CCC Vol, 1 Rpt. 1 p. 16 Leah Deats


Osceola. Pa.,
  June 12, 1923.

Dear Cousins:-

As I have been chosen the representative of my family for the "Campbell Cousins Correspondence:, I will endeavor to write you a brief history of same.
     My father, Frank Tubbs, was born April 12th, 1842, and died July 3rd, 1900, leaving his widow and seven children to survive him. He lived on the farm [in Osceola] during the entire period of his life. Twelve years after he died his son Bennie died.
     Bennie Tubbs was born May 6, 1889 and died from burns June 9, 1912 in the Geneva [NY] City Hospital.
     My mother [Kate OUDERKIRK Tubbs] is living with her six children, all of whom are married. All the boys, Omer, George, and Frank, and Nettie live in Geneva, N.Y.
     Nettie, born August 26, 1874, was married to Charles Kelley on August 26, 1894 and to her five children were born, all of whom are living.
     Omer, born May 23, 1879, was married [to Edith Dorst] on March 20, 1900 and had seven children born to them of whom four are living, three boys and a girl, the oldest, who is married.
     Dianthe, born July 16, 1885, married John Deats [pronounced 'dates'] in 1904 and has four children.
      George, born July 22, 1896, married Mildred Grinner of Geneva and to them a son was born who died in infancy.
     Frank, born July 29, 1898, was married to Anna Johnson, November 10th, 1921.
     I was born May 27, 1884, and married Claude Deats on January 14th, 1904, and have three daughters, Eula, born October 16, 1904, Iva [Sayre], born April 10, 1907, and Ruby [Lowery Luger Hunt], born April 4, 1909.
     My oldest daughter, Eula, married Cassius Kizer October 16, 1921, and to them a son was born April 1, 1923, known as Kieth Kizer.
     I surely will enjoy writing to you all and will jot down every interesting thing that comes along in the next three months, and will send some snapshots of family.
     I will close hoping this will reach you in due time.

- Report No. 1 - Page 16 -

(Jane Campbell Family)

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