CCC Vol, 1 Rpt. 1 p. 15 Jennie Bosard


211 10th Street N.E.,
Washington, D.C
June 10, 1923.

Dear Cousins:-

This project being so new I hardly know how to go about my first letter; however, I hope to gain so many suggestions from the incoming combined letters, that the next one may be of more interest to all.
     Our family, consisting of my daughter, Mary B. Snavely, her husband Albert B. Snavely, and my daughter Florence H. Bosard, with myself, comprise the representatives of John M. Bosard; one other daughter, Eleanor Bosard Wooster, having died March 10, 1914.
     Mary has lived in Washington since 1911, and Florence and I came in August, 1918. We have all made our home together since that time. During our residence here, we have been visited by the following Cousins,- Tommie and Frank [Parks Campbell], Grace [CAMPBELL Mowrey] Buck Carey, and sister Anna and husband [Andrew Owlett], and have had calls from Lou [CAMPBELL] Young and Charlie Congdon some years ago. We have been very fortunate in being permitted to live in the nations capital, and if, at any time any of the Cousins can make it convenient to visit "their city and mine", they will be very welcome in our home.
     Washington has just experienced the greatest week ever known here. The National Shrine Convention was held here and the city was filled with visitors from every state in the Union, and also from Canada and Honolulu. Estimated 400,000 visitors, leaving in the city $25,000,000.
     I, with my family, fully appreciate the manner in which we have been taken into the folds of the Campbell Family all of these years, and these courtesies will go down in history in our little circle. Our greatest regret is that the other members of our family could not have lived to enjoy these privileges.
     We also feel that we are indebted to our Secretary "pro tem" for the effort he has put forth in the matter of the Clearing House, and trust that generations to come will be greatly benefited by the records produced.
     With best wishes to all of the Cousins from all my family, I am

Sincerely yours,


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Eleanor Campbell Family)

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