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Douglas Whitney (Left)
Dallas Whitney (Right)
Florence Mattison (Center)
Wilma Owlett (Center)
Ralph Mattison (Center)
Martha Ann Owlett with Grandpa
Harold Owlett with Grandma

        Taken Summer of 1923

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Nelson, Pa.,
October 4, 1923.

Dear Cousins and Sisters:-

      Here we are again, greeting each other in silence,‑ the best we can, with a few friendly words; if we could only clasp hands and give a "mighty good shake";‑ but I am very glad we have this privilege of writing and hope each one will respond this time, for life is too short and the Cousins are too few to have one drop out.

      The summer is nearly gone; with it we have had many pleasures, also some unpleasant duties; have not had as much rain as we needed; suppose in other sections there might have been more than was necessary, but as we cannot control the weather, we must do the next best thing.

      July 5th Andrew and I went to Potter County with Jennie and Alta Cady for a three days' trip; had a fine time also a good roadside lunch.

      July 10th Sister Jennie Bosard and family from Washington, D. C. came to visit us for a short time; we enjoyed having them very much.

      July 14th Cousins Will, Edith and Doris Selph, and Jennie and Alta Cady had supper with us; but for a heavy thunder shower coming in sight, their stay was made short, but they promised to come again

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(Eleanor Campbell Family)


      The children [Burton Owlett, Mac Owlett, and perhaps Faye OWLETT Whitney-wbt] who are in the Lake country have visited us this summer, also sent us plenty of fruit, which was very nice.

       Re‑unions were not forgotten this summer. I attended one at Mansfield, August 9th, the Soldiers Orphans,‑ about one hundred people present, some boys and girls I had not seen in nearly fifty years.

      Our Campbell Re‑union was not very largely attended, about seventy and more than thirty of that number were descendants of our grandfather and grandmother Campbell.

      Then came the Cousins good chicken dinner with Cousins Mabel and Llewellyn; we enjoyed the gathering very much, the dinner was very good, but Charlie Congdon's appetite was very poor.

      All were much pleased to have Mrs. Lee Congdon (Cousin Helen) with us; hope she will be able to come again. Wish we might have one gathering with every own Cousin present.

      I am very anxious to get the next report and hope not one will be left out this time.

      A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all, also a pleasant long winter and the best of health.



P. S. I am wondering if I am the only one to keep the Family Tree growing! Well, anyway, I have another granddaughter, arrived a little late to get her photo with the rest,‑ Elva Mae, born September 9, 1923, to Mark and Martha Owlett.

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(Eleanor Campbell Family)

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