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Mansfield, Pa.,
October 10, 1923.

Dear Cousin, Siter and Brothers:-

October 15th, the date we are expected to have our second letter for the "Cousins Correspondence" is nearly here and having recently seen so many of you, I hardly know what to write.
     Since our letter of June 15th, Cousin Will Selph and family and Cousin Jennie Bosard and family made us a short visit which we all enjoyed so much.
     At Osceola in July ten of the own Cousins attended the funeral of Cousin Dell VanDusen. We so often think of Cousin Ann but she is not alone in her sorrow and we know she is brave as we all try to be.
    Twelve of the first Cousins attended the Re‑union at Nelson in August and out of the nearly fifty at the Cousins' Dinner at Mabel and Llewellyn's, fourteen of the own first Cousins were there.
     These are most enjoyable gatherings and we regret that each one of you could not have been present.
     We were much pleased to have with us Cousin Lee Congdon’s wife, Helen Congdon, of Tacoma, Wash., who delightfully entertained us with several beautiful selections on the piano.
     We were also glad to welcome others of the second Cousins for they will soon have to take our places as each year brings many changes.
     Mabel and family are well; she is at this time in Erie, Pa., attending conventions which are being held in that city; last week was the State convention of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union. Mabel is State Superintendent of Scientific Temperance Instruction in Public Schools and Colleges, and this week, as delegate, she is attending the State convention of the Federation of Women’s Clubs.
     Helen is busy giving piano lessons which she enjoys much better than teaching in the Public Schools as it enables her to be home with her boys while in their teens and attending school.
     Again I want to thank Cousin Will Selph for his inspiration and untiring effort in making it possible for us not only to hear from so many but also to look in the faces of those dear to us by the sacred ties of kinship. We do not know what he will ask next,‑ it may be a talk on the radio while the rest listen in, but whatever it is, don't let one of us be a slacker.

             With much love and best wishes to all,

                         Very sincerely,

                                        COUSIN Mary C. SHIPMAN

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- Report No. 2 - Page 30 -

(William Campbell Family)

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