CCC Vol. 1 Rpt. 2 p. 31 Elizabeth Hoyt Walker


North Brookfield, N. Y.,
October 7, 1923.

Dear Cousins:-

      A short time ago, I received from Cousin Will Selph the first quarterly report of the Campbell Cousins Correspondence, also a letter saying they were asking the second Cousins to join in the Correspondence. We have read every letter and cannot tell you how we enjoyed them all.

      It has been five years last August since we left Nelson and I have never been back to the Campbell Re‑union, so we have not seen many of our Cousins for some time.

     We like this part of New York State very much. We are about six miles from Colgate University, fifteen miles from Hamilton College, and about one hour's drive from Utica, N. Y. Taking everything into consideration, we think it is a nice country to live in and would love to have the Cousins all come and see us.

      Joseph will be seven years old this month. He is in the second grade at school.

       Our pictures were very much of a failure and came back from being printed too late to get more taken and sent to our Secretary in time for this report.

     We are all well and are looking forward to the second quarterly report of the Campbell Cousins.


                                COUSIN ELIZABETH H. WALKER.
                    of Roy Walker Family
                            * * * * *

                            Photo of

                        L. Roy Walker
                        Joseph Hoyt Walker
                        Elizabeth H. Walker

                            * * * * *

- Report No. 2 - Page 31 -

(Phoebe Campbell Family)

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