daughter Nettie Edith
6.    James Grant Harer
7.    Nathaniel Green Harer
8.    David Asbury and Mary Josephine
       Bean Harer
9.    David Asbury and Mary Josephine
       (Bean)Harer with their Son
       David Asbury Harer
10.  Wilson Harer
11.  Brooks Bowman Hazelton
12.  Mary Ella Hazelton Childs


     PAGE II    

The Conley and Coy pictures were contributed by a very close cousin.  Thank you for allowing us the privilege of having them on our web site as we know these are priceless and we are the first persons you have allowed this privilege.  Your generosity will not be forgotten.

1.   Mary Ann Hazelton Conley
2.   Samuel Reese Conley
3.   George Washington Coy
4.   William And Sarah Jane Hazelton
5.   McDonald Homestead
6.   Laura Somelia Hazelton


     PAGE III    

1.   Enos Carter Hazelton
2.   Julia Mattie Stewart Hazelton
3.   Enos, Julia, Una and Benjamin
4.   Lewis Brook Hazelton
5.   Lyman Abbott and Pearl Hazelton
6.   Charles Aiken and Una Rose Hazelton
7.   Benjamin Franklin Hazelton
8.   George Pierce Hazelton, Sr.


     PAGE IV    

1.   Ida Janette Hazelton Burch
2.   Ida Janette Hazelton Burch
3.   Ida Janette Hazelton Burch
      with her son William Hazleton Burch
      and daughter Laurel Sarah "Dolly"
4.   William Hazelton Burch
5.   William Hazelton Burch
6.   Laurel Sarah and Linda Burch
7.   Claude Burch


     PAGE V    

1.    Frederick William Gatke
2.    Dorthea C. Gatke
3.    Caroline Gatke Warnke Maxon
       with her Granddaughter Frances
4.    Robert and Louisa Warnke Miller
5.    Anestina Warnke Messenger and
       Caroline Sophia Warnke Zimmerman 6.    Anestina Warnke Messenger
7.    Abraham and Caroline Sophia
       Warnke Zimmerman
8.    Mildred Caroline, Abraham Ernest,
       Frank William and Fred Wendel
9.    Dora Warnke Zimmerman
10.   Dora Warnke Zimmerman
11.   Thomas Zimmerman
12.   Thomas & Frances Zimmerman
13.   Maud Warnke


     PAGE VI    

1.    Clemens Bolzau
2.    Moritz Bolzau
3.    Moritz and Clara Bolzau
4.    Karl Bolzau
5.    Karl and Johanna Bolzau
       with their children, Metha, Werner
       and Hans
6.    Karl Bolzau with Daughter Metha
7.    Werner Bolzau
8.    Theodor Franz Carl Mohle Bolzau
9.    Jennie Gatke Bolzau
10.   Moritz Bolzau
11.   Henrietta Bolzau Lantz
12.   Henrietta Bolzau Lantz


     PAGE VII    

1.   Charles Evan and Meta Louise Bolzau
2.   Meta Louise Bolzau Hazelton
3.   Meta Louise Bolzau Hazelton
4.   Meta Louise Bolzau Hazelton
      with Daughters Lois Meta and
      Georgia Rita
5.   Charles Evan Hazelton
6.   Meta Louise Bolzau Hazelton
7.   Charles and Meta Hazelton's Home


     PAGE VIII    

1.    Lois Meta Hazelton Parker
       (baby picture)
2.    Charles Frederick and Lois Meta
       Hazelton Parker
3.    Irene Mae Parker Jones
       (baby picture)
4.    Irene Mae Parker Jones
5.    Irene Mae Parker Jones
6.    Georgia Rita Hazelton Miller
7.    Georgia Rita Hazelton Miller
8.    William Harvey Miller
9.    William Harvey and Georgia Rita
       Hazelton Miller
10.  William Harvey and Georgia Rita
       Hazelton Miller


     PAGE IX    

1.   Georgia Rita and Charles Moritz
      Hazleton with Mary Alice Bridges
2.   Charles Moritz Hazelton
3.   Charles Moritz Hazelton
4.   Charles Moritz and Reva Lavera
     Soper Hazelton
5.   Reva Lavera Soper Hazelton
6.   Grace Leah Hazelton Olin
7.   Frank Arnold and Grace Leah
     Hazelton Olin
8.   Kathleen Louise Olin
9.   Melanie Grace Edwards


     PAGE X    

1.   Irene Mae Hazelton Burnside
2.   Irene Mae Hazelton Burnside
3.   Faith Caroline Hazelton Graham
4.   Faith Caroline Hazelton Graham
5.   Faith Caroline Hazelton Graham
6.   Robert Lewis Graham, Jr.


     PAGE XI    

1.   Arthur Grant Hazelton, Sr.
2.   Arthur Grant Hazelton, Sr.
3.   Arthur Grant Hazelton Sr. and Marie
     Corine Fisher Hazelton
4.   Earle Calvin Hazelton
5.   Earle Calvin Hazelton
6.   Earle Calvin Hazelton
7.   Earle Cavlin and Katherine Elizabeth
      Sharrit Hazelton


     PAGE XII    

These pictures were contributed by our cousin Carol Davis. We want to thank you Carol for your contribution, it is greatly appreciated.

1.   Sarah, William and Charles Bowker
2.   Charles Virgil Sortors, Charles
     Christen (son of Bertha Bowker),
     Sarah Harer Bowker, Harry Chester,
      Beryl Irene, Charles and Shirley
      Mae Sortors
3.   May, Emma and Bertha Bowker
4.   Charles Bowker
5.   Beryl, Ella and Harry Sortors
6.   May Bowker Jensen
7.   Ella Adell Smith Bowker
8.   Charles Virgil Sortors with sister-in-
      law Edna Sortors


     PAGE XIII    

This picture was contributed by our cousin Billie Rae Witte, daughter of William Orvil Row. We want to thank you Billie for your contribution, it is greatly appreciated.

1.   William Orvil Row





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