CCC Vol, 1 Rpt. 1 p. 22 Minnie Clark


Osceola. Pa.,
  June 13, 1923.

Dear Cousins:-

I feel it a great privilege to be asked to write to so many of my Cousins at once. We are enjoying very good health and are able to work nearly every day.
     The weather is very fine now, so every one is at work in their garden. We have enjoyed radishes, lettuce and onions, and have peas in blossom, so you see it will not be long before we will be eating them.
     Cousins Charlie and Emma made us a short visit this spring. I was housecleaning, but I was glad to see them even if I was all astir.
     Jennie was up and stayed two days at Decoration [Memorial Day] time. We called on the Cousins in town; we have four Cousins in this little village. I see Jud nearly every day working in his garden. Ann is very well; she has quite a job [a very ill husband];-≠keeps her very close at Home.
     I think after we get our first report we will have more topics to write from, so you will have to excuse the first letter if you do not get three pages. We can take notes during the Summer so that we can remember what happens.
     I saw Ada yesterday. She is quite well; lives alone; Mahlon [Ada's son] does not come home very often as he cannot get off.
     I expect to go up on the farm and spend the day in a few days; have not been up this Spring; it has been seven years since Pa [George W. Tubbs] and Ma went away; it does not seem so long but time flies very fast. We have lived in town five years; we like our home very much but like to go up to the farm ,just the same.

Will [Clark, Minnie's husband] works at the carpenterís trade most of the time with Lee Tubbs [Frances GOODRICH Hoyt's brother-in-law].

Well, I donít think of anything more of any account that will interest the Cousins this time; we may in our next letter have our thoughts turn toward things that have happened.

We will be looking forward to Reunion time, it will soon be here; I always try to go to Nelson that day; will go as long as I can get there.

Well, I guess I will have to close for this time; will try to do better in the future.

     Very truly yours,


- Report No. 1 - Page 22 -

(Jane Campbell Family)

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