CCC Vol. 1 Rpt. 2 p. 7 Jennie C. Bosard


211 ‑ 10th St., N.E.,
Washington, D.C.,
October 2, 1923.

Dear Cousins:

I realize I am a very poor substitute to represent my husband in this Campbell Cousins Correspondence. I fully appreciate the kindness extended to me, and with the help of my daughters, we may be able to add our bit to the wonderful work which is so well under way. Cousin Will has used much of his time, energy and money to make a success of it. We appreciate the idea of an extension of time and membership, also the two letters a year. Now "lest we forget", let us all be prompt, and give no cause of worry to the ones who have the responsibility.

With my family, we had a wonderful trip this summer. The last day of June we started by motor from our home in Washington for Tioga, Steuben and Chemung Counties, where we enjoyed seeing many of our friends and relatives, calling on or visiting all we could reach. I remained some weeks after the family returned home. I think I saw some member or members of all the Campbell Cousins' families. I was fortunate in being able to attend the Campbell Reunion at Nelson where we have met for so many years. There were many present from other branches of the family as well as our own. Those who were young when we first organized are now on the down hill side of life. Mr. David Kemp was there; he is, I think, the only living one to represent Mother Bosard's generation.

In regard to the folder of letters, we were wondering what it would be. From the kind messages our Secretary sent us, we anticipated something interesting, as anything he attempts is far from a failure. When the package came we could hardly wait until it was opened. We were greatly, pleased and surprised to find such a beautiful book (all our own) with many interesting letters,‑ some from those with whom we have mingled for many years, others we seldom see, and some we have never known. Those letters are reminders of past years, which bring sad as well as joyful thoughts.

One thing we had to regret on our trip, was that we missed Cousin Will Selph and family all the way through Tioga County; being there about the same time, we thought we would surely see them.

- Report No. 2 - Page 7 -

(Eleanor Campbell Family)


We are anxious to receive the next letters, hoping to see many pictures of the representatives of the Campbell Cousins.

I had anticipated attending the annual gathering at Mansfield, but circumstances were such that it seemed best for me to return home, so this letter leaves me settled for a time with my family. Hoping that another year we may see you all,

Sincerely yours


                        Bosard Family Foto

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Photo of

Albert B. Snavely (Standing‑left)
Mary Bosard Snavely (Standing‑center)
Austin J. Snavely (Standing‑right)
Jennie C. Bosard (Sitting‑left)
Florence H. Bosard (Sitting‑right)

(Taken Summer of 1923

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- Report No. 2 - Page 8 -

(Eleanor Campbell Family)

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