CCC Vol, 1 Rpt. 1 p. 14 E. T. Congdon


6422 South Pine St.
So. Tacoma, Washington,
June 8, 1923.

Dear Cousins:-

I have often longed to keep nearer in touch with the dear Campbell Cousins and families; they have always seemed to me as brothers and sisters, and when Cousin Will Selph proposed a circular letter four times a year, I thought it would be a splendid move and would keep up in touch with each other.

Among the bright spots in my life were the times when I was privileged to attend the Cousins Re-union, which I have done several times. It has been a good many years since I left my native State; during that time I have spent eight years in Brainerd, Minnesota; eight years in St. Paul, and twenty-nine years in Tacoma, Washington;- in all 45 years working for the Northern Pacific Railway, most of that time as a Foreman Painter.

Our two children, Georgia, born in Nelson, Penn., and Leroy V. Congdon, born in Brainerd, Minnesota,- are both married. Georgia living in Harper, Washington; they have a fine home; her husband, Oscar Parks, works for the Alaska Steamship Company. Georgia spends her time raising flowers and is doing fine. They have never had any children, but they brought up two girls, Louise and Katherine;- both are married. My son, Lee, married Miss Helen Cooper, from Olwine, Iowa. She is a very fine musician, and is teaching music. Lee is in the real estate business here in Tacoma; they have two children, Edgar and Elizabeth. Edgar is fifteen and Elizabeth eleven years old. Edgar is in his first year in High School and has advanced very fast in music. Elizabeth is a regular little mother and in the eighth grade in school; of course Grandpa thinks they both are fine as all grandpas and grandmas do. Emma and I are jogging along together, keeping young. I at seventy-four, the ninth day of July, and my Dear Wife nearing seventy.

With lots of love to all of the Cousins and families

Very sincerely yours,


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(Sarah Campbell Family)

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