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                Leah TUBBS Deats & Daughters                                            * * * * *

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                                        (Left to Right)

                                            Ruby Deats
                                            Iva Deats
                                            Leah Deats
                                            Eula Deats

                                        Taken in Summer of 1923

Osceola, Pa.,
October 8, 1923.

Dear Cousins:-

      It is one beautiful morning here in the country.
      My family are well at present. Two of the girls are in school. Iva graduates at Elkland High School this term. Ruby goes to Osceola graded school; is doing fine and stays with Aunt Minnie Clark most of the winter weather. Aunt Minnie and Uncle Will are both well and happy at this writing, but Aunt Ann VanDusen is not in the best of health but we surely hope for her speedy recovery soon.
      If my dear father was living he surely would be pleased with this Correspondence. I have read all the letters,‑ some of them two or three times. I find them very interesting. Some of the Cousins I have never seen, nor ever expect to.
      If any of the Cousins ever come to Osceola and wish to visit the old homestead of grandfather Tubbs, on which we live, you will be very welcome. I always have Aunt Minnie and Uncle Will up for Thanksgiving Dinner and we enjoy roast pig. I am planning for them this year.
      It has been a very short summer to me; we have had very little rain; it is very dry here; water is scarce on the farm; we have the work most all finished except plowing and it is too dry to plow at present.
     I guess I will have to close as I cannot think of anything that would interest you. Will try to do better in the future. I am,

Very truly yours,

- Report No. 2 - Page 19 -

(Jane Campbell Family)

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