Researches On Branches Of Our Family Tree




We have been researching our family history for many years.   We have been fortunate to have people, here in Phoenix and in other states and countries who were willing to exchange or help to locate information for us.   There also is a LDS History Center located in nearby Mesa, Arizona, that has been very useful in obtaining information.   To all of you who have assisted us so graciously we want to express our gratitude, we are very grateful for all the information you have provided.

Despite all of the assistance and the many hours of looking through documents, old newspapers and writing to many people and agencies; we still have some branches of our family tree that we have run into a brick wall.   We would appreciate any information on the following families.


   Olin Family Tree

   Larson Family Tree

   Franklin Family Tree

   McClendon Family Tree

   Gatke Family Tree

   Bolzau Family Tree

   Lawson and Ivy Family Trees



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