CCC Vol, 1 Rpt. 1 p. 7 Stella Wilbur


Nelson, Tioga Co., Pa.,
 May 20, 1923.

My dear Cousin Will:-

In reply to yours of May 18th, would say that I think your plan of a Clearing House Bureau, a very good one. We would all enjoy hearing from each other and there are some among us who could write interesting letters. Yes, I think the plan a good one. Those from the absent ones could be read at the Cousins Dinner, but that would not be necessary according to your plan.

This reminds me of something else,- Eva has spoken to me several times about a getting together of the Cousins of her generation, to perpetuate the Cousins Dinner, as it were. Our number will be growing less rapidly from now on and there a fine lot in the coming generation that could carry on the work. Get George Buck, Lena Goodrich,