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"Roselawn Farm"
Nelson Pa.,
  June 12, 1923.

Dear Cousins, Individually and Collectively:-

It is indeed a pleasure to write to you on this beautiful June Day.
    First, I move we extend to Cousin Will Selph a vote of thanks for the interest he has taken, and the time and work to make this our first "Campbell Cousins Correspondence" letter a success. We all appreciate it, I am sure, and personally, William, I thank you.
    Farming has been a little slow owing to the cold Spring. Just at present, everything here looks very well. In addition to the farm work, William has a milk route,-two trips a day from Nelson and one from Tioga, all of which goes to the Elkland Condensery. He tries to be home by noon. It is rather a long day,-before daylight and after dark.
    It was necessary to have a heavy truck, so we have a "Reo"1 which is not a womanís car, nor a real "limousine"; however William finds time to take me for a good many nice rides.
    My nieces, Joeís three daughters are some what scattered. Jessie, the eldest, who on December 2, 1922, added a little son to her family, named Henry Gray Thompson2. She now has three children:- Walter Frederick Thompson, 3rd, Anne Elizabeth , and now Henry. Her husband is a machinist for the Endicott-Johnson Shoe Company at Binghamton, N.Y. They live at #16 College Street.
    Elizabeth has one little son, who has her fatherís name, Joseph Hoyt Walker. Her husband works for the D.L.& W.R.R. Company and has the station at North Brookfield, N.Y., where they reside.
    Isabelle is a teacher of physical education in the Elmira3 City Schools, where she and her mother live. She will attend summer school at Harvard University.
    I am great aunt you see and "Granny" to Jessieís children. I remember my mother speaking of Uncle Enoch Blackwell as a great uncle and thought one must be very aged to acquire that title. I never expected to be a great aunt.
    How I wish this Correspondence Organization might have started while the Cousins were all here to enjoy it.
    Sincerely hope we may all meet at the "Cousins Reunion" this year.
    Kindest love to all.



1. It was a flatbed with stake sides. - wbt

2. He later changed his middle name to 'Goodrich'. - wbt

3. NY

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