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Foto of Sam Seely Family

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Photo of

Top Row-Left to Right:

Sam A. Seely
Rexford Seely
Dora A. Seely
Elizabeth Seely

Bottom Row-Left to Right:

Jud D. Seely
Allen Jud Seely
Mary H.[Hazlett-wbt] Seely
Beryl Seely

Taken July, 1923

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Osceola, Pa.,
October 10, 1923.

Dear Cousins:

I received a copy of the "Campbell Cousins Correspondence, from Cousin Will Selph and was asked to write a letter.
    I can say we all enjoyed reading the letters from the various Cousins scattered as they are in the different parts of the United States,‑ and think it a fine idea of keeping in touch with each other.
     I am still living on the old farm where I was born,‑ known to all the own Cousins as Uncle Allen’s and Aunt Mary Ann’s, where most of you can remember having some very good times in years gone by.
     Father is a retired farmer and lives in Osceola where he and Mother [Sam's mother, Mary BABCOCK Seely, died at his birth. Mary Louise HAZLETT Seely was actually Sam's step-mother-wbt] are enjoying their old age.
    I have four children,‑ Dora, aged nineteen years, attending State Normal School at Mansfield;‑ Rex, aged seventeen, Beryl, twelve years, and Allen Jud, aged four years,‑ the last three being at home.
    We attended the annual Cousins' Dinner at Cousin L. B. Shaw's on September 26th. Had a fine time as well as a very good dinner.
    It. has not been a very prosperous year for the farmers;‑ it has been so very dry, but crops are fairly good in the Cowanesque Valley compared with other places.
    We are looking forward to No. 3 Report as we will hear from some of the second Cousins. We hope this Correspondence Course may be a great success.
                            Very truly yours,


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(Mary Ann Campbell Family)

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