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Foto of
                Walter, Jr. & Ann Thompson

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                                    Photo of

                            Walter Frederick Thompson, Jr.

                            Anne Elizabeth Thompson

                                Taken Summer of 1923

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16 College Street,
Binghamton, N.Y.,
October 7, 1923.

Dear Cousins:-

      It surely is lovely that the third generation [of desecndants of Joseph and Ann Clinch Campbell-wbt] are to be included in the Campbell Cousins Correspondence and I was delighted that I was among the number.

      Any of the third generation who had the privilege of having their grandmother as long as we girls did are not likely to be lacking in Clan spirit but it is very nice to know all about the family and hear from them occasionally.

      We were disappointed in our group picture. It seems rather hard to keep three wiggling youngsters all still at the same time, so we are sending a picture of our two oldest children, Walter Frederick Thompson, Jr. (Tom) and Anne Elizabeth, and will send a picture of the family later.

      Tom started Kindergarten this fall and enjoys it very much. He just came in and asked his father what a junior berry pie was. (We read a story about an elder berry pie last evening). He is just at the stage where he has lost

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(Phoebe Campbell Family)


all his front teeth; and he is very much addicted to guns, swords, Indians and Pirates. Anne Betty is four years old and her mother's girl. Henry is ten months old now. He is a big sturdy youngster, weighed twenty‑two pounds at nine and one‑half months.

      We like Binghamton very much and the Endicott‑Johnson Corporation is wonderful.

      We are expecting Betty and Joe on Friday to spend the week‑end,‑ and mother is coming soon.

      The youngsters and I spent two weeks with Auntie and Uncle Bill this summer. Tom and Anne love the farm and have a wonderful time there. We attended the Re‑union in August and saw a great many of the Campbell family whom we had not seen for several years.

      Have enjoyed my letters from the Cousins so much and am eagerly awaiting the letters and pictures in the next report.

    Sincerely yours,


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(Phoebe Campbell Family)

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