CCC Vol. 1 Rpt. 2 p. 22 Jud D. Seely


Osceola, Pa.,
October 9, 1923.

To the Joseph Campbell Cousins, Greetings:- [Note that Jud is referring to the Joseph Campbell who was b. 1793 and married Ann Clinch, not his father, who was born in 1748 and married Mary Harper- wbt]

The time has arrived when we must write our semi-annual letter.

    On September 26th, we were privileged to go to Mansfield to visit with each other for a few hours [at the Cousins Dinner]. Although all did not have the opportunity of meeting together at that time, yet those present seemed to enjoy the occasion to the utmost.

     Arriving at near the noon hour we were met by the host and hostess (Mr. and Mrs. L.B. Shaw) and all were made welcome.

     After waiting a short time came the announcement that dinner was served and at the sound of the piano all marched to the tables to find their place card with the camel on it [because 'camel' is how our immigrant ancestors pronounced 'Campbell'-wbt]. When found, we were served with a most bountiful chicken dinner and all that goes with it. After visiting for a short time, all departed for their several homes pronouncing the gathering a success, and the day perfect.

    Hoping we may all meet again, I close by saying good night.


Foto of Jud Seely Family
* * * *

Photo of

Jud D. Seely

Mary H.[Hazlett-wbt] Seely

Taken Summer 1923

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- Report No. 2 - Page 22 -

(Mary Ann Campbell Family)

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